May 16, 2017

Refresh Your Complexion & Master The Perfect Summer Glow

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I recently shared a post about 10 things no one tells you about having a baby and one thing I mentioned is how much your skin changes and how I had to alter my skin care routine to help deal with all of those changes. With all the hormones raging through your body to help that little miracle grow, it's no wonder your skin goes on the fritz and starts doing some strange things - it's a bit like adolescence, except you're growing a perfect little tiny human instead of growing up yourself.

With that said, I found that during pregnancy and even now (8 months post-pregnancy), my skin care routine gives me the glow I always longed for. That's right, I'm fairly convinced I've mastered the routine to get the Perfect Summer Glow, even if you have sensitive skin... and lucky for you, I'm sharing it with you today!

1. Exfoliate - To start, you'll want to make sure you scrub your skin well in a bath with a body wash made for sensitive skin and use a poof to make sure you really are able to exfoliate and cleanse the skin.

2. Detox & Relax - Once you have opened your pores and cleansed your skin, you'll want to enjoy your bath - but be sure to add a tiny bit of epsom salt so you're able to detox while you're relaxing. Epsom salt is also great for sore and achy joints, skin irritations, and more... so I recommend this part of the routine any time you feel a little off, it's a great pick me up!

3. Treat - Once you're out of the bath, now is the time to treat any irritations. If I see a pimple or an ingrown hair forming I immediately apply tea tree oil and hope that I've caught it in time, so far - it's definitely the most effective acne treatment I've found that doesn't irritate my skin. Speaking of irritated skin, I apply coconut oil to areas that seem to get dry easily like my knees and my elbows, sometimes I even go as far to add a little to my hair and face to make sure I'm hydrated everywhere!

4. Prevent - Living in Florida, I make sunscreen a part of my daily routine... but with sensitive skin, it's hard to find something that won't make me break out. Luckily, I found out about an Australian little secret... and then I found it in my local Walmart!

Blue Lizard® Sensitive Skin provides the coverage I need from the sun to protect my skin and keep it looking fresh! The best part is, it's not full of chemicals (and it's also paraben and fragrance free too) and it was formulated in Australia, where the sunscreen standards are the strictest in the world - so there's no worries about what's in the bottle. I'm just excited about this special formula of sun screen, with enough Zinc Oxide in every bottle to make sure I'm  protected against the suns harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Blue Lizard® Baby is the only sunscreen I like to use on D and I won't be changing from the Blue Lizard® Sensitive Skin variety any time soon, it's actually thin enough to feel comfortable on my skin but strong enough that I don't burn while wearing it - score! (Be sure to consult with your pediatrician before using any sunscreen on a babe younger than 6 months! For children older than 6 months, Blue Lizard® Baby or Sensitive Skin are recommended to reduce skin sensitivity!)

Want to hear the coolest part about Blue Lizard® sunscreen? The bottle changes colors to let you know that the UV rays are high! That's right, the bottle goes from white to blue to let you know that the sun is strong! I'm such a nerd and I love that the makers of this sunscreen are so thoughtful, they even made a little built in reminder of sorts in the coloring of the bottle... how ingenious is that?

5. Clean - While I'm always wearing sunscreen, I don't always wear makeup... but when I do, I make sure all my brushes are clean! It's actually pretty easy to clean your make up brushes, depending on the type they are, but I just use soap and water and rinse them well and I've never had an issue. If I don't clean my brushes, I notice I break out easier so this is something I highly recommend to any mama that loves makeup and doesn't want to stop wearing it just because her hormones are raging.

6. Brighten & Replenish - Speaking of raging hormones, put those nesting hormones to the test, or if you're past that stage (like me) just convince yourself it's necessary, and get rid of all your extra makeup! If it's a year old - toss it, if you haven't used it in a while and don't know how old it is - toss it, if it's shattered and making a mess - toss it! As a reward, treat yourself.. and add a new lip gloss to your collection to really show off your refreshed complexion now that you've started this new routine!

That's it, it's that easy to refresh your complexion and master the perfect summer glow! Want even more good news? Everything I've recommended you implement in your new routine can be found at Walmart AND if you join iBotta you will earn $4.00 with the purchase of Blue Lizard® Australian Sunscreen  (baby or sunscreen based on round- the 5 oz bottle only)!

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