Uncorked Ventures: Treat Yourself to a little Wine!

When Uncorked Ventures approached me to review their wine club, I was beyond excited... I'm not a wino but I do enjoy a good glass of vino on occasion!

Signing up to be a part of the Uncorked Ventures Wine Club was really easy: they asked me what type of wines I prefer and I mentioned that I like red over white and then they asked for my information & told me my wine was on it's way! When it arrived it was packaged well, including a description of the bottles and tasting notes from a sommelier! Then it was time to pair with a meal and start sipping!

The wines they sent over are incredible. They sent me Del Rino Vineyards Syrah and Easton H House Red Blend (a Syrah-Cabernet Sauvignon blend) and they both are uniquely delicious in the own way.

My husband and I split the Del Rino Vineyards Syrah over dinner one evening and loved the mix of flavors the wine offered... The Sommelier said "good luck finding the flavors that are swirling together here" and I couldn't agree more. It's a tasty treat but a very rich one at that.

The other bottle we just busted into when I decided to write this review. It's always good to write a wine review while drinking wine, right? I'm loving the flavors this wine offers, maybe even a little more than the other bottle. It's a refreshing blend with a zest to it that I haven't found in other wines!

While I loved the bottles Uncorked Ventures sent over, I hope that I'm able to sample more of their wines in the future - after all, it's fun to try new things and since both of these wines are bottles I've never picked up at a wine store before, I'm excited to see what other unique wines they offer!

What I love about Uncorked Ventures, other than their wine selections, is the fact that they are a different kind of wine club and I think you'll love this about the company as well... They are a family owned and operated start-up, based just outside of San Francisco. What's really great about Uncorked Ventures though, is that unlike buying wine through middle men and distributors, they spend time in wine country getting to know winemakers, vineyard owners, farmers and others directly involved in the creation of what's in your glass. That means your wine is personally selected by someone who knows the wine, the person that made it, how it was made,etc not just some sales guy, have comfort in knowing that you'll only receive the very best via Uncorked Ventures Wine Club Subscription!

Are you interested in becoming a member of the Uncorked Ventures wine club?
Find out more here.

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Living Proof: The Perfect Hair Day Challenge Was A Success!

This is a sponsored post to spread the word about Living Proof's Perfect Hair Day line,
regardless I only share items that I use myself & I think my readers will love.

Did you see my post in September about Living Proof and how I was taking The Perfect Hair Day challenge? Well, I've been using the the PhD Shampoo, conditioner, and 5-in-1 Styling Treatment (as well as a deep conditioner and a style extender) for over a month & a half and the results are in... The challenge was a success!

I love how amazing The PHD line is for my hair. It leaves my locks feeling super soft and healthy. Plus, I don't have to wash my hair as often... which keeps it healthier and it helps keep the super bleached pieces of my hair less brittle - game over, this is the best line of hair care products I've tried in a while! Since beginning the challenge I went to my stylist to get an ombre color and loved the results, but I knew it would probably leave my hair damaged. Luckily using the PhD line of products helped my hair within just a week! Now it's back to it's healthy state and that's because of Living Proof's revolutionary new formula... It really does what other hair lines can't do!

While taking the challenge I became a little less reliant on my hair dryer and started wearing my locks curly. This isn't necessarily my favorite way to wear my hair, just because we all want what we can't have and I would LOVE to have naturally straight hair. The first thing I noticed about my hair air drying when taking the challenge was that my curls were more defined and full. I love that my curly hair looks less dry now that I use Living Proof's PhD line, especially since I feel like my curls normally just look like a frizzy mess. I highly recommend the deep conditioner for girls with curly hair as well, it helps tremendously!

When I do decide to blow dry and style my hair, it looks so full and voluminous now. I love the thick, wavy look of Living Proof's Rock N' Roll waves featured on their pinterest account and felt inspired to recreate the look in my own way. I just used my hair straightener and my fingers to make pin curls, it's super easy to do and gives the perfect effect for a rock n' roll look.

