October 28, 2019

Epic Deals on Amazon!

Just a friendly reminder, I'm an Amazon Affiliate. This means when you make a purchase from Amazon, I make a tiny bit of money from you using my links. It's not adding to your total, just giving me a tiny percentage for 'referring' you! So happy shopping, ladies and gentlemen!

Any other Amazon addicted mamas out there? I literally spend hours browsing for the best deals and love finding awesome prices on items I would be buying anyways... so today I thought I'd share some STELLAR deals with you... on a little bit of everything.

This DEAL on a full and beautiful Christmas tree has me DYING! 80% off when you add to cart and go to check out - making it $30!


 This deal on a portable waterproof speaker is mind blowing! It's 70% off... and while it says it's sold out, you can buy now and it'll be delivered soon! Save money and get an awesome way to listen to your tunes - at just $15 grab a few and give them out to your friends!


Need a new comforter? Here's the cutest pinch pleated comforter in both a gorgeous shade of grey and teal for just $14.50! This deal is too good to pass up!


Does your kiddo need a coat for winter? This deal is UNREAL! With 80% savings, this checks out at just $8 and a few pennies for the cutest puffy jacket! Buy one now... and stay warm all winter long!


Another item for kids that's bound to be a hit is these awesome kid friendly digital cameras! We got D a similar one for her 3rd birthday and she LOVES it... she's definitely a little budding photographer and I bet your little one will be too! These beauties are 50% making them under $20 and perfect for tiny little artists!


Fellow Floridians will want to grab one of these adorable Fleece jackets that are 80% off right now, making them only $5! I want for D in every color but Grey is on the top of my list, check out the light blue, hot pink, and light pink!


Want to treat yourself to something different? I've recently become a huge fan of dermarolling or microneedling and this set is SUCH a good deal - you have to give it a try! It helps your skin produce collagen and it also helps products get into your pores - which is a must when trying to keep your skin looking young. Get this beauty for 10% off today!


Love this post? Want more epic deals? Let me know and I'll keep adding more to the blog so you can shop and save easily!


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