April 12, 2022

Reduce Waste and Sip in Style with GoSili

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We all know life is better when we learn to adjust and grow, one way we are working on growth in this season of our life (other than growing our family) is learning how to live with less, specifically how to produce less waste. It actually is a simpler task than I originally thought and I love that we are doing our part to hopefully help the planet.

While there's a handful of ways we're trying to cut back on waste, one of the best and most effective ways we've been able to produce less waste is changing some of our kitchenware to GoSili products!

From the Toddler drinking cups for my little pre-k nugget to the Baby bib and silicone teething spoons for our newest addition, I'm super excited to make a change that benefits us all.

The 16oz Silicone to-go cup is Delainey's new favorite, coming in a stunning array of colors - we were gifted the pink and D is obsessed! I'm equally as obsessed since it's non-toxic, eco-friendly, and toddler-squeeze friendly with the embedded stainless-steel ring. Whether she wants a random hot chocolate treat or a refreshing ice-water, I love that I can grab for this cup and it's safe and easy-on-the-environment to use!

Once baby is big enough, I can't wait to teach her how to use cups using GoSili too. With their line of drinking cups and straw tops, I know it'll be a breeze. We tried all kinds of sippies for D and I wish we had known about GoSili and their easily adaptable straw toppers and these amazing little cups!

As I mentioned, they also sent over a bib and teething spoons for baby. I'm not going to lie, I wasn't sure about the bib, since we've never had a silicone bib - but I'm already a huge fan. It's made with the same platinum grade silicone but is made to be so comfortable for baby! It's the perfect bib to fold up and go with us places, especially because it has a little pocket to catch all the little bites that don't make it into babies mouth.

On that note, the teething spoons are definitely going to be a life-saver once baby is starting to teeth! These utensils are made with little nubs for easy gripping, but we all know they are also going to be the perfect texture for babe to soothe her gums! I plan on sticking them in the freezer, thanks to advice from GoSili and can't wait to see what baby thinks of them.

I didn't just change the kiddo's tableware though, I decided to go ahead and upgrade my daily cup to a GoSili cup and I haven't been disappointed. Not only is it "eco-friendly", it's adorable and convenient while also being the best way to make sure I'm staying hydrated enough each and every day as this pregnancy comes to an end.

This women-founded company manufactures and designs silicone tableware products for the whole family and their Silikids products are most definitely a hit in our house. GoSili products make the basics better by bringing an alternative to plastic, allowing the gap to be closed between great design and affordability while improving our quality of life. It's really a win in my book.

Check out their entire collection at www.gosili.com.

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