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December 4, 2020

The HONEST Truth about Sleep Number Beds - Sleep Number p5 Mattress Review

Did you know we actually WON a Sleep Number bed?

We did... and I was legit so excited! I won the Sleep Number p5 Mattress on twitter, craziest thing - I tweeted once in favor of a blog network that I adore and next thing I knew we were the proud owners of a fancy new bed!  We went to the store, we learned about our new bed, they came and installed it, the whole shebang! While I was SUPER thankful to have the opportunity to have such an expensive item, I learned from this lesson that the price of something absolutely does not make it a nicer product.

That's right, I'm dishing the dirt on our Sleep Number today and filling y'all in on the facts. We had a P5 delivered in 2016 and while it seemed cool to have such a fancy, adjustable bed at first - we soon discovered we aren't Sleep Number people. I like a bed to be soft yet firm, cozy yet sturdy. Our sleep number was best described as hard and uncomfortable when fully inflated or too soft and mushy when we lowered our sleep number. It's known as their most popular bed and it it supposed to offer body-contouring and sleep-enhancing benefits, but it simply does not feel good.

If you've ever been on a Sleep Number bed, you know there's a remote and you can adjust your settings. So I tried it all, numbers all over the place. There truly wasn't a comfortable number for me. I would wake up sore and still tired a lot, all from sleepless nights on our new mattress.

Not only was it uncomfortable, it was inconvenient. With the remotes, we were able to adjust our sleep number... but it really wasn't the easiest. You have to re-inflate regularly, then reset to your preferred setting when coming to bed. It wasn't anything to truly complain about but... when you can just get in bed and get cozy with almost any other mattress, why inconvenience yourself with another gadget to fiddle with before bed?

Like I said, I'm truly thankful to have won the bed... what a cool experience and a BIG win, but I thought I'd share our personal experience with Sleep Number and let you know that maybe it simply isn't worth the price for some. I tried for years to just deal with the bed, but finally decided to literally just toss it in the trash at the beginning of the pandemic.

With that said, we switched BACK to our Eve mattress that I was sent years ago for a blog campaign. They aren't sponsoring this post in any way now, but it is seriously a heavenly mattress - I highly recommend you looking into them if you are in the market for a mattress that'll blow your mind and offer that cozy, comfort we all want!

December 1, 2020


Growing up means I'm obsessing over wall colors and collecting home decor more and more. I can often be caught daydreaming about owning a white couch or sometimes I'll be off in Amazon-land collecting things I'd like to add to my knick-knack shelf in my cart to "save for later".

TROMMA Wall clock, white, 9 ¾ "

If you're also like me and clean, cutely decorated pinterest-styled-homes obsessed, then this little list of amazing IKEA finds for under $10 is right up your alley - and get this, you can buy a few of these items for each person on your shopping list this holiday and it won't break the bank!

So let's get this party started!


1. MULA AbacusOne yellow, three greens and two blue ones.  Help your kiddo develop critical thinking and logical skills with this nifty little old-fashioned bit of a rainbow. In-stores for just $9.99!

MULA Abacus

2. HYLLIS Shelf Unit - This industrial looking, practical storage space is just what every space needs. Open, yet accomodating to all belongings. Grab one of these for just $9.99!

HYLLIS Shelf unit, indoor/outdoor, 23 5/8x10 5/8x29 1/8 "

3. TOFTLUND Rug - This adorable rug is just the right amount of "texture" for any room. Whether you use it as expected, on the floor... or you could mix things up and drape it at the end of your bed or it may possibly provide just enough of a boho vibe if you hang it on the wall? The ways to use this little piece of sheep-skin lookalike material are endless and all of them are adorable. This little taste of heaven can be added to your cart for just $9.99 and is a must have!

TOFTLUND Rug, white, 1 ' 10 "x2 ' 9 "

4. MÅLA Portable drawing case - This super adorable little craft storage is what I like to think of as a child's version of a briefcase! With a hard surface for them to craft upon, this is perfect for around the house or long travels in the car, ringing in at just $9.99 - this is a must have under the tree this year!
MÅLA Portable drawing case, red, 13 3/4x10 5/8 "

5. HEMLAGAD Crepe/pancake pan - Breakfast is served! This crepe/pancake pan is one your kitchen is calling for! Become the Top Chef in your kitchen for just $7.99!

