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June 13, 2019

5 Ways You & Your Pooch Should Prepare For Your Next Adventure Together...

Thank you Hartz® UltraGuard Pro® for sponsoring this post. Complete and trusted flea and tick prevention starts with Hartz!

It may not "officially" be summer yet, but it definitely is summer in Florida already. The heat is here, the water is perfect, the beaches are incredible, and my family is ready to go on adventures.

But here's the thing, getting prepared for adventures isn't as easy as walking out the door with this little pack of wild animals. haha. Between preparing snacks, sunscreen, and entertainment for our toddler and being sure our two pups are ready to take on the wildnerness with Hartz® UltraGuard Pro®, it's easy to see why it takes a little bit to get ready to go.

Do you have a canine companion you want to have accompany you on your next adventure? Here's 5 ways I suggest you & your pooch prepare for your next great voyage.

1. Treat your Pups - Before heading out on any adventure, we always make sure our dogs are guarded against annoying pests like fleas and ticks. After trying a few different brands we finally found the perfect fit with Hartz® UltraGuard Pro®!

Hartz® UltraGuard Pro® is the answer to your summertime worries. From topical treatments to collars, they have your back... or I suppose I should say your dog's back covered! We use the patented  and easy-to-use Pro-Glide drops and are huge fans, with Aloe infused and an easy application, my dogs and I are both huge fans!

Wondering where you can find Hartz® UltraGuard Pro®? Check out the website to find a location near you that carries it and learn more about Hartz!

2. Bring the H20 - We always bring our handy-dandy little water dispenser on all adventures with our canines. Whether it's a long walk around the park, a full day at the beach, or a day spent at the dog park - our dogs always appreciate access to water and a reusable little water dispenser is the perfect way to keep their thirst quenched!

3. Entertainment - Just like with our sweet baby girl, our dogs need entertainment when we go out. We don't let them sit and watch paw patrol though! Ha. We bring interactive toys and let our sweet girl and our darling pups get a little rowdy. We tend to bring tennis balls to play fetch, a frisbee, some seek & find type of toys, or maybe even just a rope toy for tug-of-war.

4. Leash & Collar with "dog license" (and don't forget the plastic bags too) -This is an obvious must, but we've been guilty of forgetting it in the past! Here locally we need to have their rabies tags on them anytime they leave the house, so we just attach them to their collars - which also makes them kinda musical as they move about. I'll just call that free entertainment. Ha.

Beyond the tag and collar, be sure to bring a leash and maybe even an extra one in your car or pocket - I only mention this because ours randomly broke recently and it was a moment of pure panic for a brief second. Speaking of panic, don't get busted not picking up after your pooch - bring some bags for pick up with you on your adventure!

5. Training Treats -Another type of bag you should probably grab is your treat bag! We love to bring treats on our adventures to help them remember to behave. While our dogs are pretty good anyways, they both are food motivated and will straighten up any type of misbehaving if they think they're going to get something tasty.

With all of that said, I think the most important part of preparing for any adventure is making sure your family is protected from harmful pests along the way! Apply bug spray for you and the kiddos and be sure to treat your furry kiddo with Hartz® UltraGuard Pro®!

March 17, 2019

7 Unexpected Items You'll NEED When You Adopt a Dog

I just realized, I never officially announced some big news, but I think it's worth sharing - we got a new dog last month & he's basically the bee's knees. We're now a two-dog family and while some may think our house feels like a zoo, I think we all love our new addition.

The funny thing is, we actually had decided against adopting another dog... but when I saw those googly eyes, I fell in love and said I wanted him - the rest is history. I'm excited to say, he is a perfect fit for our home, with just the right amount of crazy pup left in him to keep up with my toddler. We aren't 100% on his breed, but we're thinking a Dachshund and King Charles Cavalier mix - some day maybe we'll do a doggie DNA test. Regardless of his breed or his history, Dax is the perfect dog for us.

The one thing that I had forgotten about when adopting a new dog is all the ways your family has to adjust.

From teaching Delainey proper dog manners to keeping our house clean with two fuzzy mutts running around, we've all had to learn something from the new furry family member.

Wondering what unexpected items you'll need if you decide to adopt a dog?

Here's my list of must-haves after recently bringing Daxy-boy home:

1. Training treats - Pretty self explanatory, these treats help initiate a bond with your animal and form trust from the get-go, especially if your pooch is a food oriented pup. We used itty bitty treats and "bribe" Dax to do anything from sit & stay to showing him how to use his puppy stairs. We've always loved using these to practice tricks with Miley and highly recommend them for all dog owners, they literally motivate our old doggy to learn new tricks!

