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October 14, 2017

Moms Don't Get Sick Days: Why I Chose to Ask an Expert Today!

Today's conversation is sponsored by Samsung via MomTrends.

Moms can't be sick, it's an unspoken rule. But if you're feeling under the weather, check out how you can EASILY and QUICKLY be seen by a medical professional from the comfort of your own couch...

It was bound to happen... and for the first time since I had D, it happened today.

Y'all... Today, I woke up with a sore throat, a scratchy feeling in my ears, a slight fever, and an overall BLAH feeling. Oh, freaking no. My life is busy, as is, there's no time for being sick. Moms don't get sick days! It's just like an unspoken rule or something, we literally can not be sick.

Moms can't be sick, it's an unspoken rule. But if you're feeling under the weather, check out how you can EASILY and QUICKLY be seen by a medical professional from the comfort of your own couch...

I wasn't sure what I was going to do... but I knew I had to act fast. I'm sure you can relate, mom life doesn't leave much time for contemplating decisions. With a toddler bouncing around in bed with me and growling like a wild animal, I knew it was time to start the day... whether or not I felt up to it or not. So I made my plan and executed it, almost flawlessly, may I add.

The first thing I did was gargle with salt water and make myself a cup of honey-lemon tea.

Next, I knew I had to see a doctor, but wasn't sure how I was going to swing that with Miss Crazy Pants in tow. Then I remembered, I can just use my phone! Samsung Health makes it all easy as pie.

So...instead of trying to get myself and D dressed & put together for an in-person Doctor's visit, I was able to consult with a qualified physician from the comfort of my couch using Ask an Expert on my Samsung S6 Edge. I can't even begin to tell you what a relief this was.

I didn't have to worry about D catching something while waiting for me to be seen at a local urgent care, because we were literally able to watch her shows while I waited to be "seen" by the doctor.

I love how convenient Asking an Expert was, I literally just pressed a few buttons, chose who I would see, and then waited a few minutes until it was time... and of course, D had to say hello and help me discuss my symptoms.

Then... He told me to take it easy, get some rest, and make sure I'm getting plenty of Vitamin C. HA! And while I wish I could do all of that, it simply isn't going to be happening any time soon, at least while I have D in my care. So I amped up the vitamin C and we did our very best to take it easy today, which still included lots of time playing and chasing my tiny boss around the house.

While I'm not feeling a hundred percent myself yet, I think I'm on the road to recovery and I'm thankful I was able to Ask an Expert and confirm it was just a common cold without even having to leave my house.

Are you feeling a little under the weather or maybe your sweet pea is breaking out in a rash? If you're a Samsung user, here's some good news (even though I'm sure you're stressing):  you can see a doctor easily, just like I did! PLUS, I have a discount code you can use, save $10 when you use the code 'SAMSUNG24'! But just so ya know, this expires 3/31/18.

Disclaimer: Compensation for this post was provided to me by Samsung via MomTrends. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Samsung or MomTrends. Ask an Expert (Online Doctor Visits) is a service offered through Samsung Health that helps you easily connect to medical and wellness experts from your phone. Samsung Health requires a compatible Android phone and a Samsung account. The Online Doctor Visits service is available in the U.S., except in Arkansas. The service is not for people suffering from medical emergencies or serious life-threatening conditions.  If you have a serious medical concern, please call 911 or proceed to the nearest emergency department.

July 6, 2017

6 Ways to Get Out of a "Rut" & Embrace Your Inner Child [+ a DELICIOUS rainbow of Sparkling Mojito recipes]!

Ever felt like you were stuck in a rut?

Most of us can answer, "Of course...", because we've all been there, done that. It's like some days I just need a little pick me up - ya know, a little something to remind me what life is all about outside of just this sweet babe. We all have those days - the days when you just need to see something new and beautiful, when you just want to feel those warm fuzzies inside and you can't help but smile and well, luckily I think I've found the secret to that something we all are longing for. And really, it's so simple... you'll be like me and saying "duh" once you make this small adjustment.

To find that little spark in your life, sometimes all you need to do is be a kid again. Make life happier with just a pinch of COLOR, a sprinkle of Sparkling Ice, a touch of your favorite song from the 90s, maybe a piece of new jewelry, and just a little taste of new things. Seriously, think about it, who isn't happy when they reflect on their favorite parts of childhood?