HEMLAGAD Crepe/pancake pan, 10 "

6. VARDAGEN Glass in blue - There's just something so nostalgic about these glasses... and I'm gonna go ahead and indulge in some bevies in these beauties for the low price of just $4.99 for a pack of 4!
VARDAGEN Glass, blue, 10 oz

7. POLARVIDE Throw in gray - This warm, fleece throw is an unexpected gift from IKEA. It's such a brilliant neutral,with a sweet scalloped edge, and comes in at just $3.99! Everyone on your list needs a new blanket for that price.

POLARVIDE Throw, gray, 51x67 "

8. SPARKÄR Door mat in green leaves
- This precious little plant lady door mat is literally the bee's knees! I'm beyond obsessed and think it's the perfect mixture of inviting and adorable without being too much! Add a buffalo plaid mat underneath it and we'll go ahead and call it the perfect "modern farmhouse" look we all want...amIright? Add to cart for just $7.99!

SPARKÄR Door mat, indoor, green leaves, 1 ' 4 "x2 ' 0 "

9. TROMMA Wall clock in white - This adorable clock arrived to IKEA just in time... HA. See what I did there? But seriously, this is such a cute piece to add to a gallery wall and for just $1.99, you might as well grab a few as gifts!

TROMMA Wall clock, white, 9 ¾ "

10. SANNAHED Frame in white - This adorable little frame makes the perfect shadow box for your photos or artwork. Coming in both black and white, I know these will be decorating our walls. Want to add some to your home? Grab one for just $4.99!

SANNAHED Frame, white, 9 ¾x9 ¾ "

That's a wrap for 10 of the best items from Ikea for under $10! Which one is on your list this year?

April 25, 2019

Refresh Your Home

This post is sponsored by

There's just something so refreshing about spring, it's rejuvenating to see plants come into bloom and life blossoming again - even in Florida, it's a notable difference and one I always look forward to each year.

I don't look forward to just the spring weather, though... I actually am always eager to refresh our home in the spring time and thankfully Babbleboxx sent a bunch of goodies over to do just that!

We'll start with something I'm dying to do, freshen up the cabinets in our kitchen with N-Hance. While we haven't started this process, mainly because our house is actually a rental... I was sent a test kit and I'm here to report, this is the answer to your cabinet painting DREAMS. While they make your cabinet beautiful, they actually provide a durability that paint can't even come close to matching. I tested this out for myself, with the sample kit they sent over - I beat both samples with a hammer, scratched them with a penny, and even used some sand paper to see what damage I could do... and as you can tell - the painted "cabinet" didn't even stand a chance. The N-Hance'd cabinet is still in pretty decent condition for taking a true beating - so I know how I'll choose to refinish my cabients in the future...

And... here's some more amazing news about N-Hance, you can pick ANY color and they can match it. So if you want pink cabinets in your kitchen, have at it... or even add a touch of dark to a light kitchen with a dark espresso color - the options are endless! What color are you dreaming of? Get more info on N-Hance Wood Refinishing here.

While I'm day dreaming of a makeover for our kitchen, I'm stoked to report that my new ECOVACS DEEBOT 600 is cleaning up around the house for me. This handy little robot vacuums with ease, with smart motion technology to clean both hardwoods and carpet and compatible with Amazon Alexa, I'm not gonna lie - this little gadget is my new best friend.

Cleaning up a mess is as easy as clicking a button and with multiple cleaning modes, it's like I never have to stress about a mess again. Want more info on the best robot vacuum? Check out the ECOVACS DEEBOT 600.

The last item Babbleboxx sent over to refresh our home was the Scrub Daisy set from Scrub Daddy and if I'm being real, it's probably my most favorite item in my house right now. With such happy little details and such strong scrubbing power - what's not to LOVE about this adorable dishwand set?

These handy little sponges are not only cute, but super strong, while also being scratch-free and soap dispensing - making doing dishes an absolute breeze... no wonder they are "smiling" sponges!

