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November 30, 2017

3 Unique & Adorable Gerber Baby Apparel Looks for Your Toddler

Did you know Delainey is now a paid Brand Ambassador for Gerber Childrenswear?! What does that mean exactly? It is just is a fancy way of saying this post is sponsored... but as always, all opinions expressed below are mine alone!

Alright y'all... let's be real, before I even had Delainey I always thought baby clothes were adorable... what girl doesn't? I knew I would love being a mama, but I really had NO IDEA how obsessed I would become!

While Delainey and I always have a ton of fun doing all types of activities together, I'll be the first to admit - we love playing dress up... and I do mean "we". This girl loves bows, clothes, and shoes, just like her mama. So she's always willing to get her sassy pants on and run around the yard while I take some pictures.

 With that said, today we want to show how versatile the coordinating Gerber sets from Walmart are, more specifically we are going to show you how we style our onesies for fall, from bow to toe - in 3 completely different ways.

Some may say babies don't have "style", if that's the case - they haven't met this baby! She's full of style and sass and these three Gerber looks show it:

We'll start with the simple pretty in pink look. This one is possibly my favorite, it's classic with a twist of fun. For this look, I paired White Pearls & Lace distressed jeans with her pink striped Gerber onesie and a Bloomology bow. We finished the look with a pink rose bib and some grey converse and she was set for a day on the go with daddy.

This look is pretty much an everyday outfit for Miss Delainey and it should be for your babe too. Since the Gerber coordinated baby apparel collection is available at Wal-mart at a super affordable price, every girl should own a handful of these classic onesies.

Whether you're currently expecting or dealing with a fun little feisty toddler, like me, the Gerber apparel collection offers just what you are looking for...

On that note, the next look we have is this "Sweet Baby Blues" preciousness. Delainey is showing off in her "Sweet" blue onesie. Paired with some polka dot leg warmers and a glitter bow, this look is perfect for hanging around the house and chasing her pup from room to room!

Plus, with her baby blue eyes, I can't get enough of this gorgeous blue color... we MUST have more and luckily, there's other items in the coordinating collection that match it!

And the last look we're going to share today is her punk rock princess persona. I'm not even joking when I say she loved the way she looked in this outfit. From giving herself a smooch in the mirror to giggling the whole time we played in the backyard, I think this look was D's absolute favorite.

We paired a purple Gerber hat, with a fun floral print Gerber Onesie, and a coordinating tu-tu that we just happened to have... but isn't it beyond perfection with this print? We completed the look with a fun bubble necklace, some Gerber socks, and another pair of Converse!

So, now that we've shared three completely different, fashionable, and adorable looks with you, be sure to leave your favorite stylish combination to dress your toddler up in below!

November 7, 2017

How to Wear Leggings: 5 Fashion Rules for Leggings

I used to really love fashion and I always wanted to follow the latest trends... but I'm not going to lie, since I became a mom I've also kind of neglected buying things for myself. I know I'm not the only one that's suddenly started spending on their spawn and cut back on their own stylish efforts, right? Yoga pants are life and leggings are equally as important.

So I've made a decision, after a year of concentrating solely on Miss Delainey and her fashion, this mama deserves to be stylish again too. With that said, I'm also not willing to sacrifice what I've learned to love... I mean, I most definitely still want the comfort of yoga pants.

And that's where Cuddl Duds comes into the picture... whether I'm wearing my FlexFit or Fleecewear Leggings, I know I can look fabulous while also feeling comfortable enough to chase this tiny little toddler around town.

I love that I can pair these leggings with anything and if I'm being frank, both pairs are the SOFTEST leggings I have ever owned. Like I've heard of "buttery soft" fabric before but these leggings are even softer.

With that said, there's a certain way that leggings should be worn. We've all seen those trainwreck outfits on others that make us question whether this garment of clothing should even be "allowed" in public... but here's the thing - leggings are easy to wear and pair items with! So today, I'm here today to discuss a few "fashion do's and don'ts" regarding leggings:

1. Let's start with the obvious, always cover your behind and your front butt when wearing leggings.

When it comes to tops long enough to wear with leggings, I'm seriously so in love with Cuddl Duds Softwear Stretch Cowl-Neck Tunics!  I'm not even joking when I say my cowl neck top from Cuddl Duds is a new staple item in my wardrobe.

