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January 13, 2022

Don't Miss Out! Catch Hotel Transylvania - Transformania on Prime Video!

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Change can be kind of scary, as we all know, but Hotel Transylvania - Transformania shows us that change can be amazing and incredibly entertaining as well.

My family had the pleasure of viewing this new movie a few days early, and let me go ahead and tell you, that you are in for a good time when the movie hits Prime tomorrow! This movie has all the fun you would expect from a Hotel Transylvania film, but with a twist.

The group of monsters isn't as "frightening" this time around, once they all transformed due to the "monsterification ray", but they all have to team up and battle time to turn things around.

Honestly when Drac & his pack were all transformed into humans, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I loved the twists and turns and actually felt a little sentimental as Drac & Johnny were discussing finding the sweetness inside us all as they ate s'mores over the campfire.

My five year old daughter was hooked and loved every second of the movie and I did too! We viewed our movie with some "transformative" popcorn - a mixture of caramel and cheddar and we snacked on s'mores afterwards, leading us to have a conversation about the sweet, gooey inside we all have.

If you're ready for a whirlwind of an adventure with some touching moments thrown in, where Mavis kind of saves the day, be sure to tune into Prime Video and check out Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformania on January 14th! Take a minute and watch the trailer to see what you're in for...

November 3, 2021

Silly and Cute Thanksgiving Turkey Guided Drawing

 My little gal is constantly making art and sharing her creative ideas with us, from checking out "how-to-draw" books from the library to making her own story books and secret notes for us.  I'm always so impressed with her creative side and I do all I can to nurture that.

Lately she's been asking me how to spell new words and draw certain things so I figured we would do a guided drawing to celebrate the beginning of November.

These cute turkey friends made her giggle as we drew them and were super easy to create. Just a few minutes of drawing and a fun time coloring and we have some thanksgiving decorations to add to our fridge.

Want to draw with us? Here's our step by step:


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December 18, 2020

Simple, Stylish Paint Chip Christmas Tree Toddler + Kid Craft



The holidays are right around the corner and we are super excited about all the fun that involves... this year is going to be one of the best. I haven't share this yet, but we have family surprising Delainey with a long visit over the holidays so it's hard not to be stoked. Also, I'm pretty amped to see her face on Christmas morning, because I may have spoiled my sweet girl. Beyond that, the Christmas spirit is in full swing in our home - with our little Elf causing trouble and the sweet innocence of writing letters to Santa, I'm going to go ahead and call it, Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year!

With that said, we've been trying to keep busy lately as we countdown the days until Christmas and this super simple and FREE Paint Chip Christmas Tree Craft was the perfect way to keep our minds occupied while creating a masterpiece. It was also a great way to practice cutting and gluing skills and to encourage her to discuss colors and shapes.

I also loved that we were able to make our tree anything but green. She's been stuck on trees only being green and it was good to encourage her imagination and mix up colors!

Have a little crafter on your hands? Love the look of our simple paint chip trees? Want to make one of your own? Here ya go!

We grabbed our paint chips for an upcoming rainbow mural project in her room from our local hardware store and well, we decided to use them craft-ily as well once this idea came to mind.

You'll start by cutting off both ends with writing on them and start making staggered cuts with the remainder of the paint chip. Allowing for both big and small pieces, thick and thin,etc.

Now, once you have a ton of colors cut up and lots of variety in the shapes of your pieces, apply glue to your white paper in the shop of a tree, if you'd like you can top your tree with a star or a funky shaped cut.

It's that easy. Now just let it dry & hang it up! I plan on sticking these in shadow box frames and setting it out each year. I love looking back at our crafts year after year and admiring each piece, it's a little bit of nostalgia that I'll always be thankful for.

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October 2, 2019

16 Creative Halloween Costume Ideas - Unique Costume Ideas for 2019

Please note: Amazon Affialiate links are included below, while I don't earn a fortune from these - when you do click through and make a purchase it does help me! So, please feel free to shop...