I mean, just watching this kid smiling at her necklace, it's a good reminder that sparkles are fun for all ages - we both love to wear them... and well, I love them in Sparkling Ice form inside of my favorite adult drink.

It's totally okay and acceptable to embrace your inner child, at any age, and love on the things that used to make you happy as a kid. So today I'm sharing six ways you can get out of a rut and embrace your inner child!

1. Dance like no one is watching - That's right, I'm giving you FULL license to let lose and go all Footloose on your kitchen floor. Whether you're home alone or babysitting a house full of chitlens, turn on some good tunes and get down. I'm not even kidding when I say, this may be the secret to happiness - feeling the beat, smiling from ear to ear, singing along with the song, and getting your blood flowing while shaking your booty, there really isn't a better way to feel like a kid again than to physically let loose and act like a kid.

2. Style your hair differently - It's true, something as simple as swiping your bangs to the left instead of the right can totally change the way you feel about yourself and about life. If you're looking for something a bit more dramatic, grab some colorful hair dye and do something your inner 5 year old would love - add some pink low lights or get a little wild and dye your hair like a mermaid. Whatever you decide, I'm sure however you switch up your do will be perfect for you.

3. Clean - Speaking of things being perfect, sometimes being a kid again means taking the time to be an adult first. So before things get too crazy kiddy-like, maybe it would be a good idea to make sure your house feels all tidy and clean. I remember learning "everything has a place" as a kid and to this day, my heart feels a little happier when things are in their place and my house looks nice and tidy.

4. Treat yourself - Sometimes it's nice to have something new. It doesn't have to be anything big either, just like when you were a kid! Find a pair of socks that are your favorite color, spend a moment picking out a bouquet of flowers, or maybe even just grab a movie that you love to watch and spend the evening on the couch enjoying it. Spoil yourself with a small little "happy" and you won't be able to stop smiling.

5. Pay it forward - Remember that feeling of donating the change from the grocery store cashier to the Salvation Army guy ringing a bell? Those warm fuzzies you get from helping others may be favorite, I mean what better way to bring a smile to my own face than also helping bring a smile to someone else's face? You don't have to donate to a charity to pay it forward, although that's a nice way to do so, sometimes it's nice to pay for the guy behind you when in the drive thru or leave a gift card on a new mom's car when you see "Stork parking" at a shop. The possibilities of how you can spoil someone and make them smile are nearly endless, just spread joy and I guarantee you'll feel happy.

6. Try a New Recipe & Eat the Rainbow - While kids tend to be picky, your adult palette is probably longing for something new. Skip the mac & cheese and head to the grocery store, buy foods you've never tried before, in an assortment of colors. Head home and fix yourself a colorful, delicious meal and enjoy.

After you've had a rainbow meal, maybe it's time to drink the rainbow too? Today I'm sharing FOUR different easy to make Mojito recipes that will rock your world and totally make you feel happy as a clam.

For each of these delicious colorful cocktails you will need:

Sparkling Ice in a variety of flavors
Mint Leaves
1/4 tsp Key Lime Juice
1.5 oz Coconut Rum
1/4 Fresh Squeezed Lime
Muddler  (Confession: I used the bottom of a spoon, because YOLO.. and mama wanted a drink!)

Preparing for this cute cocktail is key - begin by adding the mint leaves, the lime juice, and the fresh squeezed lime into the cup together and muddle.

Next you'll add ice and Sparkling Ice, the part that gives this drink it's unique flavor! We went with a variety from Strawberry Kiwi to Black Raspberry and they all are delish!

Side note: I'll be honest and tell you, they are all so refreshing and delicious - it was hard to stop after one!

Following that you'll want to shake and/or mix it all together.

Finally, add a pretty little garnish and your all set!

That's it, now bottoms up and enjoy your cocktail! I guarantee you'll be smiling while sipping these and you'll definitely want another... and another. Luckily, you have 15 delicious Sparkling Ice flavors to choose from so you'll be able to truly taste the rainbow and smile. Life shouldn't be bland after all so Be Not Bland and give these tasty beverages a try!

May 9, 2017

The Truth about Postpartum Life - 10 Not so Pretty Things No One Tells You About Having a Baby

Here's the thing, having a baby is the biggest blessing in the world... I'm so lucky to finally have my little blessing. She is very well my biggest accomplishment in this life and I'm SO proud of her and so proud of myself for giving life to this wonderful, sweet, little light.