Want to get yourself some new happy sponges? Check out Scrub Daddy and click HERE to save $1!

So tell me, how do you plan to refresh your home this spring?

May 9, 2018

Easily Make Your Home Feel Like a Beachy Paradise in Just One Step: Start Cleaning with Clorox Scentiva

This post is sponsored Clorox®.

As you likely know, we live near the beach... and we love it here. Although... If I could choose any place in the world to live, it would be ON the beach with the ocean breeze and sea mist billowing through the windows - but I'm definitely not complaining about being a few miles away either, I just like to find ways to make our little place feel a bit more beachy when I can.

From white washed walls and shabby chic furniture in our living room, to a mermaid themed bathroom - we are all about keeping this little shack of ours beachy and cozy. I have a thing for blue tones and I pretty much would call Delainey's room a shine to mermaids... so it's safe to say every inch of our house is a bit beachy...

Enough about our house though, are you looking for ways to bring the beach to your home? Here's one way I bet you haven't tried yet --- CLEANING!

That's right, you can start cleaning with a bit of Pacific Breeze & Coconuts. One of the most creative ways to bring the beach to your home is to sanitize and disinfect with THE BEST smelling products. Not only will your house be clean, but you'll always feel like you're taking a refreshing deep breath by the sea.

If you're like me, coconut is your go-to scent when thinking of beach days. Maybe it's a mixture of the thought of a pina coloda or a little bit of reminiscing on how amazing sunscreen smells- but this paradise scented line of cleaners makes me feel like I'm at the beach, even when I'm at home having to do chores!

Not only does this amazing CLOROX® Scentiva line smell like paradise, it leaves my bathroom glistening like a little piece of sea glass while also killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses! So I'm fully on-board with a little coconut cleaning, do you want to give this coconut paradise line of cleaners a try, you can find the entire Clorox Scentiva line at Target - get the details here!

The best part is, you can clean every inch of your bathroom with this line - using the Clorox Scentiva Multi-Purpose cleaner to wipe down the sink, the Toilet Cleaning Gel to sanitize your throne, and the Foam Cleaner to clean your tub, your whole bathroom will be refreshingly clean and smell refreshing as well!

So tell me, are you ready to clean with coconuts and bring a piece of the beach to your home with Clorox Scentiva? Do you have any other creative ways to bring the beach indoors? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

April 4, 2018

Embracing Life's Messes, A Simple and Fun DIY project, & How We Clean It All Up!

Life is messy, we all know this... especially when kids are in the picture! From daily food fights with herself during lunch, to encouraging her creative spirit with crafts and other activities, I'm always cleaning up after my little blessing and her messes...

Today I want to share with you one of many ways we love to make messes... and how we clean it up in seconds! But First, we'll start with the fun stuff... We had a blast making this abstract painting. From wandering around trying to find some pretty pieces of nature to include to smacking a sponge into the canvas, we both loved every second of this craft.

For this project you will need:

Paint in a variety of colros
Tape or Hot glue
3-8 items from nature - think leaves, roots, weeds from your yard, etc... (Confession: I sent hubby to trim a neighbors palm so we could have a good variety of items. LOL. Get creative!)
Water in a spray bottle
Paint brushes and/or sponges
Libman Freedom Spray Mop & Cleaner

To get started, you'll want to trim up your leaves, branches, or other items and make sure they are a going to be easy enough to paint or sponge paint over. I will say, the flatter the item the better print it will create!

Attach to the canvas with a tiny dot of hot glue or a small folded piece of tape to try and secure it in place.

Next, you'll use your sponge or paint brush to apply the paint. Wild strokes are preferred... thank goodness D has the best little wild hands to help provide those! If you have a little one, let them go nuts... We just made our pretty new piece of art on the ground & cleaned up with our Libman mop shortly after completing our project.

Finally add some of the water from the spray bottle and swirl and blend it onto the canvas with a sponge or the brush... helping the colors to flow into one another.

Now, tell me, isn't this the most gorgeous piece of abstract art you've ever seen an 18 month old helpcreate? We definitely think so!

