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July 21, 2022

Hollyn's Favorite Baby Toys from VTech Baby!

This post is sponsored by Babbleboxx, regardless all opinions listed below are completely my own.

I feel like Hollyn just came into the world, then I blinked and my baby is now a big, strong three month old. It goes by so quick...

 I'll be real, I'm already kind of missing that sweet newborn stage, but it's so exciting to see her blossoming and learning. She's really coming into herself! I'm cherishing every minute of each stage, knowing she's only little once and watching her recently roll over for the first time was legitimately so exciting. She surprises us daily with new skills and her athletic ability and agility makes tummy time an adventure daily, that's why we are loving all of her VTech® toys lately.

The one toy we've been grabbing for the most lately is the VTech® Kick & Score Playgym. This cute little play mat is the coolest. She's a huge fan because it lights up and plays songs, I'm an even bigger fan because she's learning while she's playing.

The playgym has a little bit of everything to keep my sweet busy bee entertained. From kicking the ball, to playing sounds and familiar phrases, to batting at the fun play pieces nearby the giraffe, she's constantly moving & grooving while chillin' on the Kick & Score mat. I'm able to lay her down on her mat and get a few things done while keeping an eye on her nearby.

It's amazing to see her face light up with excitement when she manages to kick the ball and it's even more fun to see her smiling when she swats at the giraffe toys and hears the rattle of the ball moving. She's so proud of herself and, in turn, I'm so proud of her!

We don't just lay her on her play mat on her back though, we occasionally flip her over and let her use the mat for entertainment during tummy time. It's so amazing to see her face light up seeing a different angle of her favorite toy. She loves seeing the buttons light up and looking around at all the "animal friends" on the toy definitely sparks joy for her!

Even more amazingly, she's starting to wiggle herself around and army crawl a little while laying on the mat, I credit the adorableness of the gym as a source of encouragement for her.

The playgym is not just a toy for babies though, big sister can't wait til Holly is a bit older and they can use the gym as a soccer goal. Until then we look forward to lots of "play" at this stage, for now big sister has been pointing out the numbers on the top of the playgym, playing with the dangling toys while Holly watches. It's fun watching them play together and I love that it's helping Holly strengthen her language skills while they both are exploring the music and songs as a team!

Looking for a great gift for a new baby in your life? Maybe your little one needs a good toy added to their Christmas wishlist? Make sure the VTech® Kick & Score Playgym is on their list this year!

While we are discussing toys, I feel like I need to mention another toy on the top of our list - the VTech® Turn + Learn Ferris Wheel is most definitely a favorite in this house. The way it lights up and sings songs has Hollyn mesmerized and I love that we can use it pretty much anywhere since it's little and attaches to surfaces by a suction cup.

Her face literally lights up when she manages to hit one of her new animal friends and makes the ferris wheel start singing. I imagine we'll be using this toy for years to come at dinner outings, play dates, and beyond.

Speaking of going out on the town, the last toy I want to share with you today but certainly not our least favorite is the
VTech® Turtle's Busy Day Soft Book. This adorable little book has a story easy enough for big sister to recite to Hollyn but also has elements to keep them both entertained, from hide-and-seek little puppets to buttons to push to hear songs and phrases, they both are huge fans!

I've been encouraging D to read this to Hollyn while I'm making dinner lately and I love looking over and seeing them both so engaged with a sweet little book.

So, tell me, do your kiddos have a favorite toy? I'd love to hear all about it in the comments!

April 12, 2022

Reduce Waste and Sip in Style with GoSili

This post may be sponsored, regardless all opinions expressed below are completely my own.

We all know life is better when we learn to adjust and grow, one way we are working on growth in this season of our life (other than growing our family) is learning how to live with less, specifically how to produce less waste. It actually is a simpler task than I originally thought and I love that we are doing our part to hopefully help the planet.

While there's a handful of ways we're trying to cut back on waste, one of the best and most effective ways we've been able to produce less waste is changing some of our kitchenware to GoSili products!

From the Toddler drinking cups for my little pre-k nugget to the Baby bib and silicone teething spoons for our newest addition, I'm super excited to make a change that benefits us all.

