November 7, 2017

How to Wear Leggings: 5 Fashion Rules for Leggings

I used to really love fashion and I always wanted to follow the latest trends... but I'm not going to lie, since I became a mom I've also kind of neglected buying things for myself. I know I'm not the only one that's suddenly started spending on their spawn and cut back on their own stylish efforts, right? Yoga pants are life and leggings are equally as important.

So I've made a decision, after a year of concentrating solely on Miss Delainey and her fashion, this mama deserves to be stylish again too. With that said, I'm also not willing to sacrifice what I've learned to love... I mean, I most definitely still want the comfort of yoga pants.

And that's where Cuddl Duds comes into the picture... whether I'm wearing my FlexFit or Fleecewear Leggings, I know I can look fabulous while also feeling comfortable enough to chase this tiny little toddler around town.

I love that I can pair these leggings with anything and if I'm being frank, both pairs are the SOFTEST leggings I have ever owned. Like I've heard of "buttery soft" fabric before but these leggings are even softer.

With that said, there's a certain way that leggings should be worn. We've all seen those trainwreck outfits on others that make us question whether this garment of clothing should even be "allowed" in public... but here's the thing - leggings are easy to wear and pair items with! So today, I'm here today to discuss a few "fashion do's and don'ts" regarding leggings:

1. Let's start with the obvious, always cover your behind and your front butt when wearing leggings.

When it comes to tops long enough to wear with leggings, I'm seriously so in love with Cuddl Duds Softwear Stretch Cowl-Neck Tunics!  I'm not even joking when I say my cowl neck top from Cuddl Duds is a new staple item in my wardrobe.

It's the perfect pairing for both pairs of leggings and it's so versatile I feel like I can dress it up with a nice pair of slacks or down with some leggings and stay cozy all day long. I'm a huge fan and recommend everyone have one of these tunic tops to pair with their leggings... and I'm hoping to add more colors to my collection soon!

2. Make sure you find the right fit & the right length - Leggings should fit comfortably at the waist and NOT squeeze your middle. Length wise leggings should fit at the ankle, any higher will make you look short and any longer will obviously be uncomfortable and look awkward with footwear.

3. Speaking of footwear - choose the right pairing! Don't wear your yard work shoes with your leggings, choose shoes wisely. I'm not even going to deny the fact that I wear flip flops with everything... but honestly, they aren't the best pairing with leggings! I love pairing mine with boots or simple flats. But you could also pair Cuddl Duds with some simple heels too.

4. Mix it up - While I'm guilty of finding something I like and wearing it religiously, that's out of habit... not style. So this is more of a "do as I say, not as I do" piece of advice. Be sure to mix up your look - Try leggings and a button down one day, another day rock a duster and your Cuddl Duds Softwear Stretch Cowl-Neck Tunic! Variety is the spice of life after all, so don't stick with the same style!

5. Consider the occasion - Last but certainly not least, know where to wear your leggings. Job interviews, weddings, or any occasion that calls for a more reserved look is the WRONG place to wear your leggings. While they are comfortable, fashionable, and fun, they aren't business wear so be sure to dress up when needed...*(Not to contradict myself, but if you think you have the perfect business-casual outfit that involves leggings, remember there are always exceptions to the rules)!

Now that we've chatted about how to wear these leggings, I'm going to pretty much DEMAND you check out Cuddl Duds at Macy's... you can thank me for bringing your attention to this life-changingly soft line of clothing later!

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