As you can imagine, paint is messy with a crazy, independent toddler, that's why the last step in our project is cleaning up! I just removed the plants from the painting and tossed them. Then, I grabbed our Libman Freedom Spray mop and it cleaned up our mess in just seconds. A few sprays and our wood floors were shining like they had never met Delainey!

The best part is, it's so easy to mop with this baby, that I can clean while she's snacking... I quickly grab it and go to town and by the time she says she is done... so am I! We both run out and throw the microfiber pad into the washer... and then it's ready to take on her next mess in just one quick wash!

Interested in finding out how Libman can make your DIY project clean up and spring cleaning a little easier? Check this out and sign up for their mailing list to snag a coupon on your new favorite cleaning supply!

February 7, 2017

How This New Mama Manages to Deep Clean Quickly!

Spending time with my kiddo is my top priority, no doubt about it... but I also have started to get the rest of my priorities in order now that we are finally out of the "newborn stage" and seemingly getting into more of a routine! With that said, I'm starting to work a little more and sometimes I even get the chance to get some housework done!

Are you a mama wanting a clean house AND more time with your kiddos? Check out how I manage both with Bona AND score a coupon! #BonaPowerPlus

I'm sure I'm not the only new mama trying to find balance in their life so today I want to share a few tips on how you can deep clean your house, even with your little shadow tagging along!

Are you a mama wanting a clean house AND more time with your kiddos? Check out how I manage both with Bona AND score a coupon! #BonaPowerPlus

1. Keep Babe Close and Content - I know D isn't the only baby that just wants to be a part of the action. Most of the time she is a-okay if she gets to be with us while we are completing tasks, so instead of setting her down to try and mop or dust, I typically just put her in a baby carrier and we start working on the house together!

2. Use Bona PowerPlus Microfiber Deep Cleaning Pads & Hardwood Cleaner- Instead of taking all the time and effort of dusting, sweeping, and moping, start using the Bona System! I've never really been a clean freak, but after becoming a mama I feel like our floors need to be cleaner than clean, especially because little miss will be on the go before we know it.

Are you a mama wanting a clean house AND more time with your kiddos? Check out how I manage both with Bona AND score a coupon! #BonaPowerPlus

While I want our floors to be super clean, I don't want to waste time or effort and that's where the Bona System comes in, with the multiple different types of cleaning pads (including the PowerPlus pad for deep cleaning), it's easy to knock out tasks and get the house cleaner in less time! Plus, the PowerPlus Deep Cleaner is the only way I plan on cleaning my floors from now on, it leaves them looking shiny without leaving a residue or overly powerful scent...  it's the answer to this mama's wood floor cleaning prayers! Want to upgrade your cleaning routine? Click here to learn more and snag a coupon for $3 off this already affordable system!

Are you a mama wanting a clean house AND more time with your kiddos? Check out how I manage both with Bona AND score a coupon! #BonaPowerPlus

3.  Give everything a place in your home - Speaking of a lot, we have a lot of cubbies and storage options in our house... so many that I've had people mention it to me. Why? Because I like for everything to have a place. The pitcher I bought for a beach party goes in the right cubby in our dining room and our phone chargers go in the middle cubby in our kitchen... and I could go on and on. How do I know all of this? Because everything has a place in my house. This is one thing I'm actually learning myself, but it really does make our house feel so much cleaner when we stick to this ideal way of living.

4. Seasonally declutter - Speaking of the ideal way of living, I've started a new thing in our house since I had Delainey, I plan to seasonally declutter because we accumulate soooo much in such a short time. From the stacks of shoes in my closet to the growing mountain of tiny infant and newborn clothes, we have too much of everything - but specifically too much clothing. Purging all of it, selling or donating... I just plan to get rid of a stash of our clothing and our stuff every season change. Starting new will feel good for everyone in our house.

Are you a mama wanting a clean house AND more time with your kiddos? Check out how I manage both with Bona AND score a coupon! #BonaPowerPlus

With all of that said, I know that I'm still learning the ropes with this whole parenthood thing... If you're a mama with more time under her belt with an infant, I'd love to hear how you manage to keep a clean house and a happy baby all at once - your motherly advice will be greatly appreciated!