The Baby Bird Boutique - Friday Drop Shopping Tricks & Tips!

This isn't news to you, but we're huge The Baby Bird Boutique fans.

D has been promoting the brand and wearing precious rompers, peplums, and dresses since she was tiny and  we will be lifelong supporters of the mama bird behind this shop who has been with us through so many milestones. She inspires so many and I'm just lucky enough to have had the chance to learn a little under her wing.

I've recently shared a few posts involving our favorite brand and dishing out the deets on mama bird, but you know what I've failed to do... TEACH you how to shop the brand.

Wait... what? I know you're thinking you know how to shop... but if you're new to this small shop, you should probably pay attention. The cuteness factor makes these babies sell like hotcakes... and I'm also going to share how you can snag some epic discounts.

First, let's chat about how to navigate the website - is where the magic happens. You'll want to be present at 10:00am central time, refreshing the website, and be ready to cart! If you want to get something, don't hesitate... I've had items PULLED out of my cart while checking out so be quick!

Navigating the site quickly is a little tricky though, only because Dorie has so graciously sorted the collections in a multitude of ways and when you're in a scramble to cart. This is fabulous if you are leisurely shopping, but on drop day, it's nice to have a clear path mapped out to get what you are wanting. The quickest way I've found to access the Friday "Drop" is to click on the "Drop" tab under the shop tab. That's where all the newbs will be hiding out and they are always AMAZING and often fly out of the store.

With that said, if you need a solid for an upcoming event or you're in a hurry to complete the perfect #ootd, then check out the other tabs and see what is in store. But, be mindful of the season and order accordingly, solids are only available in certain shades to coordinate with the season, so don't expect to snag your red white and blue during the fall. As for right now, you can get your hands on some of our favorites - including coral and turquoise and this weeks blue floral drop is TDF... so I suggest you go ahead and cart your solids before Friday's drop and have them ready & waiting for you to check out with the new blue floral!

Which leads me to my next BBB bit of advice - always spend $50+, then you save on shipping! I'm a firm believer on spending more on clothing than spending anything on shipping. I'm a goof like that... but surely I can't be the only one who feels this way? With that said, I know you're probably a huge fan of coupons as well... so don't forget you can  score an epic discount with the code DELAINEY!

Speaking of discounts, if you happen to be a member of The Baby Bird Boutique VIP page or following The Baby Bird Boutique page, you probably have noticed mama bird HOOKS US UP on the regular with discount codes... including flash sales and access to epic coupons regularly! If you aren't on the bandwagon yet, I suggest you "like the page" and join the group... these discounts are amazing and you'll often catch special sneak peeks of upcoming collections!

So tell me, what kind of Baby Bird Boutique posts would you like to see here on the blog in the future?

Also... this isn't necessarily related to carting your next The Baby Bird Boutique items, but if you're a fellow die hard BBB fan - it's time you consider repping for the best team ever. The Baby Bird Boutique is seeking new members for their rep team and your babe could be the next one. Check out the BBB instagram before 6/25 for all the details and follow the directions to a TEE to be entered for the chance to be a member of this epic team!


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