April 15, 2017

6 Ways to Help You Get "Your Groove" Back!

Thanks to Olay for sponsoring today's discussion, they know what a mama needs! With that said, all opinions expressed below are completely my own.

Getting back into the swing of things as a new mom isn't always easy. So today I'm sharing six ways to help you get "your groove" back! #28daysofOlay

Are you ready to get your groove back?

No, we aren't talking about anyone named Stella today... and getting your "groove back" is most definitely easier said than done as a new mom. It's hard enough to find the time to shower and put product in my hair, as I've shared recently, so talking about getting back to being the old you is basically like discussing how you'll be riding a unicorn to your next rainbow convention. The thing is when you give a child life, your life is forever changed and getting back to who you were pre-baby just isn't going to happen.

Getting back into the swing of things as a new mom isn't always easy. So today I'm sharing six ways to help you get "your groove" back! #28daysofOlay

While you won't ever be the "old you", that doesn't mean you can't get back into the swing of things, you can totally still find your groove again. I'm easing back into "my groove" and well, some days I walk around with my hair in a top knot and peaches on my ear lobe, but as I'm getting used to life with a little wild child, the days that involve a little hair straightening and a dress seem to be happening more and more often and for that I'm thankful.

Getting back into the swing of things as a new mom isn't always easy. So today I'm sharing six ways to help you get "your groove" back! #28daysofOlay

Okay, so I'll admit, I haven't entirely perfected "my groove" and I'm far from a "supermom", today I want to share a handful of ways to hopefully get you feeling a tiny bit more like a human and a little less like a meal on heels. Whether you're in the same, stay-at-home-mom, breastfeeding 24/7, teething like it's no bodies business boat, or you're sailing the treacherous seas of a sassy toddler, I hope you're able to find a little piece of you again and maybe a little peace of mind... and here's how I suggest you do that:

1. Make lists and schedules - I'm the queen of list making here on the blog, but believe it or not, I stink at staying organized in my daily life. That's changed since having D though and I'm working on prioritizing and I've even made a daily schedule and a meal plan as of late. Living spur of the moment is all fun and games, until you have kids... then it's seriously time to start making a plan so you can get stuff done and that's where lists and scheduling comes into play.

2. Find your people - Speaking of play, finding your people and getting some "play time" in is so important for mama mentality. Instead of always jabbering in baby talk, take a day off from mom duties every once in a blue moon, and treat yourself to a pedicure with your bestie or a walk around the block while playing pokemon with the neighbor kid, whatever suits your fancy - just find your people and spend time with them.

3. Freshen up with Olay - Speaking of finding things, once you have kids you will need to find skin care products that work for you. While life is full of rewarding moments as a parent, I will say having Delainey has aged me a little. Smile lines, a few wrinkles in my forehead... I'm starting to look 28. Instead of stressing (and possibly causing more wrinkles), I'm doing my best to prevent anymore signs of rapid aging by being proactive and that's why I participated in Olay's 28 Day Skin Study.


Instead of guessing which products I need, I used Olay's Skin Advisor Tool and found out my I'm in need of the Depuffing eye roller, because hellloooooooo dark circles... and the 7 in 1 Total Effects Anti-Aging Moisturizer is the perfect product for my freckled, sunkissed skin, it's light enough to feel comfortable but definitely gets the moisturizing job done! I grabbed both on a Walmart run and my life and skin care routine forever changed!


Adding these two products to my daily routine for the last 28 days has been life changing. I feel like a whole new woman, with a fresh face... and that means a lot for a tired mom.


Are you interested in finding out which Olay products would help your skin? Whether you're a "young mom" hoping to prevent more damage and those pesky under eye circles or your the Gigi of a precious little babe, it's time for you to meet your match. Check out the line and find out which products are best for you here.


4. Own your truth - Admit that you can't do everything - as much as you want to. We all want to be super mom, but honestly, some days we need a little help. If you're having a rough day, ask a friend to come over and get some baby snuggles. If you need a break from the chaos, step outside and lay down in the hammock for a little bit while dad wrangles the kids. It's okay to ask for help... and it's also totally okay if you are a planner and great at multi-tasking too, keep up the good work, just know it's good to take a break and breathe every once in a while as well.

5. Do your thing - While taking care of a baby is time consuming, finding time for your hobbies will help you feel more like you. So once baby goes down for the night, bust out some paints and canvas or pull out your violin and get to strummin'.

6. Move - I don't mean pick up and move to another city... unless that's something you want to do, then hey - go for it. I mean get out and wiggle around on the dance floor or take a class at Orange Theory, get your body on the move and your "groove" will be back in no time. There's just something about those workout endorphins!

With that said, it's time for me to be on the move... but I'd love to hear about where you stand with "your groove"? If you're in the swing of things and feeling fine, I'd love to hear how you got there and if you have any tips to share... and if you're in the same hot-mess-mom-in-transition situation as me, I'd love to hear about your struggle with your minion. Tell me all about it in the comments below.

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