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October 28, 2019

Epic Deals on Amazon!

Just a friendly reminder, I'm an Amazon Affiliate. This means when you make a purchase from Amazon, I make a tiny bit of money from you using my links. It's not adding to your total, just giving me a tiny percentage for 'referring' you! So happy shopping, ladies and gentlemen!

Any other Amazon addicted mamas out there? I literally spend hours browsing for the best deals and love finding awesome prices on items I would be buying anyways... so today I thought I'd share some STELLAR deals with you... on a little bit of everything.

This DEAL on a full and beautiful Christmas tree has me DYING! 80% off when you add to cart and go to check out - making it $30!

 This deal on a portable waterproof speaker is mind blowing! It's 70% off... and while it says it's sold out, you can buy now and it'll be delivered soon! Save money and get an awesome way to listen to your tunes - at just $15 grab a few and give them out to your friends!

Need a new comforter? Here's the cutest pinch pleated comforter in both a gorgeous shade of grey and teal for just $14.50! This deal is too good to pass up!

Does your kiddo need a coat for winter? This deal is UNREAL! With 80% savings, this checks out at just $8 and a few pennies for the cutest puffy jacket! Buy one now... and stay warm all winter long!

Another item for kids that's bound to be a hit is these awesome kid friendly digital cameras! We got D a similar one for her 3rd birthday and she LOVES it... she's definitely a little budding photographer and I bet your little one will be too! These beauties are 50% making them under $20 and perfect for tiny little artists!

Fellow Floridians will want to grab one of these adorable Fleece jackets that are 80% off right now, making them only $5! I want for D in every color but Grey is on the top of my list, check out the light blue, hot pink, and light pink!

Want to treat yourself to something different? I've recently become a huge fan of dermarolling or microneedling and this set is SUCH a good deal - you have to give it a try! It helps your skin produce collagen and it also helps products get into your pores - which is a must when trying to keep your skin looking young. Get this beauty for 10% off today!

Love this post? Want more epic deals? Let me know and I'll keep adding more to the blog so you can shop and save easily!


June 19, 2018

The Baby Bird Boutique - Friday Drop Shopping Tricks & Tips!

This isn't news to you, but we're huge The Baby Bird Boutique fans.

D has been promoting the brand and wearing precious rompers, peplums, and dresses since she was tiny and  we will be lifelong supporters of the mama bird behind this shop who has been with us through so many milestones. She inspires so many and I'm just lucky enough to have had the chance to learn a little under her wing.

I've recently shared a few posts involving our favorite brand and dishing out the deets on mama bird, but you know what I've failed to do... TEACH you how to shop the brand.

Wait... what? I know you're thinking you know how to shop... but if you're new to this small shop, you should probably pay attention. The cuteness factor makes these babies sell like hotcakes... and I'm also going to share how you can snag some epic discounts.

First, let's chat about how to navigate the website - is where the magic happens. You'll want to be present at 10:00am central time, refreshing the website, and be ready to cart! If you want to get something, don't hesitate... I've had items PULLED out of my cart while checking out so be quick!

Navigating the site quickly is a little tricky though, only because Dorie has so graciously sorted the collections in a multitude of ways and when you're in a scramble to cart. This is fabulous if you are leisurely shopping, but on drop day, it's nice to have a clear path mapped out to get what you are wanting. The quickest way I've found to access the Friday "Drop" is to click on the "Drop" tab under the shop tab. That's where all the newbs will be hiding out and they are always AMAZING and often fly out of the store.

With that said, if you need a solid for an upcoming event or you're in a hurry to complete the perfect #ootd, then check out the other tabs and see what is in store. But, be mindful of the season and order accordingly, solids are only available in certain shades to coordinate with the season, so don't expect to snag your red white and blue during the fall. As for right now, you can get your hands on some of our favorites - including coral and turquoise and this weeks blue floral drop is TDF... so I suggest you go ahead and cart your solids before Friday's drop and have them ready & waiting for you to check out with the new blue floral!