It's officially October, which means it's time to start planning for the festivities that come at the end of the month! Around here we like to have our costumes mapped out pretty far in advance, but this year D is switching things up on us. She keeps wavering between a few ideas and it has me on my toes. I think we've finally got both of our minds set on something, but we shall see what she thinks when it comes time to wear her costume... oh, the joys of having a three-nager.

Regardless of what we are going to be, I wanted to share a boat load of ridiculously good ideas for Halloween Costumes for your littles. You still have plenty of time to complete one of the DIY costumes or you could spring for one from Amazon - the choice is yours! But I do know, these are some of the best costumes on the market for Halloween 2019!

So grab your little ghouls and goblins and take a look at this list of epic Halloween costumes!

1. The Cutest Elephant

Circus Friend

2. Fancy Nancy

3. No Sew Baby Owl

4. Frankenstein DIY

5. DIY Pinata costume

DIY Pinata Costume

6. Little Love Robot

7. Edward Scissorhands & his 'creation' in a flower pot
Edward Scissorhands and a Flower Pot Costume

8. This PRECIOUS Cotton Candy Costume

9. Adorable Astronaut

10. The Pout Pout Fish
This little costume will leave your little pout-pout fish feeling smooch-worthy and is fairly simple to put together! Get ready to win all the costume contests and spread the cheery-cheeries with this epic DIY book inspired costume!

11. Cute Little Unicorn

12. The Lion's Guard Kion

13. Pretty Peacock

14. Sushi Roll DIY

15. Dragon Cuteness

16. Dinosaur

March 1, 2019

10 Super Fun Dr. Seuss Inspired Activities

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I've always been a bookworm, so it probably comes as no surprise that I'm also a HUGE Dr. Seuss fan and while I can't force Delainey to have the same likes as me, I will say that I have taken the time to read Cat in the Hat, One Fish, Two Fish, & Green Eggs & Ham about once a week - just to be sure she knows them, by word. Haha.

All jokes aside, Dr. Seuss and his gift for writing have always been a true inspiration to me -  lessons like "a person's a person - no matter how small" just don't come from books now-a-days.

On that note, I wanted to put together a list of super fun Dr. Seuss inspired activities & crafts in honor of the creative genius' birthday-

1. Green Eggs & Ham Letter Recognition printable from

2. One Fish, Two Fish Counting Game - with free printables to create it! from

3. Dr. Seuss Shadow Puppet Printables from

4. Dr. Seuss Cat in The Hat patterning Hat (or Math Hat) from

5. Easy Thing 1 & Thing 2 Hand Print Craft from

6. Easy Cat in The Hat Hand Print Craft from

7. Lorax Windsock Craft from

8. Thing 1 & Thing 2 Recycled Planters also from

9. The Cutest Little Cat in The Hat Photo Keepsake

10. Dr. Seuss Bingo Printables from

Need to add to your Dr. Seuss collection?

December 15, 2018

The Ultimate List of Unique Holiday Gifts for Kids (with discount codes)!

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I can't be the only one scrambling to find Christmas gifts for those I love... I mean, I have the best of intentions and I always start out on the right path.

I firmly believe as Christmas season rolls around each year that I have plenty of time to get presents under the tree, but as Christmas Eve quickly approaches I inevitably realize I forgot someone super important or as it happened this year, I spent all month searching high and low for the perfect gifts.

If you're in the same boat as me and you just didn't know what to get the loved ones on your list, then I've got news for you. I have, right here, the ultimate list of Holiday Gifts for Kids. We all know Sally your sister's daughter is sweet as pie but she has everything - but does she have a Circuit Scribe Drone Builder Kit? I mean, seriously,  does it get any more epic than building your own drone?

With this STEM-based toy your little worker bee won't even notice that they are learning while creating! Plus, you both can have hours of fun flying the drone up and down with the CSDrone Network app on your phone. While D and I won't be participating in the building of this, I can't wait to share this one of my lovely nieces!