It's the perfect pairing for both pairs of leggings and it's so versatile I feel like I can dress it up with a nice pair of slacks or down with some leggings and stay cozy all day long. I'm a huge fan and recommend everyone have one of these tunic tops to pair with their leggings... and I'm hoping to add more colors to my collection soon!

2. Make sure you find the right fit & the right length - Leggings should fit comfortably at the waist and NOT squeeze your middle. Length wise leggings should fit at the ankle, any higher will make you look short and any longer will obviously be uncomfortable and look awkward with footwear.

3. Speaking of footwear - choose the right pairing! Don't wear your yard work shoes with your leggings, choose shoes wisely. I'm not even going to deny the fact that I wear flip flops with everything... but honestly, they aren't the best pairing with leggings! I love pairing mine with boots or simple flats. But you could also pair Cuddl Duds with some simple heels too.

4. Mix it up - While I'm guilty of finding something I like and wearing it religiously, that's out of habit... not style. So this is more of a "do as I say, not as I do" piece of advice. Be sure to mix up your look - Try leggings and a button down one day, another day rock a duster and your Cuddl Duds Softwear Stretch Cowl-Neck Tunic! Variety is the spice of life after all, so don't stick with the same style!

5. Consider the occasion - Last but certainly not least, know where to wear your leggings. Job interviews, weddings, or any occasion that calls for a more reserved look is the WRONG place to wear your leggings. While they are comfortable, fashionable, and fun, they aren't business wear so be sure to dress up when needed...*(Not to contradict myself, but if you think you have the perfect business-casual outfit that involves leggings, remember there are always exceptions to the rules)!

Now that we've chatted about how to wear these leggings, I'm going to pretty much DEMAND you check out Cuddl Duds at Macy's... you can thank me for bringing your attention to this life-changingly soft line of clothing later!

September 29, 2017

Staying Comfortable and Cute in Gerber + a DIY Elephant Planter Project inspired by Gerber Childrenswear

I'm super excited to share that Delainey and I are now paid Brand Ambassador for Gerber Childrenswear! What does that mean exactly? It is just is a fancy way of saying this post is sponsored, as always all opinions expressed below are mine alone!

As you know, I have quiet the fashionista on my hands, she loves to dress up and one of her first words was "bow"... so it's safe to say she's a little diva.

WHO does she get that from? Don't look at me! HA.

While we're constantly loving on our favorite brands, Gerber is one that we just keep coming back to. Maybe it's the fact that it's a brand that's been around for generations, so there's a bit of nostalgia while I slip a bodysuit on her that's the same brand I wore when I was little?

Maybe we love Gerber Childrenswear so much because they offer all the basics we'll need, as well as fun coordinated sets like the new ones you can find at Walmart...?

I think it's safe to say, we both like Gerber apparel because these bodysuits make it easy to complete the inevitable diaper changes through out the day with higher-in-the-front snaps. Plus, the ability to slip these on and off her quickly is a huge bonus!

I just know I love that she's snug, safe, and comfortable in her Gerber bodysuits no matter what we're doing. Running errands, gardening in the backyard, or even if we are just having a cozy day around the house crafting... we throw her in a Gerber bodysuit with some matching accessories and she's all set and still perfectly stylish for a one year old.

We love our new set of Gerber Childrenswear bodysuits and socks so much, we dedicated our recent day of crafting to the adorable little elephant design on our favorite suit of the bunch.

Next time maybe we'll attempt her giraffe friend, but for now, here's the deets on how we made this adorable little ele-friend planter inspired by our Gerber bodysuits.

For this project you will need:

1 Gallon Jug
Paints (and painting materials) - purple, white, and black for us
Ribbon (if you want to add bows)
Soil & An elephant ear seedling (or a seed of any type of plant will do)

You'll start this project by laying down newspaper, to protect your surface from a toddler with a paintbrush. Next, you'll want to cut the top portion of the jug off, leaving the handle of the jug to play as the trunk of the elephant.

