January 16, 2018

Making Sure 2018 is a GREAT Year with My Lean, Clean, Green Babbleboxx!

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Okay, so maybe I'm guilty of saying this every year... but this year I'm working towards a better me. This isn't a resolution, this isn't a goal I set and don't achieve. This is what's happening. In 2018, I'm making a lifestyle change... and it's for the better.


While I'm still going to devote a majority of my time to my sweet babe, I'm making sure I take time for me this year. From working a little less to working out a little more, I am making myself a priority again... and I think this little change will be good for my entire family.

So how do I plan on doing this? Well, let's be frank, I'm going to start by spoiling myself. Some weeks I'll send Delainey off for a little Daddy-Daughter time while I go get a pedicure, other weeks D and I will spend our time practicing baby & me yoga. I still want to be the best mom, blogger, and small shop owner I can be, but I want to take a few moments for just me each day - to provide balance, to keep myself sane, and frankly, just to breathe.

Luckily, I have a supportive hubby who is totally on board... and coincidentally, earlier this week Babbleboxx sent over a box of lean, green goodies to spoil me. So out the door went my family on a fun little adventure and after doing a little yoga & meditation into the box I dove... and I'm in love with all the items they sent!


We'll start with something I didn't even know I need, but I totally love - The Waterpik Showerhead. I'll be honest and say I had no idea we even needed a new one, until I replaced our previous one. That's right, I got "handy" and installed this baby on my own (because it's super easy to do). And after yoga & a little handy work, taking a shower was just the right way to relax. With 2x the massage force of other shower heads, this new Waterpik shower head was the perfect mixture of relaxing and rejuvenating.


Speaking of relaxing and rejuvenating the CW Hemp oil products were my next must-try item in the box. With wellness in mind, the Everyday Plus Mint Chocolate hemp extract oil is something I recommend every one give a try!


This goodness not only adds a touch of tastyness to whatever you add it to, it also is full of antioxidants and naturally contained phytocannabinoids, that support all kinds of biological processes in your body.... which basically means, it's great for you and everyone should add a drop to their coffee or into their next batch of cookies! And before you ask... Let me answer the obvious - NO, I'm not promoting "drugs"! Cannabinoids are a fatty compound found in many plants that are key players in a normal immune system and are actually naturally produced in your body as well.


With that said, the Hemp Infused Balm & Cream CW Hemp sent over is amazing as well. It makes my skin so soft and I'll be real and let y'all know, I  just love using it on my aching feet after a long day of chasing D around! Interested in trying out something from CW Hemp? Check it out here and use the code BABBOXW7ZGGCRYAAZD to save 10%!


Speaking of chasing D around, the Casio: G-Shock S Series Step Tracker was a great addition to this box. I love that I'm able to keep track of how much activity I'm getting through out the day... it's a great way to remind myself to take a walk with Delainey instead of slaving away on my computer. Plus, the Casio G Shock is a pretty stylish women's timepiece, so it's a win-win for this mama!


Another win for me in this box was the Matcha Powder from The Synergy Company. From Matcha lattes to a quick pill to pop to make sure I'm giving my body all it needs - I'm a huge fan of Matcha! I'm also a huge fan of The Synergy Company and the fact that they are fanatical about using pure, natural ingredients... something I feel all vitamin companies should be!


And while we're on the note of using pure, natural ingredients... let's talk about one unexpected but highly enjoyed item in the box - the Primal Life All Natural Peppermint Toothpowder and Charcoal Ion Toothbrush.


While that sounds fancy, it's not at all! Ha. It may look funny while brushing with black charcoal but this all-natural, best selling tooth powder is filled with natural ingredients to help detoxify, whiten, and strengthen your teeth...  What more could you ask for? Check out Primal Life and use the code PLOBOXX217 for 20% off your purchase!

Are you implementing any new routines or making changes to lead a healthier lifestyle this year? I'd love to hear all about it in the comments below!

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