This all-inclusive kit teaches you how to draw the "wires" to the motors with conductive ink & then make cardboard from nothing into something truly extraordinary, a handmade drone! This truly is one of the coolest toys I've seen for bigger kids and well, I think D will be watching over her cousins shoulders as they play with this!

Something that NEVER gets overdone in our house is books - I mean, we had over 100 books in D's library before she was even born, so the fact that we are bookworms is likely not a surprise to most of you. What is a surprise is The Little Red Chicken is back in this sequel to The Interrupting Chicken!

We absolutely love this sweet little read aloud book, The Interrupting Chicken and the Elephant of Surprise is easily a new favorite in our house. If you haven't read it, now is the time! From David Ezra Stein, this book is sure to make everyone in your house giggle as you read it. Want to snag this good read and others? Check out & use code CANDLEWICK for 25% off (only valid in the US).

I think the gift D and I both loved the most were the sweet treats she now so sweetly cause "Grinch candies". PEZ candy dispensers were totally one of my favorite stocking stuffers as a child and now thanks to Babbleboxx, it may be a new favorite for D. I think adding PEZ Holiday gifts in her stocking will be a new tradition in our house, actually.

While D obviously loved the candy she's pretty keen on that green fella so she loved the fact the Grinch PEZ gift tin is shaped like the Grinch himself.

Then when she flipped it around and saw Cindy Lou Who I'm fairly certain her heart grew even more love for this fun little gift set. With Fred & Max in the box too, she was overjoyed and we both are so excited to see the new Grinch in theaters - I'm thinking maybe it'll be her first "real" movie in a theater!

Speaking of some firsts, these epic craft kits are just what mama was looking for while hunting for gifts for my crafty toddler. The Clothespin Zoo, in particular, is right up her alley!

Helping us create TEN different animals, learning about each one while playing with materials that are familiar and building fine motor skill, these preschool aged kits are a dream come true! I'm so excited for her to open this up on Christmas and really get crafty!

Speaking of excitement, D literally couldn't wait to get into the Klutz Sewing kit. Interestingly, I think she inherited that excitement for thread & needle, my grandmother actually used to sew and even wrote instructional books on needlepoint. Beyond being a crafty author, she also sent the COOLEST gifts every Christmas that were always educational and sometimes would include some of her work (now my Aunt has carried on this tradition).

My Simple Sewing:

Between her and my Aunt, I've been blessed with some of the most unique gifts and I must brag for a moment and say both are so gifted at sewing. While my Grandmother is no longer with us and I'm no expert at sewing, I'm so excited to encourage this hobby in my little sweetie. It's a family tradition to learn to sew, so this skill-building kit is just perfect for her. Helping her create while encouraging fine-motor skills is something my paternal grandmother would be so proud of and since it's a plastic needle and it comes with a little "training card" I'm certain D will get the hang of this quickly - imagine that, my two year old will be sewing soon!

Last but certainly not least in our Babbleboxx was this fun little Dumbledore Pop Figurine from Funko's 5 star line and The Illustrated Edition of Harry Potter and The prisoner of Azkaban! D has recently started watching Harry Potter flicks at nap time and she's pretty much obsessed. We both loved that the little figurine brought one of her favorites to life, putting the "magic" in her hands. She can create her own moments  in the Harry Potter universe now and she was delighted that Fawkes the Phoenix was included in the box too, she even called him her friend!

This little figurine was the perfect compliment to the Harry Potter illustrated book! The book is by far one of the coolest things we'll be putting under the tree for D this year, with vibrant illustrations and a cool ribbon bookmark - she's going to love it that one of her movies is actually available to her in book form now too! Want to snag some Funko Collectibles? Check out these deals and use the code "Babbleboxx" to save!

I'm not going to lie, this Babbleboxx was AMAZING! I'm not a kid anymore, but I'm totally excited about everything in this box - so I know the lucky kiddos that receive these gifts under the tree will be delighted as well! So tell me, what is your #1 pick for your kids this year? I can't wait to hear!