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October 24, 2023

DIY Girly Haunted House Halloween Decor Craft for Kids to Make

We've been getting crafty around here.

There's just something about Halloween and this time of the year that leaves me feeling inspired! I can't be the only one who loves this time of the year and absolutely can't wait to embrace all things fall! Right?

Are you also excited for spooky season? I know we certainly are stoked to celebrate and my oldest is legit counting down the minutes until it's time to go trick-or-treat! To help pass the time, her and I decided to get crafty this week and make a bunch of adorable new spook-tastic decor for our house! This little girly haunted house project is probably one of the easiest projects we've ever made and great for kids to craft up, almost completely alone (especially if you opt for Elmer's instead of hot glue).

If you're feeling the spirit of the season and you'd like to make your own cute, girly little haunted house, here's the details on how we made ours.

It's that time of year again and we're so stoked to be crafting up some adorable, girly halloween decor! Want to make your own? Here's how!

Supplies you'll need:

These Jumbo Popsicle Sticks from Walmart
Orange Paint
This printable I crafted up
Hot glue &/or Elmer's glue
Glitter Paper
Beads & Pipe cleaner are optional for "added flair", you could always just use a marker instead!

We started by gluing this beauty together, then cut out all of our cuteness from the printable.

Next, we glued our glitter paper on to the back and painted our house orange.

Finally, we glued down all the little details like my printable pieces, beads, and pipe cleaner. If you decided not to include the optional flair, you could easily just draw on a door!

And just like that, you've got an adorable addition to your Halloween decor! We placed ours just above the front door and it's so perfect!

Are you more of a visual person? Check out this quick tiktok to see how we made the haunted house!

October 2, 2019

16 Creative Halloween Costume Ideas - Unique Costume Ideas for 2019

Please note: Amazon Affialiate links are included below, while I don't earn a fortune from these - when you do click through and make a purchase it does help me! So, please feel free to shop...

It's officially October, which means it's time to start planning for the festivities that come at the end of the month! Around here we like to have our costumes mapped out pretty far in advance, but this year D is switching things up on us. She keeps wavering between a few ideas and it has me on my toes. I think we've finally got both of our minds set on something, but we shall see what she thinks when it comes time to wear her costume... oh, the joys of having a three-nager.

Regardless of what we are going to be, I wanted to share a boat load of ridiculously good ideas for Halloween Costumes for your littles. You still have plenty of time to complete one of the DIY costumes or you could spring for one from Amazon - the choice is yours! But I do know, these are some of the best costumes on the market for Halloween 2019!

So grab your little ghouls and goblins and take a look at this list of epic Halloween costumes!

1. The Cutest Elephant

Circus Friend

2. Fancy Nancy

3. No Sew Baby Owl

4. Frankenstein DIY

5. DIY Pinata costume

DIY Pinata Costume

6. Little Love Robot

7. Edward Scissorhands & his 'creation' in a flower pot
Edward Scissorhands and a Flower Pot Costume

8. This PRECIOUS Cotton Candy Costume

9. Adorable Astronaut

10. The Pout Pout Fish
This little costume will leave your little pout-pout fish feeling smooch-worthy and is fairly simple to put together! Get ready to win all the costume contests and spread the cheery-cheeries with this epic DIY book inspired costume!

11. Cute Little Unicorn

12. The Lion's Guard Kion

13. Pretty Peacock

14. Sushi Roll DIY

15. Dragon Cuteness

16. Dinosaur

October 31, 2017

DIY Matryoshka Russian Stacking Doll Baby Costume

So, I kinda sorta have a fascination with Russian stacking dolls.

I'm not sure why I find them so fascinating and adorable... but I do.

I look forward to sharing this love with my little "Babushka".

And since we've been playing dress up all month long, it was obvious to me that I had to find a way to make D into a matryoshka...

While I couldn't exactly stick her inside of another doll, I did my best to make her family of smaller dolls - including the cuties on her top & her bow!

I'm proud to report, while playing dress up she fell in love with the little "dolls" I made her to play with and we will soon be adding a real matryoshka set to her toy collection.

And well, she may or may not be rocking this "costume" as an outfit again in the future... because hello, adorable! Want the details on her costume? I've linked what I know below!

bow { Darling Diva Boutique Bows }
top { bought used/shop sadly unknown }
icing pants { MudPie }
stacking dolls { Bloomology }

Cozy & Stylin' in Gerber Childrenswear this fall [ & our DIY Native American Costume]

 I'm super excited to share that Delainey and I are now paid Brand Ambassador for Gerber Childrenswear! What does that mean exactly? It is just is a fancy way of saying this post is sponsored, as always all opinions expressed below are mine alone!

Y'all, D will be 14 months old in a few days and I seriously can not even believe it.

I swear I blink and she grows an inch, I turn around and a few weeks have passed by.

Time is flying by, but I think that's because we have so much fun together. From going on nature walks to reading books before bedtime, one thing I know I can count on with D is that we will have a good time!

With that said, my little wild wanderer likes to be comfy for all of our adventures and I like to make sure she looks fashionable while also ensuring she stays nice and warm now that the temperatures are cooling off. That's where Gerber comes into the picture.

My tiny little diva and I can settle on Gerber because their items are comfy enough to satisfy her need for cozy and they keep her warm and stylish with animals prints and creative designs. When we put Gerber one her, it's definitely a win-win in our home!

Wholesome, adorable, comfortable, affordable and well-made - Gerber Childrenswear is a staple in Delainey's wardrobe.

The best part, though? It's all offered in coordinating sets available at Walmart!

Whether you need towels, onesies, sleepers, socks, beanies, or more... Gerber has it! They're ALL available at Walmart and I love that we were able to get our hands on this bear-y cute collection. We can easily transition from naptime, to bathtime, to playtime in Gerber.

So tell me, what items do you need to add to your Gerber stash? We have more socks and sleepers on our list, but I'll be honest and admit we would love more of everything.

And on that note, here's one of our favorite ways we dressed up this month... partly because it's a super cute costume, but also because it was so cozy for D!

To copy this costume you'll need a set of Gerber Childrenswear onesies, a skirt like this one from Peekabippy Designs, and a cute little feather bow like this one from Bloomology! Paired with some socks and moccasins, this little native is ready to trick or treat... and she's getting in touch with our "roots", which is pretty neat too!

October 29, 2017

The Cutest Part Time Super Hero - Superhero Baby Costume Inspiration!

Y'all, we've almost made it to Halloween and if I'm being honest, it has been difficult to come up with an original costume idea and post daily... as you've probably noticed.

I'm doing my best to come up with some creative ideas and luckily D has a pretty good attitude about playing dress up so we are having fun with it!

Now that she is walking, taking photos of her has become a whole different ball game though... it's more like me chasing her around everywhere while she has fun exploring.

Watching her face light up when she sees a bird is probably one of my favorite things, in the world... and the way she studies leaves and blades of grass is something else. She looks at ants with wonder and squeals with delight if she sees a squirrel.

It's pretty cool looking at the world through the eyes of a child.

And, let me be frank, she isn't just any child.

She's a super kid and I mean, being a super hero isn't an easy job... but someone has to do it.

Luckily, this little gal has made the time to help save the world.

From saving the day to finishing the food on her tray, this is one super baby.

Interested in her costume details?

Check out these shops:
{bow: accessories by sabrina}
{raglan: shop closed, but here's a super cute parent & baby set on Amazon!}
{shorts: Baby Bottoms - use the code DELAINEY10 to save}
{cape: shop closed, but Amazon has some super cute options!}
{shoes: koala kids}