People Who Inspire: The Mama Bird Behind The Baby Bird Boutique [& a $25 giveaway!]

If you follow me on instagram, you probably already know Delainey and I have a deep obsession with shopping small...

I would dare to say I'm borderline addicted to supporting fellow mama's with a hustler spirit. From finding awesome deals on adorable, one of a kind clothing, to having precious creations handmade with love included in our memories, there's just something so sweet about shopping small and knowing that I'm also helping another mama spend more time with her family. Lately I've realized this shop community is about so much more than the clothes though, so...

Today I want to share how one sweet mama bird in this community inspires me to be a better person, daily. Dorie Kirk, the mama & the heart behind The Baby Bird Boutique, is the definition of a strong, capable, hard-working woman and someone I admire greatly - so let me share with you just a few of the reasons I feel this way.

First, we'll start with the most heart-wrenching and heart-warming detail - a small segment of the story behind this shop -

Kale Evan was THE original baby bird that started it all and while it saddens me to say he passed 45 days into his fight, his legacy will forever continue. That's what this boutique is all about, that's the promise this Mama Bird made to her strong, little baby bird and it's one she will always keep.  Dorie has already ensured this will be the case with the start of pediatric hospice in their area, while also raising funds for hypothermaic therapy, and even more heroic acts, like inspiring a random acts of kindness day on a day most would be mourning.

Do it for Kale day is the day we all celebrate and share love in honor of the original baby bird... and it's coming up soon, May 7th is the day. What kind of random acts of kindness will you take part in on that day? Whether it's helping a neighbor carry in her groceries or just dropping a few quarters in a donation jar - be sure to do something heroic in honor of one tiny little fighter and his strong and inspiring mama! (Plus, if you share with the hashtag #doit4kale, there might be a little something coming your way!)

Another reason I'm inspired by this small shop owner is her passion to create unique pieces as true to our babies little personalities as they possibly can be.

She's not afraid of pattern mixing and doing things others wouldn't dream of, think of "Carrie Bradshaw meets Elle Woods" as her style definition. She makes the fancy classic dresses that we all love, but her specialty is these adorable little rompers, halter dresses, and peplums, in the most fun, epic fabrics with the coolest trims and details I've ever seen. When I say I'm addicted to her shop, I'm not even partially kidding. Our stash is incredible and it's still growing.

If you have a little girl and love letting her colors shine through unique clothing, I guarantee you'll want to check out Dorie's shop - and just a side note, you can always use the code DELAINEY to save on your purchases!

And... While Dorie is one of the most stylish and selfless people I've ever met, she also speaks more truths than anyone else I know. She's the type of mama who won't beat around the bush, she's all for beating right into the bush and letting you know what needs to be done, but in the nicest way possible - which we need more people like that in this world.

If you're a fellow small shop owner, I think you'll be happy to hear she's started a little coaching side gig, "Build Her Up Boss", and the website & group name should be evidence enough of the type of community it is. Be sure to check it out if you need a spot to feel cheered on while also having someone to hold you reliable.

The last reason I find this Mama Bird inspiring is her hustle, her determination to make things happen. She's been through SO MUCH in her life and yet she's still succeeding and that's amazing. Her life story is hers to tell, so I won't go into detail but instead of dwelling in the past she has put her efforts into her work and it definitely shows - her shop is one to look out for and if I'm being totally honest, you should probably start your BBB collection now before they all become collectors items, because I'm certain this shop is going places!

So tell me, do you have someone in your life that you admire greatly? I think I'm going to start sharing a monthly post about people in my life that inspire me, a little "Get to Know" post each month to recognize those that deserve it... because what's better than lifting up those around us that inspire us?

On that note, I'm giving away ONE $25 The Baby Bird Boutique shop credit to one lucky mama that comments below. Be sure to enter using the giveaway tools form below so I can contact you if you are the lucky winner!


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