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July 6, 2018

4 Mom Hacks to Help You Live Your Best Life

This post is sponsored by Degree Women but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

So, let's be frank, embracing being nearly 30 with my toddler in tow has been a real balancing act. I'm constantly debating with myself if heels are ever really worth the effort or if pants are really necessary at all times... I wear shirts that are covered in slime from breakfast covered hands giving me a hug and I often times sport a mom bun as my formal updo when leaving the house.

It's not like I don't love this stage of life, because I do. But I'm also dealing with hair in unwanted places, a mom pooch that I can't seem to get rid of no matter how much kale I eat, I get drenched in sweat every time I walk outside like I'm having a hot flash, and fly away "baby hairs" are pretty much all that's left of my once full head of hair. These are the parts of motherhood that I didn't necessarily think about when I agreed to this whole parenting thing... I feel like I got conned.

Obviously I'm being facetious, being a mom is my greatest joy and I wouldn't change a thing... even all of these baby hairs and these hot flashes are worth it when I feel my baby girl give me a hug or say "mama, wuv ya". That being said, I'm gonna dish out four of my "Mom Life" hacks to hopefully help you live your best life -

Mom Hack 1: Let's address how this all began, with me asking if heels are worth the effort and if pants are really necessary... and while the jury is still out on the latter, the former proves to be a yes. Heels are always worth the effort, but my suggestion for those mamas that are also uncoordinated (like myself) is to check out wedges. They provide just enough extra support to make walking in them a breeze... and they are still just as cute as heels!

Mom Hack 2: Now, let's chat about that sweaty, hot flash feeling that I mentioned. I'm fairly certain it's just a mixture of being older and this dang Florida heat but I'm hotter than a you know what in church nearly every time I leave the house. Instead of worrying about how I smell or if I've smeared deodorant on my favorite dress, I just grab for Degree’s UltraClear Black+White Dry Spray Deodorant.

Not only does Degree UltraClear Black + White Spray go on clear and leave me smelling fresh for 48 hours, it protects my clothing against yellow stains or the dreaded white marks that I only seem to get when I'm wearing black and in a hurry. It also lets out an extra burst of freshness when I need it, which is pretty much every single minute of the day in Florida.

Want to try Degree UltraClear Black + White? Check out more about the product and score a discount here.

Mom Hack 3: My next mom hack is all about you. It's time to find something you like to do... and do it. I know it sounds simple, but if you're a devoted mother like myself, you know it's often difficult to peel yourself away from Doc McStuffins imagination play with your toddler and go work on something you like doing instead... but I promise you, it's good for both of you to play.

I'm not saying you should take up bar hopping or spend hours away from your children, I'm just simply suggesting knitting while Judy plays with her Barbies or spending a few minutes each day learning how to edit photos in Lightroom while Joey plays with his toy cars. It's really important to find something you love doing and do it - that time spent getting creative or learning a new task is rejuvenating and your little one will benefit from it as well.

Mom Hack 4: My last mom hack is one I've definitely taken to heart... and that is - photograph it all. They aren't kidding with you when they tell ya life flashes by in the blink of an eye. I swear, some days it feels like we were just discharged from the hospital and then I look at my almost two year old and wonder where the time went. Luckily I've taken her photo almost daily, with at least my cell phone camera, and uploaded all those memories to an external hard drive to make sure I never lose them.

I can't preserve time, but I can help bottle up a tiny bit of the memories and share them with her in the future and I fully intend to photography her daily until she refuses to let me do so.

So, tell me, do you have any "mom hacks" that I need to hear? I'm always looking for ways to make life easier, especially now that I'm hitting my dirty thirties. Haha. So dish out some ways you've found to make this motherhood thing a little easier in the comments below.

May 9, 2018

Easily Make Your Home Feel Like a Beachy Paradise in Just One Step: Start Cleaning with Clorox Scentiva

This post is sponsored Clorox®.

As you likely know, we live near the beach... and we love it here. Although... If I could choose any place in the world to live, it would be ON the beach with the ocean breeze and sea mist billowing through the windows - but I'm definitely not complaining about being a few miles away either, I just like to find ways to make our little place feel a bit more beachy when I can.