2. Bona Hardwood Premium Spray Mop - Speaking of tricks, my Bona Spray Mop is literally the only reason I'm able to kick back and relax with my mutt-ley crew. Between two adorable, but CONSTANTLY shedding dogs, my wild child, and their crazy adventures, my house and these beautiful vintage wood floors are constantly screaming for a cleaning - luckily I can quickly sweep & mop in one swoop with my Bona Hardwood Premium Spray Mop.

This quick and easy gadget comes ready to use & easily picks up the dust & grime that seems to accumulate when you add kids to your home. If you're a fellow mom (or mama to furr babies), you'll need a Bona Spray Mop to keep your floors clean.

3. Leash & Collar Ready-to-Go - I'm not sure this one is so unexpected, but it's not something everyone thinks about when heading to the pound to adopt an animal. I highly recommend bringing your own leash and collar when picking up your new friend. I feel like our pups treat their collars like it's their way to "claim" a spot in our pack, so I made sure Dax had a collar that suited him immediately.

4. The same dog food - Speaking of things suiting our furry friends, making sure you transition their food is important. It can cause upset bellies if you suddenly switch foods, especially with the sudden switch in homes causing anxiety too. We actually HATE the brand of food Dax's previous owner was feeding him but we transitioned him to his new food by feeding him less and less of the "bad" food while introducing him to the food we believe is best - simply because it's better for him to adjust like this.

5. Clothing that has your 'scent' - We actually have "couch blankets" we let the dogs cuddle with when we leave, because they are spoiled. If you don't have said blankets, adding a t-shirt you slept in to their crate or putting it on a decorative pillow before you leave could tremendously help your pup.

6. New toys - Another way to help your pup adjust is buying the new furry friend new toys. We had PLENTY of toys before Dax's arrival but making sure he had some toys of his own was really important, in my mind. I wanted Miley to feel as though she still had control over her toys but to recognize that he had his own. So far, they both understand that and get along just fine.

7. Air Freshener - Last, but not least - You're certain to want a quick way to freshen the air - especially if you're pup loves to get crazy as much as ours.

So tell me, have you adopted a dog before? What items do you consider must-haves when bringing home a new canine companion?

January 15, 2018

Help Your Dog Lead a Better Life in 2018

2017 was a crazy year for us and our dogs... We said goodbye to our sweet poodle love unexpectedly and then later in the year our little mix, Miley, had to have surgery. So, let's just say we hope for a better year this year for our canine companion.

With that said, we're not just hoping for a better year for Miley, we all want to have a better year... so we're all doing things to achieve that. From taking more time for things we love, to filling our bodies with the nurtients we need - we all are ringing in the new year the right way with a new, improved routine.

And by all, I truly mean all of us... even this crazy, cute little love bug mutt! She's already on top of her game and doing great the past few weeks, so I can't imagine how she'll feel once this new lifestyle is truly just routine to her!

Are you wondering how your dog can lead a better, more fulfilling life in 2018... well, here ya go:

1. Start with the vitamins - I'll be honest, until this year Miley had never taken a vitamin. I honestly had never thought to give her one. But after our scare with her last year, it was a must that we do everything we can to ensure health... including supplying her body with nutrients it needs. Thank goodness for Milk-Bone Good Morning Daily vitamins, now we know she's getting what she needs and she loves it because it tastes like a treat!

2. Don't forget those pearly whites - I've heard other dog owners talk about doggy breath issues, but luckily Miley doesn't have that problem... maybe it's because we've always been big on providing her with teething items like bones. I will say, as she's gotten older, you can definitely see her age in her teeth - but that's just how aging works. So when I heard about Milk-Bone Brushing Chews Dental Treats, I knew this would be the perfect way to ensure that her teeth remain healthy and fresh!

Delainey is a total animal lover and although she's a tiny tot, she already knows how important it is to keep her dog (and ALL dogs) healthy! So when we run into Target, which we do often, she's always sure to point out her friend Bullseye and remind mama to grab Miley's treats, each and every time! And... well, I think she's a pretty big fan of getting to hang out with a big, happy pup after doing a little shopping!

3. These paws are made for walkin' - Speaking of hanging out with dogs... getting fresh air and staying active and healthy is probably the whole family's favorite part of our new routine in the new year. Miley LOVES getting to go explore the neighborhood on walks and roaming around our backyard and I'm pretty sure Delainey enjoys it just as much. They both will just stand in the yard and bask in the sunlight... and well, it's pretty much the most adorable thing ever.