Next you'll want to paint the entire jug one color, in a thin even coat - we used a light purple. Let this dry.

Then add on the details like the D on both sides of the "body" of the elephant to make the ears in a coordinating color, we used a darker purple to match our Gerber bodysuit.. and then add a little half circle for the eyes! Don't forget to scribble on a little tail too!

Next you'll glue two pieces of ribbon together, wrap a smaller piece around that, and glue the ribbon to the ears of the elephant.

Once it's all dry and ready, go ahead and plant your little seedling (or seed) and your little elephant planter is good to go!

It's that easy to get crafty with your toddler and you better believe they will have a blast... well, at least Delainey did!

Oh yeah... and once your done crafting up an elephant planter friend, just a reminder: you don't want to forget to check out Gerber's coordinated baby apparel collection at Walmart! Whether you're looking for your little one or an expectant mama in your life, I guarantee the comfortable, adorable and affordable items in their apparel collection are perfect for any occasion!

May 23, 2017

When Life Gets Messy, #HugTheMess!

It's been a crazy week, with all kinds of intense happenings here in our little Florida abode. From the loss of our sweet, spunky poodle just a few short days ago to family (from all over the country) visiting us during the same week, we have all had a lot going on!

We had and still have a lot going on--I was overjoyed once we finally had a moment to relax. I knew making a mess was a must for Delainey and I, not just because she's a cute little terror that loves getting messy, but also because I knew I needed to let out some creativeness. When feelings get messy, I'm a firm believer that I should let that all out by getting my hands a little messy... and that's definitely something I want to teach Delainey! Productively expressing her feelings will be a common happening in our house and I can't wait to sculpt clay and finger paint with my sweet girl, but this time we decided tie dying was the way to go.

But first things first, prior to getting messy, I had to make sure D was out of her adorable clothes and ready to be around some serious mess. A diaper was her only attire for our fun little project and I wanted something reliable and comfortable so we could enjoy ourselves without worrying about D's bum - that's why I chose Huggies Snug & Dry. The perfect diaper for all kinds of activities, especially messy ones! With increased absorbency, I knew we wouldn't have a leaky problem mid-project and that was an absolute necessity, especially because I had a case of rainbow hands by the end of the whole ordeal.

With that said, we had a blast getting messy. Delainey talked me through it all while I dyed all the pretties! Side note: Instead of going out and buying a bunch of new onesies and tees, I used a handful of stained onesies we already had and made them adorable again. It's all about hugging the mess after all.

After our tie dye adventure was completed, I had to clean up quick because with an 8 month old, you have to do everything pretty speedy. I immediately grabbed for a One & Done wipe from Huggies and, as always, only one wipe came out - allowing me to speedily wipe off some of the dye and pick up my sweet girl quick! We all know having only one wipe come out of the package is a must when you are in a "messy situation", so I was more than pleased about this fact!

Do you have a mess you need to clean up? Maybe a little some booty wears diapers in your house? I suggest you check out the amazing deals on Huggies at Family Dollar, "clip" a few of their coupons for your next visit - like one for $2 off your diaper purchase, and then breathe easy knowing you chose a reliable diaper AND you get to save a little cash while you are at it!

Want to see our final product? I'll be sharing it on social media today! Keep your eye out for some pretty tie dye and don't forget to "snip" some Family Dollar coupons for your next visit!

May 16, 2017

Refresh Your Complexion & Master The Perfect Summer Glow

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser.
All opinions are mine alone. #BlueLizardSummer #CollectiveBias

I recently shared a post about 10 things no one tells you about having a baby and one thing I mentioned is how much your skin changes and how I had to alter my skin care routine to help deal with all of those changes. With all the hormones raging through your body to help that little miracle grow, it's no wonder your skin goes on the fritz and starts doing some strange things - it's a bit like adolescence, except you're growing a perfect little tiny human instead of growing up yourself.

With that said, I found that during pregnancy and even now (8 months post-pregnancy), my skin care routine gives me the glow I always longed for. That's right, I'm fairly convinced I've mastered the routine to get the Perfect Summer Glow, even if you have sensitive skin... and lucky for you, I'm sharing it with you today!

