October 15, 2017

Super Sweet Sprinkle Sundae Baby Costume Inspiration

You know, I didn't think she could get any sweeter...

Then I put this pastel sprinkle covered Rylan Nicole Designs romper on her and I realized I was mistaken.

This little Sprinkle Sundae costume is by far the easiest little Halloween outfit ever! Why? Because Rylan Nicole Designs did all the work and sent this beauty over!

I just added the cute little cherry from Bloomology on top out of her little noggin, for the finishing touch to her Sundae costume! With that said, it's SUNDAY... which means customs open soon! I can't wait to see what custom blooms y'all have in mind!

Enough about bows though... Isn't this little sundae bench the cutest place ever for my Sprinkle Sundae to show off her sweetness? I am obsessed!

And... I'm not exaggerating when I say Delainey Kate stopped traffic in Clearwater Beach today to get these photos. Seriously.

Everyone that was walking on the side walk stopped, I heard a handful of people mention how sweet she looked and I heard about a dozen people say "she's so cute" as we took our photos... and Delainey ATE IT UP. She seems to be losing her shy tendencies and that makes me so proud!

My sweet girl is getting big... and I'm just thankful for moments like this.

Moments with her, being so sweet and gaining independence right in front of my eyes... or in this case, in front of my camera lens. I know in the future I'm going to look back on all of these moments... and these photos and smile.

But for now, I'm doing my best to cherish each sweet moment with this tiny sprinkle-covered toddler.

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