And well, you know, I'm not trying to be a party pooper but everyone only really talks about all of the amazing parts of having a baby. You hear about the happy moments, sometimes even the touching moments, but no one mentions the uhhhh... not so pretty parts of motherhood.

It's true, life isn't all rainbows and butterflies after giving birth - contrary to popular belief. No one mentions that:

1. Your stomach turns into a pillow -  I had high hopes that my tummy would bounce back from being stretched out enough to hold a volleyball sized baby to a flat and toned little tummy, but then I woke up from that dream and saw my stretch marks and my giant belly. Not everyone is as unlucky as me, but it's totally normal to have a flabby belly after giving birth.

Honestly, I'm 8 months out and just now starting to feel like I really need to do something about it - i.e. exercise more enthusiastically. Some people are more gung-ho about getting back into shape and those are the people that likely bounce back a little easier. With that said, embrace your extra fluff while also working on your fitness and maybe take a minute or two to cuddle that baby - there's nothing wrong with some curves and the stretch marks will fade, babies don't keep - after all.

2. You're, uhhh, going to be a little damp - Well, honey, I've got some news, you thought that crazy amount of discharge was going to stop when you had your baby - wrong! And... I mean, eventually and unapologetically your pesky Aunt Flo will be paying you a visit again sometime - that's just mother nature for you.

Luckily, U by Kotex Fitness Tampons, Pads, and Panty Liners are a thing - so you're saved! Whether you need protection while toning your core during yoga class or you plan on running a marathon, U by Kotex Fitness are made to fit and form with your body and provide comfortable protection for your busy self.

That's right, you don't have to worry about any nonsense - U by Kotex & Walgreens have you covered! Plus, I have your back - use this rebate offer & save on these postpartum (and all the time) essentials!

3. Watch out... Here comes Big foot! - Yes, mama, I'm talking about you! Okay, well maybe not really but... if you're a shoe hoarder like me you may want to start destashing on ebay while you're pregnant. It's a sad but true fact, your foot grows while you are pregnant and it doesn't shrink back - much like your stomach. The good news is, you now have something to look forward to - shoe shopping!

4. Sleeping in a Pool - This sounds like a luxury vacation... right? WRONG! Another odd but true thing your body does postpartum is sweat profusely at night. I can remember waking up drenched and wondering what had happened, I was cold, I slept without blankets, and still - covered in sweat. It's actually your body ridding itself of all those amazing hormones that helped create your baby... but it's disgusting and you'll probably want a couple of changes of sheets so you don't have to sleep in your own sweat again and again.

5. Go ahead and Start Calling yourself Betsy - If you're breastfeeding that is definitely going to feel like your new name and you'll practically feel like you have udders too. Breastfeeding is such a rewarding part of motherhood but it's not an easy task. At first it hurts... and don't let anyone tell you any differently. Then it's constant, like almost 24/7. You'll want to give up... and it's totally okay if you do - fed is best, after all...then there's always the possibility of engorgement or mastitisis.

But that's all worth it for the benefits of breastfeeding, in my opinion... and the good news is, it all gets better and easier.

6. Want a new hairstyle? Well, you're going to get one. I've always had SUPER thick hair, never had a worry in the world... then I had D. Now my hair is thin, stringy, and gets greasy easier... and somehow lost some of its natural curl. Hair loss is a horrible part of postpartum that I absolutely thought wouldn't effect me... but it did. Oh and did I mention you'll have some hair growth in places you never have before, thanks to those totally awesome fluctuating hormone levels.

7. Party time on the Potty - Well, it's really the opposite of a party... but I wanted it to sound fun. Your first postpartum bowel movement after having your baby will be uncomfortable, to be frank. I was terrified, maybe even more intimidated than I was to give birth. Turns out, I really didn't have much to be scared of. But trust me, you'll be intimidated to poop after having your baby... even if you went while giving birth, which if you didn't know - $h*t happens all the time during child birth and it's totally normal. Oh... and I'm a person that prior to having a baby never even admitted to tooting, now look at me writing about bowel movements on my blog - so I guess you could say your comfort level regarding things like this will likely change as well.

8. Be mindful of postpartum depression and anxiety - Speaking of comfort levels, be aware that postpartum depression & anxiety are both very real. Be careful of the thoughts you choose to focus on and seek help if you are feeling desperate or especially uneasy.

While I luckily didn't really seem to suffer from postpartum depression or anxiety, I've experienced both in my life time and never want anyone to feel that discomfort. While neither condition is preventable, I suggest you take some time and do something for yourself every once in a while, make sure you seek support from your spouse, your family, and your friends, and just try and live in the moment.