Which leads me to my next BBB bit of advice - always spend $50+, then you save on shipping! I'm a firm believer on spending more on clothing than spending anything on shipping. I'm a goof like that... but surely I can't be the only one who feels this way? With that said, I know you're probably a huge fan of coupons as well... so don't forget you can  score an epic discount with the code DELAINEY!

Speaking of discounts, if you happen to be a member of The Baby Bird Boutique VIP page or following The Baby Bird Boutique page, you probably have noticed mama bird HOOKS US UP on the regular with discount codes... including flash sales and access to epic coupons regularly! If you aren't on the bandwagon yet, I suggest you "like the page" and join the group... these discounts are amazing and you'll often catch special sneak peeks of upcoming collections!

So tell me, what kind of Baby Bird Boutique posts would you like to see here on the blog in the future?

Also... this isn't necessarily related to carting your next The Baby Bird Boutique items, but if you're a fellow die hard BBB fan - it's time you consider repping for the best team ever. The Baby Bird Boutique is seeking new members for their rep team and your babe could be the next one. Check out the BBB instagram before 6/25 for all the details and follow the directions to a TEE to be entered for the chance to be a member of this epic team!

May 24, 2018

Toddler Fashion in Florida Heat - Every babe needs The Baby Bird Boutique!

So it's obvious if you've been with me for a while that I kinda sorta have this thing with baby fashion. I mean, I love fashion in general, but if we're being real here, I often walk around looking homeless and a hot mess in my yoga pants and a t-shirt I've had since I graduated high school... but Delainey is almost always dressed to the nines.

If you don't follow us on Instagram yet, you should. You'll see what I mean about her style - she truly is a fashionista and luckily she LOVES it! From the bows to the clothes, this girl is a huge fan of being stylish... and she's kinda "known" for always having the cutest clothes, which tickles my fashion-loving heart.

But... Lately beyond the comments about how cute her clothes are, I've had a lot of questions about what we wear during the HOT FLORIDA summer heat, mainly from my friends that are coming this way for vacations, trying to gauge how they should pack... and while we mix things up and wear all kinds of outfits - the ones we tend to grab for the most are the ones that she's the most comfortable in - our The Baby Bird Boutique rompers.

Conveniently for my friends, they're also the tiniest, sweetest little statement pieces that can be worn for any occasion and they are THE easiest to pack - I literally bring like 5 with us everywhere we go... in a ziploc and I never have to worry about not having an outfit change.

Wondering what's so great about these sweet little rompers?

I'll start with mentioning they are an original design from one of my favorite ladies, Dorie Kirk. You may remember me recently introducing her - if not, go check out why she's so amazing.

Next on my list of reasons to love The BBB is the community. If you're a fan of acceptance and ADORABLEness, then join The Baby Bird Boutique VIP group to find your tribe.

Beyond the community and the maker, is the quality of these pieces. We've been rocking our 6m items since D was just a few months old and we're STILL wearing them at 20 months old. The flexibility in these rompers has allowed her to grow A LOT, without outgrowing the sweetness of these! How are they so flexible in sizing - well, the cut is the main reason but the amazing, stretchy ties also help allow that flexibility!

Speaking of being flexible, if you're in the same season of life, I want to congratulate you and let you know there will be no more flips and slips while potty training your little one. We LOVE that these sweet little bubble rompers have SNAPS to make quick potty chair adventures EASY and quick. Nothing is worse than trying to remove a bubble she's wearing and it not having snaps... I'm sure my fellow potty-trainin' mamas can attest to that.

And while I haven't had to deal with this recently, I will say they are great for newborns as well, for a similar reason. If your babe has blow outs, you know what it's like to try and remove a onesie that's been soiled... these beauties literally can slide off overhead or over her feet without spreading the icky. Potty time can be tricky at all ages, as we parents know, but in BBB I never have to worry, so that's ALSO a  HUGE win for my vacationing buddies too!

My last reason I tend to suggest my girls check out The Baby Bird Boutique when shopping for vacation gear for their little girl's is my main reason, actually. I am obsessed with the unique and adorable prints. Dorie literally blows me away with each and every drop - from flamingos to Cabbage Patch Kids, she's fulfilled my wants and dreams and offered so many amazing pieces that can't be found elsewhere!

