October 17, 2017

Delainey the Dragon - Our DIY Baby Dragon Halloween Costume [Make This in Minutes!]

Some days you're a princess, some days you're more of a dragon.

Today Delainey was definitely a dragon.

Not only was she super sassy, stubborn, ornery and opinionated like one of her favorite growling creatures... she was dressed up as one too.😁

I'm not going to lie, watching her roam around the backyard exploring, with a little tail attached and a little mohawk of scales down her head was hilarious... and adorable.

Want to know the best part? I made this little "costume", using just a few items we already had, in just a matter of minutes. It may not look the fanciest, but she seriously LOVED walking around growling in it... so I think it's a total win.

Want to transform your toddler into a little dragon friend?

You'll need: Stiff paper felt, a hot glue gun, and a small bow.

I simply cut triangles out and attached them to the stiff paper using the hot glue to make them stand up. I then cute out some little wings and attached those to the back side of the paper.

I let it all dry and then clipped her tail and wings on to the back of her June & January romper with a small bow... We added a little bow to her hair and then she was ready to roam.

If I had more time, I maybe would have added a few fuchsia polka dots to her behind or a big fuchsia dot on her belly. But, this simple costume is all I had time to make with her rambunctious spirit and lack of napping!

And as I said, while this costume may not be the fanciest, she loved it! I officially have a dragon of a kiddo on my hands... and well, I guess I'm just lucky this crazy little "beast" is cute and (sometimes) friendly!

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