The 16oz Silicone to-go cup is Delainey's new favorite, coming in a stunning array of colors - we were gifted the pink and D is obsessed! I'm equally as obsessed since it's non-toxic, eco-friendly, and toddler-squeeze friendly with the embedded stainless-steel ring. Whether she wants a random hot chocolate treat or a refreshing ice-water, I love that I can grab for this cup and it's safe and easy-on-the-environment to use!

Once baby is big enough, I can't wait to teach her how to use cups using GoSili too. With their line of drinking cups and straw tops, I know it'll be a breeze. We tried all kinds of sippies for D and I wish we had known about GoSili and their easily adaptable straw toppers and these amazing little cups!

As I mentioned, they also sent over a bib and teething spoons for baby. I'm not going to lie, I wasn't sure about the bib, since we've never had a silicone bib - but I'm already a huge fan. It's made with the same platinum grade silicone but is made to be so comfortable for baby! It's the perfect bib to fold up and go with us places, especially because it has a little pocket to catch all the little bites that don't make it into babies mouth.

On that note, the teething spoons are definitely going to be a life-saver once baby is starting to teeth! These utensils are made with little nubs for easy gripping, but we all know they are also going to be the perfect texture for babe to soothe her gums! I plan on sticking them in the freezer, thanks to advice from GoSili and can't wait to see what baby thinks of them.

I didn't just change the kiddo's tableware though, I decided to go ahead and upgrade my daily cup to a GoSili cup and I haven't been disappointed. Not only is it "eco-friendly", it's adorable and convenient while also being the best way to make sure I'm staying hydrated enough each and every day as this pregnancy comes to an end.

This women-founded company manufactures and designs silicone tableware products for the whole family and their Silikids products are most definitely a hit in our house. GoSili products make the basics better by bringing an alternative to plastic, allowing the gap to be closed between great design and affordability while improving our quality of life. It's really a win in my book.

Check out their entire collection at

April 11, 2022

Step into Style with Pediped Shoes

This post may be sponsored - regardless all opinions expressed below are completely my own.

Pediped has been around for a while, so you likely already know about this adorable shoe brand but did you know Pediped footwear has been awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance for the promotion of healthy foot development? I had no clue, although I've always heard Pediped shoes are great for little feet - I found it so comforting to know I'm choosing shoes that help my baby once I learned this.

Not only are Pediped shoes award-winning, they are perfect for every outfit and occasion, with all the various styles and looks, it's nearly impossible to resist a shopping spree each time I see their catalog of shoes. The Originals are soft-soled shoes made for babes ages newborn to 24 months, The Grip 'n' Go are thin rubber-soled shoes perfect for ages 9 months to 3 years, and the Flex are perfect rubber-sole shoes for children ages 3 years to 9+ years available in European sizes up to 36.

Whenever Pediped approached me to feature them in my Baby Shower gift guide, I was so excited to see that I could get baby and Delainey a matching pair of shoes. Browsing their website lead me to so many cute designs with over 100 different options to choose from but these silver shoes stole my heart and I can't wait to see their cute little footsies matching in them together.

For now, we'll settle with talking about how comfortable Delainey thinks her shoes are, perfect for a dressy occasion or a trip up to the playground, I love that she can easily put them on and take them off without a fuss and they are just so stylish - I'm obsessed!

Interested in trying a pair of Pediped shoes for your little one? Check out their entire collection here.

November 21, 2016

It's True, We Co-Sleep (with Dockatot)!

Thanks to Dockatot for sending over this awesome little gadget for us to include in the baby shower gift guide,
regardless all opinions expressed are completely my own.

Parenthood is full of a whole bunch of new experiences. From learning all about our little Delainey and her personality to spending hours trying to figure out what she needs in her life, we've been learning a lot along the way so far... and I have a feeling that won't be changing any time soon. While we've appreciated all of the help we've gotten along the way, we've been given a lot of advice that was unwarranted.

Some people say co-sleeping is the ONLY way to get some rest when you have a baby, while some may say it's a big no-no. I'm honestly kind of on the fence with this discussion and where I stand, especially because Miss Delainey is pro co-sleeping. With that said, there's no reason to panic or worry about her well-being if you don't agree with co-sleeping because we've added a DockaTot to our stash of baby gear and it's definitely going to be put to good use!

Have you heard of DockATot? It's something every parent should have - a multi-functional lounging, playing, chilling, resting, and snuggling little dock you can take anywhere! The best part is your little baby will feel snug and secure without being unsafe and you can rest easy knowing your little one is safe & sound in the little pod! They are the closest thing to the womb, other than mama's arms, so any baby tucked into one of these beauties will sleep like a, uh..., baby!

