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March 1, 2019

10 Super Fun Dr. Seuss Inspired Activities

**This post may contain affiliate links.**

I've always been a bookworm, so it probably comes as no surprise that I'm also a HUGE Dr. Seuss fan and while I can't force Delainey to have the same likes as me, I will say that I have taken the time to read Cat in the Hat, One Fish, Two Fish, & Green Eggs & Ham about once a week - just to be sure she knows them, by word. Haha.

All jokes aside, Dr. Seuss and his gift for writing have always been a true inspiration to me -  lessons like "a person's a person - no matter how small" just don't come from books now-a-days.

On that note, I wanted to put together a list of super fun Dr. Seuss inspired activities & crafts in honor of the creative genius' birthday-

1. Green Eggs & Ham Letter Recognition printable from

2. One Fish, Two Fish Counting Game - with free printables to create it! from

3. Dr. Seuss Shadow Puppet Printables from

4. Dr. Seuss Cat in The Hat patterning Hat (or Math Hat) from

5. Easy Thing 1 & Thing 2 Hand Print Craft from

6. Easy Cat in The Hat Hand Print Craft from

7. Lorax Windsock Craft from

8. Thing 1 & Thing 2 Recycled Planters also from

9. The Cutest Little Cat in The Hat Photo Keepsake

10. Dr. Seuss Bingo Printables from

Need to add to your Dr. Seuss collection?

November 13, 2018

Encourage Imagination with Disney - Easy and FUN DIY Mickey Mouse Ears Craft for a Toddler in honor of Make-A-Wish's Share Your Ears Campaign

This post is sponsored by Make-A-Wish Foundation but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

We're definitely big fans of Mickey & the whole Disney crew in this house... let me rephrase, we are HUGE fans of Disney and all things magical. I mean, Delainey's first visit to the Disney Parks was nearly a year ago when she was just one year old and we are so eager to go again we talk about it almost daily.

Unfortunately, we have to adult and get things done so we can't visit the parks every day, but I'm doing my best to encourage her imagination at home and I hope our love for all things magical will live on through her. From the excitement I hear in her voice when she talks about the "fiya- woks" at the start of every Disney movie, to the way she exclaims "that my disney duck" when she sees the Donald Duck stuffed animal she picked out during our last visit, it's truly wonderful to see her love for something I loved so dearly as a child too - dare I say, it's magical.

Disney isn't just the parks and the movies for us though, it's really about a dream coming true. It's about following your passion and making something happen with hard work and determination, Walt Disney really did something inspirational. While I'm still learning the ropes in life too, one thing I know for certain is he accomplished great things with his creative, innovative thinking. I hope to foster that same love for dreaming & creativity within my daughter - and that's the magic of Disney, in my mind!

Then, when you combine that Disney Magic, that pure creative joy, with the Make-A-Wish foundation... well - that's pretty much the most heart warming combination, most of us can agree on that!

With that said, Disney & Make-A-Wish have partnered up and we all want you to help save the day for kids with Disney wishes, yet again!

How can you do that?
It doesn't take much - 

Just "Share Your Ears"!

From now through November 17th, 2018, Walt Disney Parks will donate US $5 for each social share on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using the hashtag "#ShareYourEars", up to US $2 million in donations - all of this in celebration of 90 years of Mickey Mouse & Thanks to Disney Team of Heroes!

That means, all you have to do to help those brave Make-A-Wish kids is share a photo rocking your favorite ears! Don't have a pair? I've got you covered! This DIY Mickey Mouse Ears project is so easy - it's a great way to spend time with your kiddo while encouraging them to use their "disney" magic level of creativity and imagination!

Want to get creative with your imaginative toddler? Here's how we made these EPIC watercolor ears, in just minutes!

For this project you will need:

1 sheet of cardstock
a plain headband
white crayon
a watercolor paint palette & the works [brushes, water, etc]
pair of scissors
hot glue & a hot glue gun

First, you'll want to print off this template I've created. Be sure to hit the "fit to page" when printing!

Next, let your kiddo scribble willy-nilly all over the cardstock with the white crayon. While you won't be able to see the markings now, they look so nifty once water color is applied.