4. Keep things safe - Another thing I'm really trying to emphasize in the new year is Miley's cage being used as her safety haven. It's always been one of her favorite spots to nap so when Delainey came into the picture, I knew it would be a good place for her to seek shelter from the storm of having a toddler running around and I was totally right, she loves hiding out and getting some shut eye in there while Lainey is running around reeking havoc. With that said, I'm teaching Lainey that Miley's cage is ONLY for Miley and allowing Miley a truly safe space away from poking toddler hands and grabby little digits. LOL. I think she appreciates it; after all... she is the age of a grandmother in dog years, so I think she needs to rest a little more than her toddler sister.

With that said, I better go corral my troops and get them ready for a little bit of outside time - I think we all could use some fresh air. So, tell me, what will you do to ensure your family and your dog have a better year this year? If you're thinking about incorporating Milk-Bone Daily Vitamins or Brushing Chews into your routine, you'll definitely want to check out this Cartwheel offer for 10% off!

October 26, 2017

4 Ways to Keep Your Dog Calm During the Holidays!

Halloween is such a fun holiday, I mean what's not to love about playing dress up and getting candy? As you can tell by all my costume posts lately, we're pretty big fans...

The thing is, it's not that great of a holiday when it involves the doorbell ringing and my dog barking at the kiddos.

I don't have a mean dog by any definition of the word. Miley is totally a sweet girl. She loves kids, protects Delainey like it's her job, and well, it's just that she just doesn't much care for the doorbell or strangers at our door - which is what Halloween is obviously all about. She doesn't mean to turn into a crazyhead when she hears someone new at the door, she's just being protective and her anxiety gets the best of her - just like nearly 75 million other pups in the world with anxiety.

With that said, I think we've found the solution to our doggy dilemma on such a social holiday. This new routine seems to leave my little fur baby feeling more relaxed, which makes our whole family feel more relaxed. Interested in knowing our routine that helps her de-stress? It's actually pretty simple.

We've started taking her on nightly short walks with Delainey. They both love it and it seems to be helping Miley's nerves, she loves to mark her spot and show off while we walk along the street... Delainey loves to chase her and point at every bird we see, so it's a win-win situation for all involved.

On that note, her nerves really seemed to be soothed by her new Calmz Anxiety Relief System and that's a MAJOR win! This handy-dandy little device is proven to help relieve dog anxiety. When she's wearing her vest and the doorbell rings, she doesn't flip her lid anymore... which will save us on Halloween night (and during nap time, everyday).

Another way we've started to help her de-stress is by providing her with a safe space. Well, I mean, this is something she already had - but now Delainey knows that both her dog bed and our kennel are Miley's little safe havens and she can't bother her there. This has changed their dynamic entirely and I just love that they seem to really be forming a sweet little bond.

And the last way we've altered Miley's routine a little is by changing up her diet. We used to feed her more of a kibble based diet but after realizing how processed it all was, we decided to switch her over to the better stuff. She's not only thankful during meal time but her anxiety seems to have lessened some.

So tell me, does your pup suffer from anxiety too? Check out how the Calmz Anxiety Relief System could help your dog keep calm.

September 18, 2017

Giggles and Wiggles with My Gerber Baby, Snack Time & a Simple DIY Baby and Doggy Scarf Set

 This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. Also, because of my partnership with Gerber, my little one is ineligible to win the Gerber Photo Search or a weekly prize, but you may be eligible so make sure you submit a photo of your baby and/or pet! #GigglesandWiggles #CollectiveBias

Well, I'm not going to sugar coat it, our days have been long for the last week or so. For many reasons, but mainly because we've been dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. We've all been hot, trying to cope with an alternative way of life without electric, and bouncing around between family and friend's houses. I'm not complaining, because it could have been SO much worse... but I will say, it's nice for life to feel a little more normal now.

I know two girls in my life that are loving the "normalcy". We've been able to make our normal Target runs and pick up our favorite snacks (which they are always super excited to munch on). We are loving spending time together doing crafts, snuggling, playing, and just easing back into our daily routine again.

Along with our routine comes drool, thanks to Miss Delainey. Instead of battling the drool spots on her clothes, I decided to get a little crafty... and of course, we couldn't leave Miley out. So I made the girls matching bib-danas and the results were MORE adorable than I ever could have imagined.

