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6 Ways to Ensure You Have a Happy Baby!

Having a happy baby is easy.


Okay, okay... well, some days it is and some days it's a little bit more difficult! But most days, it shouldn't be too complicated to keep your tiny tot happy.


I'm not a parenting expert but I will say D seems pretty dang happy most of the time. I'm pretty proud of that... but I can't take all the credit. Her dad is a rock star and she seems to always have just had a pretty optimistic disposition, so we're lucky in the sense.


With that said, I wanted to share a few tips with you. So... here's 6 ways to ensure you have a happy baby:


1. Give Time - This may be the easiest, but definitely one of the most important ways to ensure happiness. Give your child as much time as you can, whether that means setting your phone down while playing in the backyard or playing tag while at the playground instead of instagramming. I'm certain giving time is one of the most important ways to show your kid you care.


2. Gratitude - Another way to ensure your kiddo is happy is to always live a thankful life. Whether your little princess wants to hand you a rock, a blade of grass, or a petal from a flower, be thankful and smile. Let your darling know you appreciate the gift, just like you appreciate their sweet soul for giving it to you.


3. Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula - This formula modeled after breast milk is the next best thing to the breast. While every baby and every breastfeeding journey is different, with this formula you can find comfort in knowing you are providing your child with the nutrients they need! Want to learn more about this formula and how it can benefit your smiley little sweetie? Click here!


4. Encourage - I bet you've noticed a smile and a kind tone go a long way in life, in most situations anyways. The same is true for your mini me. When she takes a tiny tumble to the ground clap and rejoice instead of gasping and running to the rescue. Why? Little one's love encouragement and it'll help teach them independence.

Another example - instead of scolding when your little tike is slowly sliding down the stairs, maybe offer to race him down the stairs instead. That way you both get what you want - the independence for your little one and the pace you need to get out the door, without a fit involved!

It's all about how you look at the situation, so if there's a positive way to spin things - always try that route. Both you and your little one will be happier that way.


5. Explore - Another great way to encourage your kiddo to live a happy life is to encourage them to explore. Watching each season come to life, gazing into the horizon while swimming at the beach, and letting them wander (within reason) are important ways to establish independence and trust at an early age, which obviously make for happy kids!


6. Above all, Love - It's hard to explain how to love someone, you just do. But making sure your child feels love is probably one (if not THE only) goal you should have as a parent. I'm going to be the obnoxious parent that yells it at D as she's running into school, that leaves notes in her lunch box, and then holds a sign up  reminding her at all her sporting events. But for now, I just cover her in kisses and make sure she feels secure and attended to.



Delainey the Dragon - Our DIY Baby Dragon Halloween Costume [Make This in Minutes!]

Some days you're a princess, some days you're more of a dragon.

Today Delainey was definitely a dragon.

Not only was she super sassy, stubborn, ornery and opinionated like one of her favorite growling creatures... she was dressed up as one too.😁

I'm not going to lie, watching her roam around the backyard exploring, with a little tail attached and a little mohawk of scales down her head was hilarious... and adorable.

Want to know the best part? I made this little "costume", using just a few items we already had, in just a matter of minutes. It may not look the fanciest, but she seriously LOVED walking around growling in it... so I think it's a total win.

Want to transform your toddler into a little dragon friend?

You'll need: Stiff paper felt, a hot glue gun, and a small bow.

I simply cut triangles out and attached them to the stiff paper using the hot glue to make them stand up. I then cute out some little wings and attached those to the back side of the paper.

I let it all dry and then clipped her tail and wings on to the back of her June & January romper with a small bow... We added a little bow to her hair and then she was ready to roam.

If I had more time, I maybe would have added a few fuchsia polka dots to her behind or a big fuchsia dot on her belly. But, this simple costume is all I had time to make with her rambunctious spirit and lack of napping!

And as I said, while this costume may not be the fanciest, she loved it! I officially have a dragon of a kiddo on my hands... and well, I guess I'm just lucky this crazy little "beast" is cute and (sometimes) friendly!


Super Sweet Sprinkle Sundae Baby Costume Inspiration

You know, I didn't think she could get any sweeter...

Then I put this pastel sprinkle covered Rylan Nicole Designs romper on her and I realized I was mistaken.

This little Sprinkle Sundae costume is by far the easiest little Halloween outfit ever! Why? Because Rylan Nicole Designs did all the work and sent this beauty over!

