That little doe, though.

Haha. I've got jokes... and possibly the kid's cutest costume winner on my hands.

In all seriousness, this sweet little costume is easy as pie to put together- especially because you know me! What do I mean by that?

 Oh "deer", you haven't you heard the news?

I opened a little bow shop! Well, more of a floral crown, specialty little boutique, if you will.

You're excited? We are too!!! And here's some awesome news: You can find out more about Bloomology and snag the opportunity to score one of my creations by joining the Bloomology VIP facebook group.

I'm glad to say our pre-opening sale/release in September went fantastically so we're gearing up for another release at the end of this week and it's going to be epic!

Including sweet little pieces like this and other fun costume-y items! As well as basics and fun little sassy blooms as well!

So tell me, would you rather see more custom spots or RTS items? I can't wait to hear your feedback!

Oh... and the outfit she is wearing for her costume is from Ricrac & Ruffles Boutique! It's already sold out, but you could easily pair a Bloomology Doe Crown with a tan onesie or any other neutral outfit and I guarantee your little sweets will look a-doe-able!