May 24, 2018

Toddler Fashion in Florida Heat - Every babe needs The Baby Bird Boutique!

So it's obvious if you've been with me for a while that I kinda sorta have this thing with baby fashion. I mean, I love fashion in general, but if we're being real here, I often walk around looking homeless and a hot mess in my yoga pants and a t-shirt I've had since I graduated high school... but Delainey is almost always dressed to the nines.

If you don't follow us on Instagram yet, you should. You'll see what I mean about her style - she truly is a fashionista and luckily she LOVES it! From the bows to the clothes, this girl is a huge fan of being stylish... and she's kinda "known" for always having the cutest clothes, which tickles my fashion-loving heart.

But... Lately beyond the comments about how cute her clothes are, I've had a lot of questions about what we wear during the HOT FLORIDA summer heat, mainly from my friends that are coming this way for vacations, trying to gauge how they should pack... and while we mix things up and wear all kinds of outfits - the ones we tend to grab for the most are the ones that she's the most comfortable in - our The Baby Bird Boutique rompers.

Conveniently for my friends, they're also the tiniest, sweetest little statement pieces that can be worn for any occasion and they are THE easiest to pack - I literally bring like 5 with us everywhere we go... in a ziploc and I never have to worry about not having an outfit change.

Wondering what's so great about these sweet little rompers?

I'll start with mentioning they are an original design from one of my favorite ladies, Dorie Kirk. You may remember me recently introducing her - if not, go check out why she's so amazing.

Next on my list of reasons to love The BBB is the community. If you're a fan of acceptance and ADORABLEness, then join The Baby Bird Boutique VIP group to find your tribe.

Beyond the community and the maker, is the quality of these pieces. We've been rocking our 6m items since D was just a few months old and we're STILL wearing them at 20 months old. The flexibility in these rompers has allowed her to grow A LOT, without outgrowing the sweetness of these! How are they so flexible in sizing - well, the cut is the main reason but the amazing, stretchy ties also help allow that flexibility!

Speaking of being flexible, if you're in the same season of life, I want to congratulate you and let you know there will be no more flips and slips while potty training your little one. We LOVE that these sweet little bubble rompers have SNAPS to make quick potty chair adventures EASY and quick. Nothing is worse than trying to remove a bubble she's wearing and it not having snaps... I'm sure my fellow potty-trainin' mamas can attest to that.

And while I haven't had to deal with this recently, I will say they are great for newborns as well, for a similar reason. If your babe has blow outs, you know what it's like to try and remove a onesie that's been soiled... these beauties literally can slide off overhead or over her feet without spreading the icky. Potty time can be tricky at all ages, as we parents know, but in BBB I never have to worry, so that's ALSO a  HUGE win for my vacationing buddies too!

My last reason I tend to suggest my girls check out The Baby Bird Boutique when shopping for vacation gear for their little girl's is my main reason, actually. I am obsessed with the unique and adorable prints. Dorie literally blows me away with each and every drop - from flamingos to Cabbage Patch Kids, she's fulfilled my wants and dreams and offered so many amazing pieces that can't be found elsewhere!

With that said, now's the time to upgrade your little one's vacation wardrobe and get your hands on these beach-friendly beautiful bubble rompers! Want some EXTRA good news? Check out the recent KIMONO drop to add some extra fancy & adorable sass to your little one's BBB wardrobe!

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