1. Exfoliate - To start, you'll want to make sure you scrub your skin well in a bath with a body wash made for sensitive skin and use a poof to make sure you really are able to exfoliate and cleanse the skin.

May 5, 2017

Show Mom Your Appreciation: 4 Mother's Day Gift Ideas from Kay Jewelers That Show You Care

Thanks to Kay Jewelers for sponsoring today's post, regardless all opinions expressed below are completely my own.

Believe it or not, Mother's Day is just around the corner...

The day when we celebrate all the wonderful things our mamas do for us. From holding us on their hips, to cleaning faces with their freshly licked thumbs, to creating an epic last minute diorama for a school project the night before it's due, mamas are the perfect mixture of nurturing and helpful. Basically, we are all super heroes - but we run on little-to-no sleep, just try to do our best, and love our kids fiercely. That's why all mamas deserve to be celebrated... Can I get an amen?!

I'm pretty excited to be celebrating my first Mother's Day with Delainey... and I'm ecstatic because I get to spend the day with my mother as well! While I'm still learning the ropes and adjusting to my new "super hero" life as a mother, I'm lucky enough to have my best friend to coach me through it all.

It's funny, our relationship has gone through so much - from her being my entertainment committee when I was a kiddo, to my favorite person to share clothing with during my teen years, and now, well now, she's a friend - my best friend. The bond a mother and daughter share is unlike any other and  I feel that way with Delainey and I'm certain my mama feels that way about me (and my sister).

While I plan on spoiling my mama, I was still on the fence about what to get her. Are you in the same boat? If so, here are 4 different items from Kay Jewelers that I bet your mama has on her wish list:

1. From accessories to outfits, we all know your mama always has the most beautiful items, but one thing she needs (and every other mama in the world needs) is Diamond Solitaire Earrings from Kay Jewelers. These timeless beauties are the perfect addition for every mama's accessories collection and every mama I know would go absolutely gaga if she was given a pair of these earrings on Mother's Day.

2. If anyone loves rings, it's my mama... but I know she's not the only one! Is your mama a ring lover as well? Then I'm certain she would love to have this Open Hearts Ring. It's not only beautiful, the design represents giving and receiving love and having an open heart, the perfect representation of motherhood.

3. When you see a piece of jewelry and it takes your breath away, I think it's meant to be your Mother's Day present... right? This Diamonds in Rhythm bracelet is gorgeous and so perfect for any mama, but this is what I have on the top of my Mother's Day wish list. The whole Diamond in Rhythm collection is really on my list--actually, the diamonds are made to be captivating from any angle... which means myself and other new mamas can be chasing after our toddlers and catch a glimpse of these as we are grabbing their precious little hands and be reminded that we are loved and appreciated.

4. Last but not least, we all know the way to a mama's heart is her kids - that's why this key necklace is the perfect gift for your mom on Mother's Day. If you're a dad or son trying to find the perfect present, you've unlocked the answer with this Diamonds in Rhythm Heart Key Pendant Necklace.

Showing appreciation on Mother's Day is what the day really is all about and these are just a few beautiful options offered at Kay Jewelers that will make your mama smile. Do you want to get your mom something beautiful and meaningful for Mother's Day? Check out the Kay Jewelers and find the perfect present for your mom.

April 15, 2017

6 Ways to Help You Get "Your Groove" Back!

Thanks to Olay for sponsoring today's discussion, they know what a mama needs! With that said, all opinions expressed below are completely my own.

Getting back into the swing of things as a new mom isn't always easy. So today I'm sharing six ways to help you get "your groove" back! #28daysofOlay

Are you ready to get your groove back?

No, we aren't talking about anyone named Stella today... and getting your "groove back" is most definitely easier said than done as a new mom. It's hard enough to find the time to shower and put product in my hair, as I've shared recently, so talking about getting back to being the old you is basically like discussing how you'll be riding a unicorn to your next rainbow convention. The thing is when you give a child life, your life is forever changed and getting back to who you were pre-baby just isn't going to happen.