Which brings us to our next step, painting with watercolors. This part is easily Delainey's favorite. She loves showing off her epic painting skills... and honestly, I don't blame her - she is pretty talented!

Now let your painted ear template lie flat until it's dry to the touch. Then using the scissors cut as close to within the template you can, removing the black edges.

Once cut, glue the two circle parts of each ear together, allowing the length of the ears to remain attached, then slide the headband through the opening. Position the ears where you would prefer on the headband and then flatten the bottom so the opening on the ear is attached to the headband - apply a liberal amount of hot glue and let dry.

Now add your favorite bow like this one, or rock with another fun accessory, if you so desire and get ready to show off in your ears!

January 28, 2018

DIY Happy Baby Valentine's Day Love Birds Craft

This post is sponsored by Happy Family, regardless all opinions expressed below are my own.

It's no secret, Miss Delainey is one happy baby. I mean, I'm fully aware she can be a bit of a diva, her happy disposition is pretty obvious most days, so much so that we actually get stopped and complimented on her sweet spirit almost every time we leave our house.

The thing is, I wouldn't say we do anything specific to make sure she's "happy". I know both my husband and myself work hard at making sure we are present with her and we both want her to always feel loved and heard so she gets a LOT of one-on-one attention. Maybe that has something to do with it? I'm not certain, honestly.

One thing I do know, her sweet spirit is kin to mine. We both love spoiling people so with Valentine's Day coming up, we teamed up and made her buddies some sweet little birdy treats with one of her new favorite snacks - Happy Baby Baby's First Whole Milk Yogurt.

While Delainey isn't a big fan of drinking milk, we're both pretty big fans of Happy Baby Whole Milk Yogurt! I'm a fan because she's getting organic whole foods, without added sweeteners or GMOs! She's a fan because the taste is delicious, she even sighs and says "mmmmm" after each bite.

Want to share a mindfully made little snack treat with your kiddos toddler buddies? Here's how we made these sweet lovebirds!

Supplies: Happy Baby Whole Milk Yogurt, googly eyes, glue, and felt or construction paper!

Now pay attention, this is really complicated... Okay, well, now that you're paying attention- I'm totally joking!

This is so easy I had Miss Thing help me assemble a few!

You'll simply cut out a circle from one color of felt, a triangle from the other and glue them together. Then glue the pair of shapes onto the yogurt cup with a pair of googly eyes... and your sweet little tweet lovebirds are done!

I'm going to hand write sweet little notes that say "you make my heart sing" and "owl always want to be your buddy", but I think these are precious little love birds without any extras too.

So tell me, what kind of Valentine crafts are you planning during this season of love? Delainey and I look forward to sharing some more fun, loving ideas with you in the future and we can't wait to hear your thoughts on the NEW Happy Baby Whole Milk Yogurt!

October 31, 2017

DIY Matryoshka Russian Stacking Doll Baby Costume

So, I kinda sorta have a fascination with Russian stacking dolls.

I'm not sure why I find them so fascinating and adorable... but I do.

I look forward to sharing this love with my little "Babushka".

And since we've been playing dress up all month long, it was obvious to me that I had to find a way to make D into a matryoshka...

While I couldn't exactly stick her inside of another doll, I did my best to make her family of smaller dolls - including the cuties on her top & her bow!

I'm proud to report, while playing dress up she fell in love with the little "dolls" I made her to play with and we will soon be adding a real matryoshka set to her toy collection.

And well, she may or may not be rocking this "costume" as an outfit again in the future... because hello, adorable! Want the details on her costume? I've linked what I know below!

bow { Darling Diva Boutique Bows }
top { bought used/shop sadly unknown }
icing pants { MudPie }
stacking dolls { Bloomology }

Cozy & Stylin' in Gerber Childrenswear this fall [ & our DIY Native American Costume]

 I'm super excited to share that Delainey and I are now paid Brand Ambassador for Gerber Childrenswear! What does that mean exactly? It is just is a fancy way of saying this post is sponsored, as always all opinions expressed below are mine alone!

Y'all, D will be 14 months old in a few days and I seriously can not even believe it.

I swear I blink and she grows an inch, I turn around and a few weeks have passed by.

Time is flying by, but I think that's because we have so much fun together. From going on nature walks to reading books before bedtime, one thing I know I can count on with D is that we will have a good time!