I just added the cute little cherry from Bloomology on top out of her little noggin, for the finishing touch to her Sundae costume! With that said, it's SUNDAY... which means customs open soon! I can't wait to see what custom blooms y'all have in mind!

Enough about bows though... Isn't this little sundae bench the cutest place ever for my Sprinkle Sundae to show off her sweetness? I am obsessed!

And... I'm not exaggerating when I say Delainey Kate stopped traffic in Clearwater Beach today to get these photos. Seriously.

Everyone that was walking on the side walk stopped, I heard a handful of people mention how sweet she looked and I heard about a dozen people say "she's so cute" as we took our photos... and Delainey ATE IT UP. She seems to be losing her shy tendencies and that makes me so proud!

My sweet girl is getting big... and I'm just thankful for moments like this.

Moments with her, being so sweet and gaining independence right in front of my eyes... or in this case, in front of my camera lens. I know in the future I'm going to look back on all of these moments... and these photos and smile.

But for now, I'm doing my best to cherish each sweet moment with this tiny sprinkle-covered toddler.


Moms Don't Get Sick Days: Why I Chose to Ask an Expert Today!

Today's conversation is sponsored by Samsung via MomTrends.

Moms can't be sick, it's an unspoken rule. But if you're feeling under the weather, check out how you can EASILY and QUICKLY be seen by a medical professional from the comfort of your own couch...

It was bound to happen... and for the first time since I had D, it happened today.


Y'all... Today, I woke up with a sore throat, a scratchy feeling in my ears, a slight fever, and an overall BLAH feeling. Oh, freaking no. My life is busy, as is, there's no time for being sick. Moms don't get sick days! It's just like an unspoken rule or something, we literally can not be sick.

Moms can't be sick, it's an unspoken rule. But if you're feeling under the weather, check out how you can EASILY and QUICKLY be seen by a medical professional from the comfort of your own couch...

I wasn't sure what I was going to do... but I knew I had to act fast. I'm sure you can relate, mom life doesn't leave much time for contemplating decisions. With a toddler bouncing around in bed with me and growling like a wild animal, I knew it was time to start the day... whether or not I felt up to it or not. So I made my plan and executed it, almost flawlessly, may I add.


The first thing I did was gargle with salt water and make myself a cup of honey-lemon tea.


Next, I knew I had to see a doctor, but wasn't sure how I was going to swing that with Miss Crazy Pants in tow. Then I remembered, I can just use my phone! Samsung Health makes it all easy as pie.


So...instead of trying to get myself and D dressed & put together for an in-person Doctor's visit, I was able to consult with a qualified physician from the comfort of my couch using Ask an Expert on my Samsung S6 Edge. I can't even begin to tell you what a relief this was.


I didn't have to worry about D catching something while waiting for me to be seen at a local urgent care, because we were literally able to watch her shows while I waited to be "seen" by the doctor.


I love how convenient Asking an Expert was, I literally just pressed a few buttons, chose who I would see, and then waited a few minutes until it was time... and of course, D had to say hello and help me discuss my symptoms.


Then... He told me to take it easy, get some rest, and make sure I'm getting plenty of Vitamin C. HA! And while I wish I could do all of that, it simply isn't going to be happening any time soon, at least while I have D in my care. So I amped up the vitamin C and we did our very best to take it easy today, which still included lots of time playing and chasing my tiny boss around the house.


While I'm not feeling a hundred percent myself yet, I think I'm on the road to recovery and I'm thankful I was able to Ask an Expert and confirm it was just a common cold without even having to leave my house.


Are you feeling a little under the weather or maybe your sweet pea is breaking out in a rash? If you're a Samsung user, here's some good news (even though I'm sure you're stressing):  you can see a doctor easily, just like I did! PLUS, I have a discount code you can use, save $10 when you use the code 'SAMSUNG24'! But just so ya know, this expires 3/31/18.


Disclaimer: Compensation for this post was provided to me by Samsung via MomTrends. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Samsung or MomTrends. Ask an Expert (Online Doctor Visits) is a service offered through Samsung Health that helps you easily connect to medical and wellness experts from your phone. Samsung Health requires a compatible Android phone and a Samsung account. The Online Doctor Visits service is available in the U.S., except in Arkansas. The service is not for people suffering from medical emergencies or serious life-threatening conditions.  If you have a serious medical concern, please call 911 or proceed to the nearest emergency department.