Help Your Dog Lead a Better Life in 2018

2017 was a crazy year for us and our dogs... We said goodbye to our sweet poodle love unexpectedly and then later in the year our little mix, Miley, had to have surgery. So, let's just say we hope for a better year this year for our canine companion.

With that said, we're not just hoping for a better year for Miley, we all want to have a better year... so we're all doing things to achieve that. From taking more time for things we love, to filling our bodies with the nurtients we need - we all are ringing in the new year the right way with a new, improved routine.

And by all, I truly mean all of us... even this crazy, cute little love bug mutt! She's already on top of her game and doing great the past few weeks, so I can't imagine how she'll feel once this new lifestyle is truly just routine to her!

Are you wondering how your dog can lead a better, more fulfilling life in 2018... well, here ya go:

1. Start with the vitamins - I'll be honest, until this year Miley had never taken a vitamin. I honestly had never thought to give her one. But after our scare with her last year, it was a must that we do everything we can to ensure health... including supplying her body with nutrients it needs. Thank goodness for Milk-Bone Good Morning Daily vitamins, now we know she's getting what she needs and she loves it because it tastes like a treat!

2. Don't forget those pearly whites - I've heard other dog owners talk about doggy breath issues, but luckily Miley doesn't have that problem... maybe it's because we've always been big on providing her with teething items like bones. I will say, as she's gotten older, you can definitely see her age in her teeth - but that's just how aging works. So when I heard about Milk-Bone Brushing Chews Dental Treats, I knew this would be the perfect way to ensure that her teeth remain healthy and fresh!

Delainey is a total animal lover and although she's a tiny tot, she already knows how important it is to keep her dog (and ALL dogs) healthy! So when we run into Target, which we do often, she's always sure to point out her friend Bullseye and remind mama to grab Miley's treats, each and every time! And... well, I think she's a pretty big fan of getting to hang out with a big, happy pup after doing a little shopping!

3. These paws are made for walkin' - Speaking of hanging out with dogs... getting fresh air and staying active and healthy is probably the whole family's favorite part of our new routine in the new year. Miley LOVES getting to go explore the neighborhood on walks and roaming around our backyard and I'm pretty sure Delainey enjoys it just as much. They both will just stand in the yard and bask in the sunlight... and well, it's pretty much the most adorable thing ever.

4. Keep things safe - Another thing I'm really trying to emphasize in the new year is Miley's cage being used as her safety haven. It's always been one of her favorite spots to nap so when Delainey came into the picture, I knew it would be a good place for her to seek shelter from the storm of having a toddler running around and I was totally right, she loves hiding out and getting some shut eye in there while Lainey is running around reeking havoc. With that said, I'm teaching Lainey that Miley's cage is ONLY for Miley and allowing Miley a truly safe space away from poking toddler hands and grabby little digits. LOL. I think she appreciates it; after all... she is the age of a grandmother in dog years, so I think she needs to rest a little more than her toddler sister.

With that said, I better go corral my troops and get them ready for a little bit of outside time - I think we all could use some fresh air. So, tell me, what will you do to ensure your family and your dog have a better year this year? If you're thinking about incorporating Milk-Bone Daily Vitamins or Brushing Chews into your routine, you'll definitely want to check out this Cartwheel offer for 10% off!


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