October 14, 2017

Mini Blogger Costume Inspiration & Why We're Playing Dress Up Everyday During The Month of October

Well, it was bound to happen... 
Y'all, Delainey Kate officially became a blogger today!

Just like her mama -- she decided to dress up, photograph it all (while even sneaking in some selfies), and then sit down and type it all out.

I think I've said this each day as I share a new costume idea or DIY project this month... but this Blogger costume is most definitely my favorite and one I think I'll always look back on and giggle.

She seriously looks like a more adorable, drooly, and significantly more fashionable version of me... and while I kind of feel silly saying it, I loveeeee it!

She's the definition of a girl boss in this "blogger costume", which in turn kind of makes me feel more empowered.

Realizing I've created this is something to be proud of and I'm not going to mask that pride.

And by this, I guess I mean all of it - the costume, the adorable baby, and this blog -- our livelihood. I'm not trying to brag, but that's pretttyyyy cool.

I'm proud of that and I think Delainey is proud of me, so can I get an "AMEN" for teaching her that she can be anything she wants to be - including a painter with a unique style like Frida Kahlo or a blogger with some sharp wit... like well, silly ol' me. Ha.

I've had a few recent comments about a costume or a photoshoot a day being too much for her. But I think those people are missing the point of all of this. I'm not sitting her in front of the camera and shouting "CHEESE". We are doing something new, learning, dressing up, getting hands on, and having a good time, every single time she's in front of the camera.

That's what this month is really all about. Having fun and teaching Delainey to dream big, while also exposing her to new things. Do you think we always talk about Frida Kahlo and let D smack the walls with a paint brush or make Delainey little play laptops? Nope. This is all learning through play.

Believe it or not, dressing up and letting her explore the world is helping Delainey to develop social and cognitive skills like building her vocabulary and engaging her memory, while also helping her mature emotionally by teaching her imitation, empathy, and problem-solving, and at the same time she's able to gain self-confidence in new experiences.

So tell me, what kind of activities do you think are fun for a 13-month old? Right now I would say Delainey loves to dance and she has a real passion for doggies and art. I can't wait to continue to show her the world, I'm certain she'll love all kinds of cool stuff and teach me a lot.... and I guess I have to say it again - that's prettyyyyy cool.

Love her outfit, click each shop to find out more details & availability:
Bow: Darling Diva Boutique Bows
Peplum top: Brooklynn & Grey
Pearls + Lace Jeans: Baby Bottoms
Shoes: Baby Gap

If you're wondering about her "laptop"... it's made out of an old piece of cardboard! I printed off a grey laptop backing, made our own "DelaineyKate.com" screen with her photos, then printed off an image of a keyboard. Gluing it all to the cardboard, as well as a plain white piece of paper on the bottom of the "laptop".

Then we handed her the SilliChews camera teether and her iPod and she was set. If we could add a Tula & some Starbucks in her hand, she would literally be me.

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