October 13, 2017

DIY Puppy Dog Dalmatian Baby Costume Inspiration

It's true Delainey loves doggies.

From falling in love with our dogs at just a few months old to chasing my mom's dogs around her house each time we go to visit, she's never met a pooch she didn't like.

Just like with art, D has always shown an interest in puppy dogs so we knew we had to dress up as a pup during this month of costumes!

And I'll tell you all right now, the second she saw herself with little polka-dot puppy ears in the mirror she LIT up. I'm fairly certain this simple puppy dog costume is her absolute favorite thing she's ever worn.

We even went to the library with her all decked out like a doggy and she was a magnet for smiles. She, of course, found books all about doggies and sat there patiently looking through them.

I'm telling you, this costume is pure puppy love... and so simple to put together!

If you have a little puppy lover, here's the details on Delainey's doggy costume and a few ideas on how you can DIY, if you wanted!

This little puppy's pajamas are Gerber brand and were a gift, but it looks like you can find this exact pair and some other cute pjs here.

Her adorable little puppy dog ears with bows and the heart-shaped doggy tag were made by Bloomology, you can order a pair this weekend... or they could even be made out of construction paper if you're in a time crunch!

Lastly, her little tiny pink shoes are Converse and you can find them here!

So tell me, what animal do you think your kiddo would love to dress up as? I'm looking forward to maybe seeing D dressed up as a flamingo, a hippo, or maybe even a dinosaur?!  She loves all creatures so it's hard to say what kind of creative ideas she'll have for future costumes!

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