With that said, my little wild wanderer likes to be comfy for all of our adventures and I like to make sure she looks fashionable while also ensuring she stays nice and warm now that the temperatures are cooling off. That's where Gerber comes into the picture.

My tiny little diva and I can settle on Gerber because their items are comfy enough to satisfy her need for cozy and they keep her warm and stylish with animals prints and creative designs. When we put Gerber one her, it's definitely a win-win in our home!

Wholesome, adorable, comfortable, affordable and well-made - Gerber Childrenswear is a staple in Delainey's wardrobe.

The best part, though? It's all offered in coordinating sets available at Walmart!

Whether you need towels, onesies, sleepers, socks, beanies, or more... Gerber has it! They're ALL available at Walmart and I love that we were able to get our hands on this bear-y cute collection. We can easily transition from naptime, to bathtime, to playtime in Gerber.

So tell me, what items do you need to add to your Gerber stash? We have more socks and sleepers on our list, but I'll be honest and admit we would love more of everything.

And on that note, here's one of our favorite ways we dressed up this month... partly because it's a super cute costume, but also because it was so cozy for D!

To copy this costume you'll need a set of Gerber Childrenswear onesies, a skirt like this one from Peekabippy Designs, and a cute little feather bow like this one from Bloomology! Paired with some socks and moccasins, this little native is ready to trick or treat... and she's getting in touch with our "roots", which is pretty neat too!

October 28, 2017

This Little Piggy! DIY Baby Piglet Halloween Costume!

This little piggy had roast beef, this little piggy had none, and... this little piggy named Delainey couldn't be any cuter... or more comfortable!

This costume ranks as the most casual and comfortable, possibly... but it's a winner as far as the level of adorable it is!

The best part...? Almost anyone can make a little pig snout. It's literally a cylinder, with a circle attached, and two ovals inside of it. Attach it to a wooden dowel or some elastic, throw a couple pink triangles on a headband and your little piggy is set to snort all night!

The outfit for our piggy costume was, again, all items we already had laying around the house! A jacket from Carter's, a Hot Pink The Baby Bird Boutique Romper, light pink Sew Sassy Icings, Pink Converse, and of course, the ears and snoot were made by yours truly, Bloomology Boutique.

This little ham is definitely the cutest and loved running around growling in this costume, because she thinks all animals growl... and that's just down right ridiculously cute.

Wanna impress your friends "pig" time? Throw together some of your favorite pink items from your sweet girls closet and add a homemade pig snout and your cute little piggy is ready to go!

I'm getting so excited Halloween is just around the corner... aren't you? So tell me, what do you have planned for everyone's favorite holiday full of tricks and treats? What will your little one be dressing up as? I hope we've help inspire you to get creative with your costume this year!

October 25, 2017

Adorable Baby Barbie DIY Halloween Costume Inspiration

Growing up I always loved Barbie and I have no doubt Delainey will feel the same way. She already owns one little Barbie and will likely be adding a few more to her collection this winter thanks to "Santa". So it was kind of a given we were going to dress up as one of her favorite toys.

I mean seriously, does Barbie get any cuter than this? Wanna hear the best part? It's all small shop or stuff we had lying around, which makes this mama smile!

And, if I'm being honest, I'm not sure if I'm gazing into the future or if she's dressed up for Halloween. 😂 I mean, with the blonde wig, the iPhone in her hand and a sassy look on her face... she's one going on 16.

But oh my lanta, this costume is one for the baby book! She's definitely a Barbie Girl in a Barbie World!

Want to dress your little one up as Barbie?

You can get a custom leo like this one from Chloe + Piper and a custom skirt like this one from The Mini Princess Designs! Oh... and that amazing bow she's wearing in some of the photos is from Darling Diva Boutique Bows and it's one of our absolute favorites!

If you're going to get a wig, I suggest you check out Amazon... but I will say D really wasn't a fan of the wig and if we were going trick or treating I'd let her rock her own Barbie hair for comfort!

With that said, which version of Barbie was your favorite? I thought about making her an 80's work out Barbie or maybe even a Barbie Bride.... but I thought this classic Black & White with Hot Pink look was too perfect to pass up!