9. It's time to discover your new skin - That's right even your skin changes. If you developed stretch marks, those are definitely a huge change so I'm sure you know what I mean. What you don't know is that your skin will likely react differently to your favorite lotion, it may burn easier in the sun, and your skin care routine may need to even be changed to give you the best glow you can get.

10. No longer you - Another thing that no one mentions is you literally are no longer who you used to be. You are "mom" and while that title is a huge honor, it also means you are no longer just living for you. Your life is now ran by a tiny milk-loving dictator and that means you're in for one crazy, sweet, wild, enjoyable ride.

With all of that said, there's one other thing no one mentions... that's the highs. The heights your emotions will reach from watching your child grow and learn. The first time you see your child smile, the first time you hear the word mama, those first tumbling steps towards you... and your heart will swell with a level of joy and pride you've never even dreamed of feeling before, and that... that is what makes it all worth it. That is what motherhood is all about.

May 5, 2017

Show Mom Your Appreciation: 4 Mother's Day Gift Ideas from Kay Jewelers That Show You Care

Thanks to Kay Jewelers for sponsoring today's post, regardless all opinions expressed below are completely my own.

Believe it or not, Mother's Day is just around the corner...

The day when we celebrate all the wonderful things our mamas do for us. From holding us on their hips, to cleaning faces with their freshly licked thumbs, to creating an epic last minute diorama for a school project the night before it's due, mamas are the perfect mixture of nurturing and helpful. Basically, we are all super heroes - but we run on little-to-no sleep, just try to do our best, and love our kids fiercely. That's why all mamas deserve to be celebrated... Can I get an amen?!

I'm pretty excited to be celebrating my first Mother's Day with Delainey... and I'm ecstatic because I get to spend the day with my mother as well! While I'm still learning the ropes and adjusting to my new "super hero" life as a mother, I'm lucky enough to have my best friend to coach me through it all.

It's funny, our relationship has gone through so much - from her being my entertainment committee when I was a kiddo, to my favorite person to share clothing with during my teen years, and now, well now, she's a friend - my best friend. The bond a mother and daughter share is unlike any other and  I feel that way with Delainey and I'm certain my mama feels that way about me (and my sister).

While I plan on spoiling my mama, I was still on the fence about what to get her. Are you in the same boat? If so, here are 4 different items from Kay Jewelers that I bet your mama has on her wish list:

1. From accessories to outfits, we all know your mama always has the most beautiful items, but one thing she needs (and every other mama in the world needs) is Diamond Solitaire Earrings from Kay Jewelers. These timeless beauties are the perfect addition for every mama's accessories collection and every mama I know would go absolutely gaga if she was given a pair of these earrings on Mother's Day.

2. If anyone loves rings, it's my mama... but I know she's not the only one! Is your mama a ring lover as well? Then I'm certain she would love to have this Open Hearts Ring. It's not only beautiful, the design represents giving and receiving love and having an open heart, the perfect representation of motherhood.

3. When you see a piece of jewelry and it takes your breath away, I think it's meant to be your Mother's Day present... right? This Diamonds in Rhythm bracelet is gorgeous and so perfect for any mama, but this is what I have on the top of my Mother's Day wish list. The whole Diamond in Rhythm collection is really on my list--actually, the diamonds are made to be captivating from any angle... which means myself and other new mamas can be chasing after our toddlers and catch a glimpse of these as we are grabbing their precious little hands and be reminded that we are loved and appreciated.

4. Last but not least, we all know the way to a mama's heart is her kids - that's why this key necklace is the perfect gift for your mom on Mother's Day. If you're a dad or son trying to find the perfect present, you've unlocked the answer with this Diamonds in Rhythm Heart Key Pendant Necklace.

Showing appreciation on Mother's Day is what the day really is all about and these are just a few beautiful options offered at Kay Jewelers that will make your mama smile. Do you want to get your mom something beautiful and meaningful for Mother's Day? Check out the Kay Jewelers and find the perfect present for your mom.

April 26, 2017

9 Signs You're a Hot Mess Mama!

Hi, I'm Lauren... and I'm guilty of losing my cell phone around 30+ times a day, I hardly ever wear make up any more, & I sometimes embarrass my 7 month old kid already (as illustrated below).