You're probably curious how my hair looked before? This picture was taken a few months ago and although it's slightly styled you still get the idea of how fried my hair was... and the results afterward are phenomenal! I wish you guys could touch my hair so you could feel the difference!

So now that you've seen my results, I'm curious... do you have any issues preventing you from having the Perfect Hair Day? Do you think this line could help you? Will you be taking The Perfect Hair Day Challenge as well?

If you decide to take the challenge, you should know that now through November 8th, if  you use the code NOV2014 you will get a free travel size PHD 5-in-1 Styling Treatment with any purchase of $20 or more.

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7 Easy Tips to Help You Drink More Water & The Tropical Refresher Recipe!

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7 Easy Tips to Help You Drink More Water

Drinking water is very important for so many reasons, it helps make your skin look gorgeous while helping you to cleanse out toxins and helps to regulate every single part of your body. The benefits of drinking water are infinite and I think most of us know this... but I know so many people in my life that struggle with drinking enough water. I sometimes have that problem myself and I have recently found ways to encourage myself to drink more water... Today, I'm sharing these tips with you!


1. Infuse your water
: I love adding a Crystal Light on-the-go packet and some fruit to my water, both give it a healthy pick-me-up. I love the Crystal Light On-the-Go Pure Tropical Blend with some raspberries and blackberries sprinkled in with it (I call this The Tropical Refresher) or I highly recommend the Crystal Light On-the-Go Citrus with Caffeine and few very thin slices of orange thrown in with it! SO delicious!
The best part - Crystal Light is available at your local Walmart at a great value.

2. Invest in your H2
0: Buy an adorable cup, tumbler, or an eye-catching water bottle you don't want to be without, it sounds silly but having a cute water cup can encourage you to carry it places like class or work. Accessorize with your water, have fun with it... Find a tumbler that says something hilarious - I promise it'll have you drinkin' more!

3. Keep water w
ithin arms reach at all times: Simple, but keep a glass of water around you all the time. If you're bored while watching netflix, drink water. If you need help focusing on your college algebra, drink water. If your kids are driving you crazy and you need a break, drink water. It may not help the situation but it will help your body rejuvenate and your mind refocus!


4. Make it extra chill or turn up the heat: Add TONS of ice cubes, I say this because I personally think cold water is easier to drink... or if you like hot water, go that direction; did you know warm/hot water actually helps digestion?

 5. Don't indulge in junk food, guzzle some water instead: When you are craving a specific food that maybe you shouldn't (fast food, sweets,etc), drink a FULL glass of water - it'll help satisfy those cravings and keep your mind straight so you can decide on a more healthy meal!

 6. Set a goal: I shared this fact on my Winter Beauty Tips post BUT I'm sharing it again - You need to be drinking at least half your body weight in oz in water... This helps keep your body refreshed and healthy... and keep in mind, that's the bare minimum you should be drinking!
7. Get Rewarded to Drink:
Did you know Crystal Light and
Miranda Lambert have partnered to launch The Platinum Points Program? They launched this program to reward Crystal Light customers and fans of the gorgeous and talented Miranda Lambert with fun prizes like free music downloads, t-shirts, mugs, and even an autographed guitar! I've got my eye on the Miranda Lambert Platinum Tumbler, so I can get even more H20 in my system in style!

Being a part of The Platinum Points Program is easy and free! All you have to do is purchase Crystal Light products at Walmart, snap a picture of your receipt with your phone and upload it to The Platinum Points Program, and choose from a variety of rewards... It's really that simple!

Go ahead and treat yourself to water that tastes delicious,
head into Walmart and get some Crystal Light...
Then claim your purchases for points in The Platinum Points Program 
for the opportunity to reward yourself with awesome prizes!
Sign up now and use the code MIRANDAIC to get 30 free points!

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Crystal Light Pure Tropical Refresher Recipe:


The 6 Best Beauty Tips to Battle Winter Weather

This Suave post is sponsored by Global Influence, regardless I only share items that I use myself & I think my readers will love.