From white washed walls and shabby chic furniture in our living room, to a mermaid themed bathroom - we are all about keeping this little shack of ours beachy and cozy. I have a thing for blue tones and I pretty much would call Delainey's room a shine to mermaids... so it's safe to say every inch of our house is a bit beachy...

Enough about our house though, are you looking for ways to bring the beach to your home? Here's one way I bet you haven't tried yet --- CLEANING!

That's right, you can start cleaning with a bit of Pacific Breeze & Coconuts. One of the most creative ways to bring the beach to your home is to sanitize and disinfect with THE BEST smelling products. Not only will your house be clean, but you'll always feel like you're taking a refreshing deep breath by the sea.

If you're like me, coconut is your go-to scent when thinking of beach days. Maybe it's a mixture of the thought of a pina coloda or a little bit of reminiscing on how amazing sunscreen smells- but this paradise scented line of cleaners makes me feel like I'm at the beach, even when I'm at home having to do chores!

Not only does this amazing CLOROX® Scentiva line smell like paradise, it leaves my bathroom glistening like a little piece of sea glass while also killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses! So I'm fully on-board with a little coconut cleaning, do you want to give this coconut paradise line of cleaners a try, you can find the entire Clorox Scentiva line at Target - get the details here!

The best part is, you can clean every inch of your bathroom with this line - using the Clorox Scentiva Multi-Purpose cleaner to wipe down the sink, the Toilet Cleaning Gel to sanitize your throne, and the Foam Cleaner to clean your tub, your whole bathroom will be refreshingly clean and smell refreshing as well!

So tell me, are you ready to clean with coconuts and bring a piece of the beach to your home with Clorox Scentiva? Do you have any other creative ways to bring the beach indoors? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

April 30, 2018

People Who Inspire: The Mama Bird Behind The Baby Bird Boutique [& a $25 giveaway!]

If you follow me on instagram, you probably already know Delainey and I have a deep obsession with shopping small...

I would dare to say I'm borderline addicted to supporting fellow mama's with a hustler spirit. From finding awesome deals on adorable, one of a kind clothing, to having precious creations handmade with love included in our memories, there's just something so sweet about shopping small and knowing that I'm also helping another mama spend more time with her family. Lately I've realized this shop community is about so much more than the clothes though, so...

Today I want to share how one sweet mama bird in this community inspires me to be a better person, daily. Dorie Kirk, the mama & the heart behind The Baby Bird Boutique, is the definition of a strong, capable, hard-working woman and someone I admire greatly - so let me share with you just a few of the reasons I feel this way.

First, we'll start with the most heart-wrenching and heart-warming detail - a small segment of the story behind this shop -

Kale Evan was THE original baby bird that started it all and while it saddens me to say he passed 45 days into his fight, his legacy will forever continue. That's what this boutique is all about, that's the promise this Mama Bird made to her strong, little baby bird and it's one she will always keep.  Dorie has already ensured this will be the case with the start of pediatric hospice in their area, while also raising funds for hypothermaic therapy, and even more heroic acts, like inspiring a random acts of kindness day on a day most would be mourning.

Do it for Kale day is the day we all celebrate and share love in honor of the original baby bird... and it's coming up soon, May 7th is the day. What kind of random acts of kindness will you take part in on that day? Whether it's helping a neighbor carry in her groceries or just dropping a few quarters in a donation jar - be sure to do something heroic in honor of one tiny little fighter and his strong and inspiring mama! (Plus, if you share with the hashtag #doit4kale, there might be a little something coming your way!)

Another reason I'm inspired by this small shop owner is her passion to create unique pieces as true to our babies little personalities as they possibly can be.

She's not afraid of pattern mixing and doing things others wouldn't dream of, think of "Carrie Bradshaw meets Elle Woods" as her style definition. She makes the fancy classic dresses that we all love, but her specialty is these adorable little rompers, halter dresses, and peplums, in the most fun, epic fabrics with the coolest trims and details I've ever seen. When I say I'm addicted to her shop, I'm not even partially kidding. Our stash is incredible and it's still growing.

If you have a little girl and love letting her colors shine through unique clothing, I guarantee you'll want to check out Dorie's shop - and just a side note, you can always use the code DELAINEY to save on your purchases!

