DIY Happy Baby Valentine's Day Love Birds Craft

This post is sponsored by Happy Family, regardless all opinions expressed below are my own.

It's no secret, Miss Delainey is one happy baby. I mean, I'm fully aware she can be a bit of a diva, her happy disposition is pretty obvious most days, so much so that we actually get stopped and complimented on her sweet spirit almost every time we leave our house.

The thing is, I wouldn't say we do anything specific to make sure she's "happy". I know both my husband and myself work hard at making sure we are present with her and we both want her to always feel loved and heard so she gets a LOT of one-on-one attention. Maybe that has something to do with it? I'm not certain, honestly.

One thing I do know, her sweet spirit is kin to mine. We both love spoiling people so with Valentine's Day coming up, we teamed up and made her buddies some sweet little birdy treats with one of her new favorite snacks - Happy Baby Baby's First Whole Milk Yogurt.

While Delainey isn't a big fan of drinking milk, we're both pretty big fans of Happy Baby Whole Milk Yogurt! I'm a fan because she's getting organic whole foods, without added sweeteners or GMOs! She's a fan because the taste is delicious, she even sighs and says "mmmmm" after each bite.

Want to share a mindfully made little snack treat with your kiddos toddler buddies? Here's how we made these sweet lovebirds!

Supplies: Happy Baby Whole Milk Yogurt, googly eyes, glue, and felt or construction paper!

Now pay attention, this is really complicated... Okay, well, now that you're paying attention- I'm totally joking!

This is so easy I had Miss Thing help me assemble a few!

You'll simply cut out a circle from one color of felt, a triangle from the other and glue them together. Then glue the pair of shapes onto the yogurt cup with a pair of googly eyes... and your sweet little tweet lovebirds are done!

I'm going to hand write sweet little notes that say "you make my heart sing" and "owl always want to be your buddy", but I think these are precious little love birds without any extras too.

So tell me, what kind of Valentine crafts are you planning during this season of love? Delainey and I look forward to sharing some more fun, loving ideas with you in the future and we can't wait to hear your thoughts on the NEW Happy Baby Whole Milk Yogurt!


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