With that said, now's the time to upgrade your little one's vacation wardrobe and get your hands on these beach-friendly beautiful bubble rompers! Want some EXTRA good news? Check out the recent KIMONO drop to add some extra fancy & adorable sass to your little one's BBB wardrobe!

November 23, 2017

My 14 month old's Christmas List...

I can remember when I was little I would sit down with a catalog and circle all the toys that I wanted for Christmas each year... ranging from art sets to dolls, I was spoiled and always got what I wanted and then some.With that said, Delainey is only 14 months old so she won't be circling any items in a catalog or browsing online with me for toys, but I have a good idea of some of the items on her Christmas list this year and today I want to share them with you, whether that's to inspire you to grab something super cool for your little one or to start shopping for your grandbaby. So happy shopping...

Let's get started with the most epic little princess ride, possibly ever. This would be perfect for any little princess that loves to explore, especially one named Delainey Kate.

Next on her list, the most precious little princess tent. Completed with a cute little rug and some decorative lights and she'll have a sweet cozy place to hang out now.... that eventually can grow with her into a reading nook.

Another item that I think every little girl would love is a "play kitchen"... and since D is OBSESSED with being in our kitchen and watching us cook, this beautiful little play kitchenette is at the TOP of our list.

Okay, well, maybe this item is more on mama & daddy's list, but it's definitely FOR her - this little bench would make the perfect toy box/organizer for all of her wonderful toys and it would also match our house pretty well, so that's a win!

Another item every Florida girl has on her Christmas list this year is a water table and this one definitely won't disappoint!

One item that I know D would absolutely FLIP over is this little playset, she's obsessed with playgrounds so having one at her house would make her way too excited for words!

I'm not going to lie, this "roller coaster" looks like it would be a great toy for all ages of children and it's such a good deal!

Since D is in love with birdies lately and she's always been a foodie, a placemat like this one is perfect!

I'm certain we'll have more to add to her list and I'll even be sharing a handful of great gift ideas in our upcoming gift guide... but that's all we have in mind for now. So tell me, what do you think it something every toddler should have? Can you remember a Christmas gift from your childhood that took your breath away... what was it? I'd love to hear all about it in the comments below!

October 9, 2017

Sweet Little Doe Fawn Baby Costume Idea [& an Announcement about Bloomology Boutique]

That little doe, though.

Haha. I've got jokes... and possibly the kid's cutest costume winner on my hands.

In all seriousness, this sweet little costume is easy as pie to put together- especially because you know me! What do I mean by that?

 Oh "deer", you haven't you heard the news?

I opened a little bow shop! Well, more of a floral crown, specialty little boutique, if you will.

You're excited? We are too!!! And here's some awesome news: You can find out more about Bloomology and snag the opportunity to score one of my creations by joining the Bloomology VIP facebook group.

I'm glad to say our pre-opening sale/release in September went fantastically so we're gearing up for another release at the end of this week and it's going to be epic!

Including sweet little pieces like this and other fun costume-y items! As well as basics and fun little sassy blooms as well!

So tell me, would you rather see more custom spots or RTS items? I can't wait to hear your feedback!

Oh... and the outfit she is wearing for her costume is from Ricrac & Ruffles Boutique! It's already sold out, but you could easily pair a Bloomology Doe Crown with a tan onesie or any other neutral outfit and I guarantee your little sweets will look a-doe-able!

October 8, 2017

DIY Spooky Googly Eyed Goblin Sensory Project + a Fun Flower Child Hippie Costume Idea

Today was a day like any other... until this little hippie demanded we do some type of arts and crafts project - then things got real spooky.

Okay well... maybe, things didn't actually get spooky.

This simple DIY Spooky Googly Eyed Goblin project is fun and a great learning activity! Get the how-to for this project and the details on this sweet little flower child hippie costume!

And if I'm being totally honest, she didn't verbally demand we get artsy, but her little hippie outfit and get-into-everything disposition lead me to believe she would enjoy getting crafty! I'm happy to say, I was totally correct in my assumptions, she loved it.

