3 Ways For "Night Owls" to Try & Brighten Each Morning!

Mornings aren't my favorite, I'll tell ya that much.

I mean, I love waking up and seeing my family, being greeted by the sun, and so on... but I'm a just not a morning person. I've always been one of those people that skip breakfast to get more sleep... but THIS year I'm doing my best to turn things around.


Wondering how I'm trying to transform from a night owl to a morning person?

Here's how - each morning I take the time to...

1. Stretch & Meditate - Each morning as I step out of bed, I take the time to make my physical self feel better. I do a few brief yoga stretches as I focus on what's to come and think positive thoughts, then I pop my back, and greet my little sweetie as she joins me to stretch and touch the sky and we carry on with our day.


2. Cleanse - I'll be honest and admit I don't wash my hair everyday, but I make sure to freshen up each and every morning. There's just something so refreshing about cleaning your face and getting all fresh and clean.


3. Eat - Instead of skipping breakfast as I used to, I now get to sleep in AND enjoy a meal with Jimmy Dean Simple Scrambles®.

The best part about these protein filled little bowls of goodness? I can grab them on my weekly trip to Walmart and they take just two minutes to whip up!

That means I'm able to eat as I'm running out the door, feeling refreshed and balanced thanks to my new morning routine.

Do you have a routine that gets your mornings started out on the right foot? I'd love to hear all about it in the comments below!


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