7 Unexpected Items You'll NEED When You Adopt a Dog

I just realized, I never officially announced some big news, but I think it's worth sharing - we got a new dog last month & he's basically the bee's knees. We're now a two-dog family and while some may think our house feels like a zoo, I think we all love our new addition.


The funny thing is, we actually had decided against adopting another dog... but when I saw those googly eyes, I fell in love and said I wanted him - the rest is history. I'm excited to say, he is a perfect fit for our home, with just the right amount of crazy pup left in him to keep up with my toddler. We aren't 100% on his breed, but we're thinking a Dachshund and King Charles Cavalier mix - some day maybe we'll do a doggie DNA test. Regardless of his breed or his history, Dax is the perfect dog for us.


The one thing that I had forgotten about when adopting a new dog is all the ways your family has to adjust.


From teaching Delainey proper dog manners to keeping our house clean with two fuzzy mutts running around, we've all had to learn something from the new furry family member.

Wondering what unexpected items you'll need if you decide to adopt a dog?


Here's my list of must-haves after recently bringing Daxy-boy home:

1. Training treats - Pretty self explanatory, these treats help initiate a bond with your animal and form trust from the get-go, especially if your pooch is a food oriented pup. We used itty bitty treats and "bribe" Dax to do anything from sit & stay to showing him how to use his puppy stairs. We've always loved using these to practice tricks with Miley and highly recommend them for all dog owners, they literally motivate our old doggy to learn new tricks!


2. Bona Hardwood Premium Spray Mop - Speaking of tricks, my Bona Spray Mop is literally the only reason I'm able to kick back and relax with my mutt-ley crew. Between two adorable, but CONSTANTLY shedding dogs, my wild child, and their crazy adventures, my house and these beautiful vintage wood floors are constantly screaming for a cleaning - luckily I can quickly sweep & mop in one swoop with my Bona Hardwood Premium Spray Mop.


This quick and easy gadget comes ready to use & easily picks up the dust & grime that seems to accumulate when you add kids to your home. If you're a fellow mom (or mama to furr babies), you'll need a Bona Spray Mop to keep your floors clean.


3. Leash & Collar Ready-to-Go - I'm not sure this one is so unexpected, but it's not something everyone thinks about when heading to the pound to adopt an animal. I highly recommend bringing your own leash and collar when picking up your new friend. I feel like our pups treat their collars like it's their way to "claim" a spot in our pack, so I made sure Dax had a collar that suited him immediately.

4. The same dog food - Speaking of things suiting our furry friends, making sure you transition their food is important. It can cause upset bellies if you suddenly switch foods, especially with the sudden switch in homes causing anxiety too. We actually HATE the brand of food Dax's previous owner was feeding him but we transitioned him to his new food by feeding him less and less of the "bad" food while introducing him to the food we believe is best - simply because it's better for him to adjust like this.

5. Clothing that has your 'scent' - We actually have "couch blankets" we let the dogs cuddle with when we leave, because they are spoiled. If you don't have said blankets, adding a t-shirt you slept in to their crate or putting it on a decorative pillow before you leave could tremendously help your pup.

6. New toys - Another way to help your pup adjust is buying the new furry friend new toys. We had PLENTY of toys before Dax's arrival but making sure he had some toys of his own was really important, in my mind. I wanted Miley to feel as though she still had control over her toys but to recognize that he had his own. So far, they both understand that and get along just fine.

7. Air Freshener - Last, but not least - You're certain to want a quick way to freshen the air - especially if you're pup loves to get crazy as much as ours.


So tell me, have you adopted a dog before? What items do you consider must-haves when bringing home a new canine companion?

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