And... While Dorie is one of the most stylish and selfless people I've ever met, she also speaks more truths than anyone else I know. She's the type of mama who won't beat around the bush, she's all for beating right into the bush and letting you know what needs to be done, but in the nicest way possible - which we need more people like that in this world.

If you're a fellow small shop owner, I think you'll be happy to hear she's started a little coaching side gig, "Build Her Up Boss", and the website & group name should be evidence enough of the type of community it is. Be sure to check it out if you need a spot to feel cheered on while also having someone to hold you reliable.

The last reason I find this Mama Bird inspiring is her hustle, her determination to make things happen. She's been through SO MUCH in her life and yet she's still succeeding and that's amazing. Her life story is hers to tell, so I won't go into detail but instead of dwelling in the past she has put her efforts into her work and it definitely shows - her shop is one to look out for and if I'm being totally honest, you should probably start your BBB collection now before they all become collectors items, because I'm certain this shop is going places!

So tell me, do you have someone in your life that you admire greatly? I think I'm going to start sharing a monthly post about people in my life that inspire me, a little "Get to Know" post each month to recognize those that deserve it... because what's better than lifting up those around us that inspire us?

On that note, I'm giving away ONE $25 The Baby Bird Boutique shop credit to one lucky mama that comments below. Be sure to enter using the giveaway tools form below so I can contact you if you are the lucky winner!

April 4, 2018

Embracing Life's Messes, A Simple and Fun DIY project, & How We Clean It All Up!

Life is messy, we all know this... especially when kids are in the picture! From daily food fights with herself during lunch, to encouraging her creative spirit with crafts and other activities, I'm always cleaning up after my little blessing and her messes...

Today I want to share with you one of many ways we love to make messes... and how we clean it up in seconds! But First, we'll start with the fun stuff... We had a blast making this abstract painting. From wandering around trying to find some pretty pieces of nature to include to smacking a sponge into the canvas, we both loved every second of this craft.

For this project you will need:

Paint in a variety of colros
Tape or Hot glue
3-8 items from nature - think leaves, roots, weeds from your yard, etc... (Confession: I sent hubby to trim a neighbors palm so we could have a good variety of items. LOL. Get creative!)
Water in a spray bottle
Paint brushes and/or sponges
Libman Freedom Spray Mop & Cleaner

To get started, you'll want to trim up your leaves, branches, or other items and make sure they are a going to be easy enough to paint or sponge paint over. I will say, the flatter the item the better print it will create!

Attach to the canvas with a tiny dot of hot glue or a small folded piece of tape to try and secure it in place.

Next, you'll use your sponge or paint brush to apply the paint. Wild strokes are preferred... thank goodness D has the best little wild hands to help provide those! If you have a little one, let them go nuts... We just made our pretty new piece of art on the ground & cleaned up with our Libman mop shortly after completing our project.

Finally add some of the water from the spray bottle and swirl and blend it onto the canvas with a sponge or the brush... helping the colors to flow into one another.

Now, tell me, isn't this the most gorgeous piece of abstract art you've ever seen an 18 month old helpcreate? We definitely think so!

As you can imagine, paint is messy with a crazy, independent toddler, that's why the last step in our project is cleaning up! I just removed the plants from the painting and tossed them. Then, I grabbed our Libman Freedom Spray mop and it cleaned up our mess in just seconds. A few sprays and our wood floors were shining like they had never met Delainey!

The best part is, it's so easy to mop with this baby, that I can clean while she's snacking... I quickly grab it and go to town and by the time she says she is done... so am I! We both run out and throw the microfiber pad into the washer... and then it's ready to take on her next mess in just one quick wash!

Interested in finding out how Libman can make your DIY project clean up and spring cleaning a little easier? Check this out and sign up for their mailing list to snag a coupon on your new favorite cleaning supply!

October 26, 2017

Admitting The Truth & Four Steps Towards a Healthier Life for Me...

Thanks to Curves International for sponsoring today's post, regardless all opinions expressed below are completely my own. Are you ready to get #CurvesStrong?

I'm going to be frank with you all, I've gotten rather round around the middle lately. It's not something I'm particularly proud of, but it's the truth.

Now that I've admitted I'm getting a little round, let's get to the point - I'm doing something to change that... again. You may remember when I lost a good chunk of weight in 2015, before Delainey was in the picture and I documented some of that progress along the way... well, I'm doing the same thing again this year and I'm going to look fan-freakin'-tastic come winter/spring - that's my goal, anyways!

