October 2, 2019

16 Creative Halloween Costume Ideas - Unique Costume Ideas for 2019

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It's officially October, which means it's time to start planning for the festivities that come at the end of the month! Around here we like to have our costumes mapped out pretty far in advance, but this year D is switching things up on us. She keeps wavering between a few ideas and it has me on my toes. I think we've finally got both of our minds set on something, but we shall see what she thinks when it comes time to wear her costume... oh, the joys of having a three-nager.

Regardless of what we are going to be, I wanted to share a boat load of ridiculously good ideas for Halloween Costumes for your littles. You still have plenty of time to complete one of the DIY costumes or you could spring for one from Amazon - the choice is yours! But I do know, these are some of the best costumes on the market for Halloween 2019!

So grab your little ghouls and goblins and take a look at this list of epic Halloween costumes!

1. The Cutest Elephant

Circus Friend

2. Fancy Nancy

3. No Sew Baby Owl

4. Frankenstein DIY

5. DIY Pinata costume

DIY Pinata Costume

6. Little Love Robot

7. Edward Scissorhands & his 'creation' in a flower pot
Edward Scissorhands and a Flower Pot Costume

8. This PRECIOUS Cotton Candy Costume


9. Adorable Astronaut

10. The Pout Pout Fish
This little costume will leave your little pout-pout fish feeling smooch-worthy and is fairly simple to put together! Get ready to win all the costume contests and spread the cheery-cheeries with this epic DIY book inspired costume!

11. Cute Little Unicorn

12. The Lion's Guard Kion

13. Pretty Peacock

14. Sushi Roll DIY

15. Dragon Cuteness

16. Dinosaur

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