October 29, 2017

The Cutest Part Time Super Hero - Superhero Baby Costume Inspiration!

Y'all, we've almost made it to Halloween and if I'm being honest, it has been difficult to come up with an original costume idea and post daily... as you've probably noticed.

I'm doing my best to come up with some creative ideas and luckily D has a pretty good attitude about playing dress up so we are having fun with it!

Now that she is walking, taking photos of her has become a whole different ball game though... it's more like me chasing her around everywhere while she has fun exploring.

Watching her face light up when she sees a bird is probably one of my favorite things, in the world... and the way she studies leaves and blades of grass is something else. She looks at ants with wonder and squeals with delight if she sees a squirrel.

It's pretty cool looking at the world through the eyes of a child.

And, let me be frank, she isn't just any child.

She's a super kid and I mean, being a super hero isn't an easy job... but someone has to do it.

Luckily, this little gal has made the time to help save the world.

From saving the day to finishing the food on her tray, this is one super baby.

Interested in her costume details?

Check out these shops:
{bow: accessories by sabrina}
{raglan: shop closed, but here's a super cute parent & baby set on Amazon!}
{shorts: Baby Bottoms - use the code DELAINEY10 to save}
{cape: shop closed, but Amazon has some super cute options!}
{shoes: koala kids}

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