Interested in making your sweetie and your pup some cute new accessories like these? Good thing it's a super simple craft!

For these sweet scarf bib-danas you will need:

Fabric with a fun print (or a gorgeous solid would work as well)
Playful trim in a coordinating color
Fabric Glue
Tape Measure

Optional: Snacks for your helpers!

You'll begin making these beauties by measuring your puppy's neck & your babe's neck. Then go ahead and cut out two evenly proportioned obtuse triangle shaped pieces from the fabric.

Next, you'll want to fold the longest part of the triangle over once or twice, depending on the size of your pup/babe. Secure this fold with little dots of glue so you know it'll stay in place.

Following that you'll want to measure, cut, place & glue the trim.

Let these beautiful creations dry & then it's time to wear them!

Now that your sweet babes have new bibs, maybe it's a good time to talk about some "eats" for them, as D would say!

Also, I'm loving that I'm able to grab both of their new favorites at Target when I take my weekly "me" time and go browse the aisles.

For Miley, we love to give her just what she wants, especially after a stressful week. What does she like lately? The Purina® ONE® Dog Smartblend Chicken & Rice formula.

Probably because it's made with real chicken as the first ingredient and it's blended with other sources of protein to make the perfect combination for my little pooches belly. Plus the omega-6's help brighten her skin and make her coat shine and since she's aging I love that includes glucosamine to help support healthy joints... and it may make her photobombing skills a little better too, as seen below. Haha!

As far as Delainey is concerned, we are always surprising her - today's surprise snacks include Gerber® goodies!

Her new favorite? The Organic Gluten Free Honey Flavored Biscuits! They're made for babies over one, so this was her first time to get to sample these honey biscuits and it's safe to say she's a HUGE fan. I'm a fan because they're organic, gluten free, and filling - what more could a baby (or mama) ask for in a snack?

But I can't dismiss the other items we added to her snack collection recently! We both are big fans of the Gerber Graduates Yogurt Melts Freeze-Dried Yogurt & Fruit Snacks too. They are the perfect snack to munch on during dress up or while we're just scooting around the house and with no preservatives, healthy-for-the-belly live and active cultures, and vitamins A, C and E, I think it's obvious why I'm a fan of these snack time treats for Delainey.

Lastly, but certainly not last in Delainey's book: the Gerber Grabbers Fruit and Yogurt Squeezable Puree in Strawberry Banana. D is a puree-fanatic already, nevermind combining two of her favorite fruits. The best part? These pouches feature Gerber's smart flow technology, making for less mess and less "oops" during snack. I love letting her little tiny hands take control, it's so crazy that she's big enough to handle that responsibility... but it's also so exciting.

Speaking of Gerber & exciting responsibilities, I feel like I have to clue you in on one last thing... The Gerber baby photo contest is NOW underway and to mix things up & keep things as fresh as their food, Gerber is also hosting a Wiggles & Giggles pet & sweet Delainey and Miley and I just had to show off in honor of this.

Want to get in on the Gerber baby fun? It's easy to enter! Get your name in the mix by posting a photo of your sweet kiddo on Instagram (must be a public account) using the hashtag #GerberPhotoSearch2017. You can post up to 10 times and earn your baby $50,000 for capturing the most precious pic. Don't fret, though. The search will be going on through 10/27, so you have plenty of time to get the perfect photo.

Plus, if snapping the perfect photo of your pup (or kitty) & your tiny tot together sounds like an additional challenge you want to take on, you can share a pic of your pooch and your babe, with the hashtags #GerberPhotoSearch2017 and #GerberGigglesandWiggles and get your name in the pool to win one in six $500 cash prize pack, a 1 year supply of baby food, and a 1 year supply of Purina pet food!

Want more info on the contest, you can take a peek at the official rules here or here's a brief summary: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Legal residents of the 50 United States (D.C.) and Puerto Rico, who are 18 years of age or older, have a valid Instagram account and/or email address, and are parents of a child 48 months of age or younger and meet certain background check requirements. Enter search by: 11:59:59 pm ET on 10/27/17. For Official Rules, including eligibility and entry requirements, judging criteria and prize descriptions, visit Void where prohibited.

So tell me, how do you plan to spoil your little wigglers and gigglers? We're pretty big fans of delicious snacks and fun crafts in this house... but I can't wait to hear from you! Also, don't forget to grab some Gerber & Purina goodies from Target and of course, enter the Gerber Baby & Giggle and Wiggles Instagram contests! I can't wait to scroll through the hashtags and see some of your cute babies!