The Six Best Beauty Tips to Battle Winter Weather

Although it rarely gets super cold here in Florida, it does get a little chilly. Now that it's cooling down a bit, I've switched to my lighter toned make up and I've started rocking more fall outfits and my boots already! My beauty routine has switched over to help keep my hair & skin in tip-top shape as well. I'm not a professional, but I know what works for me and I want to share with you the six best tips to battle winter weather!


1. Contrary to popular belief, you absolutely should not wash your hair everyday: it's horrible for your hair and it kills off all the natural oils. Go ahead and take showers to wash your body with Suave Almond Verbena Body Wash, but let your hair take a break from all the harshness! If you need to freshen up your hair, but your not ready for a real wash yet, another great option is using Suave Moroccan Infusion Weightless Dry Shampoo: a "no-wash" alternative to achieving clean hair.

The Six Best Beauty Tips to Battle Winter Weather

2. Stay hydrated! Be sure to drink lots of water to prevent and eliminate blackheads, dry skin, and give your skin a dewy look. You want to try to drink at least half your body weight in ounces. So if you weigh 140lbs, you'll want to drink 70+ ounces of water a day! That's just over four regular sized water bottles, you can totally do that!

The Six Best Beauty Tips to Battle Winter Weather

3. Always make sure you are rocking an awesome pedicure, just as you would during the summer... seriously it sounds so simple but Ive seen some gnarly looking toes in the winter time! I suggest a good looking pedi because you never know when your toes will be seen (even if you're wearing boots)! Plus, you'll want to avoid dry and cracking feet and luckily I'll be posting a DIY Luxury Pedicure post soon so keep your eye out for that!

The Six Best Beauty Tips to Battle Winter Weather

4. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize! I don't mean constantly spend all day applying moisturizers (although a regular routine definitely helps). I just mean moisturize your face, your lips, and your body! I suggest using  a really rich but natural moisturizer like LUSH Skin Drink to moisturize your face, CO Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine & Breath Freshener to moisturize your lips, and Suave Moroccan Infusion Body Lotion to moisturize your body - you'll be as smooth as butter with all of these products and your skin will love it.

The Six Best Beauty Tips to Battle Winter Weather

5. Ingest as much Vitamin C as possible! You can take a supplement or just try to eat citrus and other foods high in this awesome vitamin... but you'll want as much of it as you can get! Not only does it help you avoid sickness, it'll help your skin look healthy and helps the aging process.
The Six Best Beauty Tips to Battle Winter Weather

6. Get active & you'll feel better! I know it's colder out and it makes for a not so pleasant run when it's snowing out... So maybe give yoga a try or hit your local gym. Whatever activity you decide to do, it'll help keep your body revitalized and energized while also helping to clean toxins out of your body; just what the doctor ordered!

Do you have any winter weather beauty tips to share?

I'd love to hear them!

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No Tricks, All Treats: Halloween Recipes You Will Love

While I was compensated to compile this awesome collection of recipes, I would have done so anyways... all of these recipes are so amazing, I just had to share.

I'm a huge fan of Halloween, as you have probably read already; maybe that's because that's how almost every post has started this week. You may say I'm a little too "Halloween happy" but I mean who doesn't love a Holiday where they get to dress up and eat super delicious treats? I love getting to see people be truly creative and this holiday seems to bring that out in nearly everyone, kids and adults alike, it just makes me smile!

Today I'm sharing a collection of some of the most delicious and adorable Halloween treats that you can make at home; these recipes are a compilation of treats that fellow bloggers and a few amazing companies have made, including one recipe from yours truly - The Messy Monster Pumpkin Ice Cream Cake. All of these fabulous recipes are sure to wow all the ghouls and boys this Halloween - no tricks involved! Beware: This collection is devilishly delicious!

Check out No Tricks, All Treats - Halloween Recipes You Will Love
by Lauren Paints at Foodie.com