This simple DIY Spooky Googly Eyed Goblin project is fun and a great learning activity! Get the how-to for this project and the details on this sweet little flower child hippie costume!

Do you and your little flower child want to get crafty and make a little googly eyed goblin sensory project?

This simple DIY Spooky Googly Eyed Goblin project is fun and a great learning activity! Get the how-to for this project and the details on this sweet little flower child hippie costume!

This project is super easy, although it's a ton of fun for kids to be involved in - I had D help me by holding the items I wasn't using and then she of course helped mix up the food coloring and pour in the googly eyes and such. For an older kid, this project could even be done with minimal supervision!

This simple DIY Spooky Googly Eyed Goblin project is fun and a great learning activity! Get the how-to for this project and the details on this sweet little flower child hippie costume!

With that said, it's time to get crafty! To make this little gawky guy you will need:

A ziploc baggy
oil or soap
food coloring
googly eyes
washi tape

To get this project started you'll want add a handful of googly eyes into your ziploc baggy, then have a partner hold it or find a sturdy place to pour!

Next, pour about a 1/4 cup of baby oil into the bag.

Then you'll want to mix in enough water to make the bag about half full and add in about 3 drops of any food coloring shade.

Seal the baggy, add washi tape to the end for added protection from leaks and then tape it down to a surface or hang it up on the wall!

Now is the time to poke it, talk about it, squish it, and just have fun!

This simple DIY Spooky Googly Eyed Goblin project is fun and a great learning activity! Get the how-to for this project and the details on this sweet little flower child hippie costume!

So tell me, what's your way to have fun while learning? Delainey and I can't get enough of sensory activities lately and can't wait to share more fun ways to learn with you!

This simple DIY Spooky Googly Eyed Goblin project is fun and a great learning activity! Get the how-to for this project and the details on this sweet little flower child hippie costume!

Wondering about her little hippie costume? You know I have you covered!

This simple DIY Spooky Googly Eyed Goblin project is fun and a great learning activity! Get the how-to for this project and the details on this sweet little flower child hippie costume!

Her tie-dye, fringe embellished top is from Peekabippy Designs (she only accepts orders on Fridays, so mark your calendar), you can mention Delainey sent you for a discount! And her bow is from 21 blessings, one of our favorite shops for little everyday bows! Check them out and help them on their adoption journey!

October 6, 2017

Unique "Wildflower" Baby Costume Idea - Inspired by the Tom Petty song "Wildflowers"

This kid is growing like a weed and she truly has the soul of a little wildflower.

She always wants to follow what her heart desires, adventuring and exploring new places are truly her favorite activities, and being in the great outdoors is invigorating to her spirit... I mean, you can literally see her light up each time we go outdoors.

She loves music, she dances whenever she wants to and it's completely to the beat of her own drum, she growls when she's feeling silly, she seems to already favor art, and she doesn't have any difficultly expressing herself...

I'm getting off base now though... What I'm trying to say is she has a sweet little free spirit and I mean, as her mama, I'm pretty proud of my little "wildflower".

So, dressing her up as a little wildflower was an obvious costume waiting to happen.

Plus, after hearing of the passing of Tom Petty, one of my all-time favorite musicians, I thought it would be a fun way to honor a great soul and a great song. If you haven't heard Wildflowers by Tom Petty, then have a listen as you make this costume.

Instead of getting all crazy with it and planting her in a garden of fabric flowers, we kept today's costume super simple.

D wore an olive The Baby Bird Boutique romper paired with a super sweet sunflower made by your favorite new place to get floral crowns, little blooms, and even fun "belts" like this - Bloomology! Then, we added a headwrap from Hello Miss Gorgeous as a finishing touch and she was all set to show off and dance around like the little wildflower she is.

Does your sweet gal belong among the wildflowers too?

Use the code DelaineyBird to save on a olive romper from The Baby Bird Boutique,
Mention the code DelaineyBloom to save on your next order of blooms at Bloomology,
and headwraps as precious as this one are available via Hello Miss Gorgeous!