Plus, I love that the DockATot can be moved from room to room easily without having to worry about waking your precious child from their slumber. That means you can always have your eyes on your little darling without having to disturb their sleep, a great little bonus for both mama and baby!

Not only does DockATot provide your little bundle of joy with a cozy place to rest and play, while also offering you portability, this little dock reduces risk of flat-head syndrome. I had no idea this was a thing, but apparently positional plagiocephaly (aka Flathead Syndrome) is a result of a baby lying on one side of the head more than the other. But how does the DockATot help this little issue? The mattress on each DockATot is a soft thermobonded fiber wadding plate with a great bearing capacity to relieve pressure on the head, which is just what your babe needs to avoid a flat head. In addition, the fibers of the surrounding bumpers on each dock offer great support and can function as a positioning prop, enabling you to alternate the baby's resting position, from back to either side without a worry in the world!

Are you interested in trying a DockATot for your tot or maybe you want to grab one to gift to a friend at her upcoming baby shower? Click here to find out more and score a discount on one of my favorite baby gear items on the market!

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November 10, 2016

Add Some Sparkle with Just Born!

We're such big fans of Just Born that we're actually brand ambassadors, regardless all opinions expressed below are my own.

Having a little girl means we are blessed with a ton of pink and sparkle in our house, so it comes as no surprise that we are obsessed with the Just Born Sparkle line for our gal. From the clothing to the changing pad covers, the line is absolutely adorable and the perfect girly touch for our little darling and her mermaid room.

I shared how much I was looking forward to sharing Just Born with Delainey recently and now that she's here, we both agree that they only make stuff that makes a girl smile!

Have you seen the latest from Just Born? When we were sent the crib rail guard in pink with a gorgeous pink crib sheet and the pink changing pad cover, both Delainey and I were gaga over the new additions to her room!

The sheets are super soft and she loves just hanging out in her crib watching her mobile and feeling the gentle sheets against her, it's a blessing that she loves to spend so much time just lounging in her room and being curious.

While the sheets are soft and perfect for my gal, the crib rail guard is a great feminine touch to her crib and great while she's little. I love the delicate female tone of pink and the gold embellishments are the perfect compliment to any nursery theme.

Lastly, the changing pad cover is awesome. Why? It's mainly because it's the softest in our collection... but also because it sparkles!

So tell me, are you looking to add some cuteness to your baby's room or wardrobe? Check out the Just Born Sparkle collection and tell me which item you are going to add first!

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November 1, 2016

Keep Things Fun with Ahoy Boutique Sheets in Your Nursery!

Thanks to Ahoy Boutique for sending over these gorgeous sheets to include in the Baby Shower Gift Guide, regardless all opinions expressed below are completely my own.

You guys, time just keeps flying by and I realized I haven't even finished telling you about all my favorites in my baby shower gift guide... so I'm back at it! Today's post is about one of the best parts of Delainey's room and something I change fairly regularly - the sheets!

While sheets may seem like a small detail in a nursery, they actually are a center point. The first thing I see after I see her, something always in photos of her in her crib, and definitely part of the room that really makes the theme come through. That's why when I decided I wanted a couple of custom sheets for my girl's crib, I turned to Ahoy Boutique.

This little Florida based etsy shop is one of my favorites, with so many unique children's bedding options it's hard not to change the theme of Delainey's room weekly. Whether you are doing a bold striped floral look or a muted swan princess look, Ahoy Boutique has bedding to match the theme of your child's room!

Since Delainey has a tropical themed mermaid room, we obviously loved the more tropical sheet options! When I saw the pineapples I knew she needed these and once I felt them in my hand, I just knew she'd love the softness! These babies are perfect for my baby!

The other sheet I chose for her nursery is the geometric mermaid print! It's a gorgeous mixture of all the colors of her nursery and equally as soft as the pineapple sheet! Made with the utmost detail, these sheets will last for years to come!

Speaking of years to come, I'm also pretty excited because in a few years, when it's time to change the theme to something Delainey likes, we could always find the perfect match in Ahoy Boutique's collection!

So take a minute and see what fits your theme... As you can see, we fell in love with the pineapples and the mermaid print, what do you love the most?

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