Getting back into the swing of things as a new mom isn't always easy. So today I'm sharing six ways to help you get "your groove" back! #28daysofOlay

While you won't ever be the "old you", that doesn't mean you can't get back into the swing of things, you can totally still find your groove again. I'm easing back into "my groove" and well, some days I walk around with my hair in a top knot and peaches on my ear lobe, but as I'm getting used to life with a little wild child, the days that involve a little hair straightening and a dress seem to be happening more and more often and for that I'm thankful.

Getting back into the swing of things as a new mom isn't always easy. So today I'm sharing six ways to help you get "your groove" back! #28daysofOlay

Okay, so I'll admit, I haven't entirely perfected "my groove" and I'm far from a "supermom", today I want to share a handful of ways to hopefully get you feeling a tiny bit more like a human and a little less like a meal on heels. Whether you're in the same, stay-at-home-mom, breastfeeding 24/7, teething like it's no bodies business boat, or you're sailing the treacherous seas of a sassy toddler, I hope you're able to find a little piece of you again and maybe a little peace of mind... and here's how I suggest you do that:

1. Make lists and schedules - I'm the queen of list making here on the blog, but believe it or not, I stink at staying organized in my daily life. That's changed since having D though and I'm working on prioritizing and I've even made a daily schedule and a meal plan as of late. Living spur of the moment is all fun and games, until you have kids... then it's seriously time to start making a plan so you can get stuff done and that's where lists and scheduling comes into play.

2. Find your people - Speaking of play, finding your people and getting some "play time" in is so important for mama mentality. Instead of always jabbering in baby talk, take a day off from mom duties every once in a blue moon, and treat yourself to a pedicure with your bestie or a walk around the block while playing pokemon with the neighbor kid, whatever suits your fancy - just find your people and spend time with them.

3. Freshen up with Olay - Speaking of finding things, once you have kids you will need to find skin care products that work for you. While life is full of rewarding moments as a parent, I will say having Delainey has aged me a little. Smile lines, a few wrinkles in my forehead... I'm starting to look 28. Instead of stressing (and possibly causing more wrinkles), I'm doing my best to prevent anymore signs of rapid aging by being proactive and that's why I participated in Olay's 28 Day Skin Study.

Instead of guessing which products I need, I used Olay's Skin Advisor Tool and found out my I'm in need of the Depuffing eye roller, because hellloooooooo dark circles... and the 7 in 1 Total Effects Anti-Aging Moisturizer is the perfect product for my freckled, sunkissed skin, it's light enough to feel comfortable but definitely gets the moisturizing job done! I grabbed both on a Walmart run and my life and skin care routine forever changed!

Adding these two products to my daily routine for the last 28 days has been life changing. I feel like a whole new woman, with a fresh face... and that means a lot for a tired mom.

Are you interested in finding out which Olay products would help your skin? Whether you're a "young mom" hoping to prevent more damage and those pesky under eye circles or your the Gigi of a precious little babe, it's time for you to meet your match. Check out the line and find out which products are best for you here.

4. Own your truth - Admit that you can't do everything - as much as you want to. We all want to be super mom, but honestly, some days we need a little help. If you're having a rough day, ask a friend to come over and get some baby snuggles. If you need a break from the chaos, step outside and lay down in the hammock for a little bit while dad wrangles the kids. It's okay to ask for help... and it's also totally okay if you are a planner and great at multi-tasking too, keep up the good work, just know it's good to take a break and breathe every once in a while as well.

5. Do your thing - While taking care of a baby is time consuming, finding time for your hobbies will help you feel more like you. So once baby goes down for the night, bust out some paints and canvas or pull out your violin and get to strummin'.

6. Move - I don't mean pick up and move to another city... unless that's something you want to do, then hey - go for it. I mean get out and wiggle around on the dance floor or take a class at Orange Theory, get your body on the move and your "groove" will be back in no time. There's just something about those workout endorphins!

With that said, it's time for me to be on the move... but I'd love to hear about where you stand with "your groove"? If you're in the swing of things and feeling fine, I'd love to hear how you got there and if you have any tips to share... and if you're in the same hot-mess-mom-in-transition situation as me, I'd love to hear about your struggle with your minion. Tell me all about it in the comments below.