And... I mean, I can't be the only one who runs around looking for my sunglasses while they are on the top of my head, right?

I've been asked lately about my life and how it's "so perfect"... and literally I laugh out loud each time. While my photos may appear somewhat perfect (some days), my mom brain is in full force so my life is anything but perfect... and well, today - today I want to make a stand. Today is about admitting I'm a hot mess.

Because let's face it, some moms are able to parallel park and they always have change for the meter, each and every time... and well, some mom's have a car with sand and Starbucks straw wrappers all over the back seat and they can't even park in their own garage. Let's just be frank, we all know where I land on that spectrum.

And... if you're questioning where you land on the hot mess mom meter, today is your lucky day... you found the post to help you identify yourself. BUT let's just say, if you're a true, genuine hot mess like me, you know it. You probably were a hot mess before you became a "hot mess mama", so this isn't anything new... it's just an evolution - at least that seems to be the case for me.

Your husband likely knows you're a hot mess (but luckily he still loves you), your kids definitely know you're the definition of a hot mess mama (but, again, they love you anyways), and well, most likely the other mom's around us know we're hot messes... but hopefully they won't judge us too harshly.

With that said here's 9 signs you're a hot mess mama. But, I'm going to go ahead and let you know right now... there's no shame in our game, my fellow hot mess mamas! It's okay to be a mess, we're all just trying to do the best for our babies. I'm just posting this for fun and games... and well, because I'm a hot mess and this is the type of thing we do. 😂

1. You live off espresso, coffee, or energy drinks (or the like) and could use a constant IV drip of something caffeinated. You take your habit seriously... and the barista at your local coffee shop knows your order by heart. With that said... uhhh, I'm not fancy, so my barista happens to be my hubby, but espresso is my life line.

2. You always have plans for the future... BIG plans. You are great at planning and maybe not so awesome at executing. You aren't the only one with this fault, I'm right there next to you with big dreams and a planner to write it all down in, but when tomorrow comes I'll still be making plans for the next day.

3. You try to multitask, but most of the time you're half-tasking. You spend time on the computer, holding your cell phone, with Netflix on in the background, and your ipod playing some tunes on your google chromecast, while trying to video conference. I'm totally a multi-tasker and some days I'm better at it then others.

4. You always think you have more time than you really do. That upcoming event, wowwww, that's like 3 weeks away... and then bam, it's tomorrow. THIS is my life - always. I swear I live in a constant time warp. *insert twilight zone music here*

5. On that note, you are definitely a hot mess mama if you still have Christmas gifts from the prior year once April hits. Okay, so uhhh, maybe I'm the only one in the world that STILL has my family's Christmas gifts stowed away... and it's the end of April. Now that I'm typing this up, it's official... they are going to be mailed out soon...

6. You have a wardrobe that consists of yoga pants and t-shirts... and dressing up is putting on your jeans. I can't be the only one that feels fancy when they bust out their H&M skinny jeans for a special occasion.

7. You've found unidentifiable substances on your clothing... and maybe even taste tested it to try and identify. I know I've definitely found avocado, num-num crackers, and all kinds of other odd substances on my shirt, thanks to my sweet little hot mess.

8. You're guilty of losing your phone, car keys, or anything else of importance, a couple times a day... and you'd likely lose your head if it wasn't attached. I'm so guilty of losing my phone... it's a constant battle. You'd think I'd learn to take it off silent, but then again, who wants to risk waking up a sleeping baby with a Beyonce ring tone?

9. You own one of those cups that says "SHHH! There's Wine in here"... and you mean it. I may or may not have wine in my cup at this very second. Do you?

Like I said, there's no shame in being a hot mess... luckily, our kids, friends, and significant other's still love us and at the end of the day, I think we all can agree, that is really all that matters. So go ahead and lick your finger before getting that smudge of old food off your kid's cheek and smile. Life is good, even if it is a little messy sometimes.

April 15, 2017

6 Ways to Help You Get "Your Groove" Back!

Thanks to Olay for sponsoring today's discussion, they know what a mama needs! With that said, all opinions expressed below are completely my own.

Getting back into the swing of things as a new mom isn't always easy. So today I'm sharing six ways to help you get "your groove" back! #28daysofOlay

Are you ready to get your groove back?

No, we aren't talking about anyone named Stella today... and getting your "groove back" is most definitely easier said than done as a new mom. It's hard enough to find the time to shower and put product in my hair, as I've shared recently, so talking about getting back to being the old you is basically like discussing how you'll be riding a unicorn to your next rainbow convention. The thing is when you give a child life, your life is forever changed and getting back to who you were pre-baby just isn't going to happen.