How do I plan on losing all this "extra"?

Step One: I just signed up with Curves and I'm beyond excited about it. I love that it's a ladies only gym that offers circuits, I can get in a quick work out a few times a week before my other half heads to work and I'm left to tackle daily duties by myself.

Are you ready to take on a new adventure and increase your strength while losing weight with me? Find out about Curves nearby you - I'm loving that it's all about no makeup, no men, and no mirrors! It's a gym without the drama and I'm loving the team-like atmosphere and the fact I'm in and out, feeling impowered, in just 30 minutes.

Step Two: I'm eating Keto.... well, kind of. I'm watching my macros and limiting my carbs and I'm already noticing a difference! You really are what you eat, my body proves that...  so my best advice to those looking to lose weight with me is to be mindful of your food choices!

Step Three: I'm snoozing more. Instead of staying up late to try and get in a Netflix binge or some extra work completed, I've made a real effort to get some extra zzZZz's and I think it's paying off. Sleep is important, yet sometimes I forget that.

Step Four, the final step: I'm staying accountable. I'm using an app on my phone to keep track of my calories burned and my caloric intake. I'm paying attention to the macros in my food and my friends and I are working out together - that way I'm forced into getting up and going to the gym... even on the days I don't want to.

And that's really all I plan on doing to lose some weight, but I'm certain it'll help. If you're interested in keeping me accountable then be sure to check out the blog over the next few weeks... and months, for dieting advice and maybe some updates on my progress along the way!

As I mentioned above, today's discussion was sponsored by Curves International, but the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

October 18, 2017

6 Ways to Ensure You Have a Happy Baby!

Having a happy baby is easy.

Okay, okay... well, some days it is and some days it's a little bit more difficult! But most days, it shouldn't be too complicated to keep your tiny tot happy.

I'm not a parenting expert but I will say D seems pretty dang happy most of the time. I'm pretty proud of that... but I can't take all the credit. Her dad is a rock star and she seems to always have just had a pretty optimistic disposition, so we're lucky in that sense.

With that said, I wanted to share a few tips with you. So... here's 6 ways to ensure you have a happy baby:

1. Give Time - This may be the easiest, but definitely one of the most important ways to ensure happiness. Give your child as much time as you can, whether that means setting your phone down while playing in the backyard or playing tag while at the playground instead of instagramming. I'm certain giving time is one of the most important ways to show your kid you care.

2. Gratitude - Another way to ensure your kiddo is happy is to always live a thankful life. Whether your little princess wants to hand you a rock, a blade of grass, or a petal from a flower, be thankful and smile. Let your darling know you appreciate the gift, just like you appreciate their sweet soul for giving it to you.

3. Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula - This formula modeled after breast milk is the next best thing to the breast. While every baby and every breastfeeding journey is different, with this formula you can find comfort in knowing you are providing your child with the nutrients they need! Want to learn more about this formula and how it can benefit your smiley little sweetie? Click here!

4. Encourage - I bet you've noticed a smile and a kind tone go a long way in life, in most situations anyways. The same is true for your mini me. When she takes a tiny tumble to the ground clap and rejoice instead of gasping and running to the rescue. Why? Little one's love encouragement and it'll help teach them independence.

Another example - instead of scolding when your little tike is slowly sliding down the stairs, maybe offer to race him down the stairs instead. That way you both get what you want - the independence for your little one and the pace you need to get out the door, without a fit involved!

It's all about how you look at the situation, so if there's a positive way to spin things - always try that route. Both you and your little one will be happier that way.

5. Explore - Another great way to encourage your kiddo to live a happy life is to encourage them to explore. Watching each season come to life, gazing into the horizon while swimming at the beach, and letting them wander (within reason) are important ways to establish independence and trust at an early age, which obviously make for happy kids!

6. Above all, Love - It's hard to explain how to love someone, you just do. But making sure your child feels love is probably one (if not THE only) goal you should have as a parent. I'm going to be the obnoxious parent that yells it at D as she's running into school, that leaves notes in her lunch box, and then holds a sign up  reminding her at all her sporting events. But for now, I just cover her in kisses and make sure she feels secure and attended to.