Getting back into the swing of things as a new mom isn't always easy. So today I'm sharing six ways to help you get "your groove" back! #28daysofOlay

While you won't ever be the "old you", that doesn't mean you can't get back into the swing of things, you can totally still find your groove again. I'm easing back into "my groove" and well, some days I walk around with my hair in a top knot and peaches on my ear lobe, but as I'm getting used to life with a little wild child, the days that involve a little hair straightening and a dress seem to be happening more and more often and for that I'm thankful.

Getting back into the swing of things as a new mom isn't always easy. So today I'm sharing six ways to help you get "your groove" back! #28daysofOlay

Okay, so I'll admit, I haven't entirely perfected "my groove" and I'm far from a "supermom", today I want to share a handful of ways to hopefully get you feeling a tiny bit more like a human and a little less like a meal on heels. Whether you're in the same, stay-at-home-mom, breastfeeding 24/7, teething like it's no bodies business boat, or you're sailing the treacherous seas of a sassy toddler, I hope you're able to find a little piece of you again and maybe a little peace of mind... and here's how I suggest you do that:

1. Make lists and schedules - I'm the queen of list making here on the blog, but believe it or not, I stink at staying organized in my daily life. That's changed since having D though and I'm working on prioritizing and I've even made a daily schedule and a meal plan as of late. Living spur of the moment is all fun and games, until you have kids... then it's seriously time to start making a plan so you can get stuff done and that's where lists and scheduling comes into play.

2. Find your people - Speaking of play, finding your people and getting some "play time" in is so important for mama mentality. Instead of always jabbering in baby talk, take a day off from mom duties every once in a blue moon, and treat yourself to a pedicure with your bestie or a walk around the block while playing pokemon with the neighbor kid, whatever suits your fancy - just find your people and spend time with them.

3. Freshen up with Olay - Speaking of finding things, once you have kids you will need to find skin care products that work for you. While life is full of rewarding moments as a parent, I will say having Delainey has aged me a little. Smile lines, a few wrinkles in my forehead... I'm starting to look 28. Instead of stressing (and possibly causing more wrinkles), I'm doing my best to prevent anymore signs of rapid aging by being proactive and that's why I participated in Olay's 28 Day Skin Study.

Instead of guessing which products I need, I used Olay's Skin Advisor Tool and found out my I'm in need of the Depuffing eye roller, because hellloooooooo dark circles... and the 7 in 1 Total Effects Anti-Aging Moisturizer is the perfect product for my freckled, sunkissed skin, it's light enough to feel comfortable but definitely gets the moisturizing job done! I grabbed both on a Walmart run and my life and skin care routine forever changed!

Adding these two products to my daily routine for the last 28 days has been life changing. I feel like a whole new woman, with a fresh face... and that means a lot for a tired mom.

Are you interested in finding out which Olay products would help your skin? Whether you're a "young mom" hoping to prevent more damage and those pesky under eye circles or your the Gigi of a precious little babe, it's time for you to meet your match. Check out the line and find out which products are best for you here.

4. Own your truth - Admit that you can't do everything - as much as you want to. We all want to be super mom, but honestly, some days we need a little help. If you're having a rough day, ask a friend to come over and get some baby snuggles. If you need a break from the chaos, step outside and lay down in the hammock for a little bit while dad wrangles the kids. It's okay to ask for help... and it's also totally okay if you are a planner and great at multi-tasking too, keep up the good work, just know it's good to take a break and breathe every once in a while as well.

5. Do your thing - While taking care of a baby is time consuming, finding time for your hobbies will help you feel more like you. So once baby goes down for the night, bust out some paints and canvas or pull out your violin and get to strummin'.

6. Move - I don't mean pick up and move to another city... unless that's something you want to do, then hey - go for it. I mean get out and wiggle around on the dance floor or take a class at Orange Theory, get your body on the move and your "groove" will be back in no time. There's just something about those workout endorphins!

With that said, it's time for me to be on the move... but I'd love to hear about where you stand with "your groove"? If you're in the swing of things and feeling fine, I'd love to hear how you got there and if you have any tips to share... and if you're in the same hot-mess-mom-in-transition situation as me, I'd love to hear about your struggle with your minion. Tell me all about it in the comments below.