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Super Simple DIY Sushi Roll Costume for Baby

Who would have thought? We're o-fish-ally on day 19 of Delainey's 31 days of Halloween (give or take a few days because she's one and not always willing to take photos...) and it's starting to become difficult for this mama to come up with a costume idea each day especially since this little gal has such a "tempura". I mean 31 costumes is A LOT for one mama and baby to take on.

While it's been challenging, I will say it has also been a LOT of fun...

As I discussed before, it's actually really educational and rewarding for D and since I'm having to get creative and use my crafting skills, I feel like it's been a bit of a learning experience for me as well.

I mean, a good challenge is almost always rewarding - just like mastering the art of taking photos of toddlers or making perfect little sushi rolls.

That's right - today this little chumaki-chunk dressed up as one of our favorite foods... and I maki-d her costume. Ha. Get it? I'm so punny, right? 😂

If you like the way we roll, then check out the details on this oh-soy-cute costume:

I made the little rice, fish, and veggie pieces out of felt and cotton balls. I just cut little scraps up to look like a piece of "raw fish", a few pieces of cucumber, and some avocado then glued on some "rice" cotton balls.

Once it was all dry, I used a spot of hot glue and attached it to her black The Baby Bird Boutique romper [use the code DelaineyBird to save]!

I could have stopped there but, I mean, no roll would be truly complete without a little bit of smelt roe, so I just had to add that as well...

And on that note, you can't have sushi without the basics... so we had to accessorize with a custom Bloomology Wasabi and Ginger bow!

So tell me, does anyone have any soy sauce? Cause that's all we're missing from this super scrumptious little costume and I'm ready to dip her in and just eat her up!

In all seriousness though, isn't this costume the cutest? It makes "miso" happy!


Prima Ballerina or Prima Donna?! Tiny Dancer Baby Costume Inspiration

Prima Ballerina or Prima Donna?

I'm not really sure which prima costume she is going for today, but I would say she is rocking both looks pretty much perfectly!

This little "tiny dancer" costume is seriously cute and SO easy to put together with items most little girls already have around the house!

All you need is a perfect pink bow, a girly leo, a tutu, and some shoes that resemble ballet shoes... and your little "Prima Ballerina" is set to perform... or uh, run around in the front yard! 💃😆

While a leo may not be something everyone has... That should change!

We absolutely love our leotards from Chloe + Piper for everyday wear and have a handful, including some with custom monogramming! Whether you want a plain floral or a festive Halloween leo, C+P has you covered...and you can always use our code DELAINEY to save!

And I mean, we love all of our leos equally, but this one is a new addition to her collection and so incredibly perfect for this sassy little ballerina costume!

Interested in knowing the details on her entire outfit?
I've linked each shop below!

Bow: Darling Diva Boutique Bows | Leo: Chloe + Piper [use code DELAINEY to save]
Tutu: Capezio | Shoes: Robeez
Sunglasses: Carters

6 Ways to Ensure You Have a Happy Baby!

Having a happy baby is easy.


Okay, okay... well, some days it is and some days it's a little bit more difficult! But most days, it shouldn't be too complicated to keep your tiny tot happy.


I'm not a parenting expert but I will say D seems pretty dang happy most of the time. I'm pretty proud of that... but I can't take all the credit. Her dad is a rock star and she seems to always have just had a pretty optimistic disposition, so we're lucky in that sense.


With that said, I wanted to share a few tips with you. So... here's 6 ways to ensure you have a happy baby:


1. Give Time - This may be the easiest, but definitely one of the most important ways to ensure happiness. Give your child as much time as you can, whether that means setting your phone down while playing in the backyard or playing tag while at the playground instead of instagramming. I'm certain giving time is one of the most important ways to show your kid you care.


2. Gratitude - Another way to ensure your kiddo is happy is to always live a thankful life. Whether your little princess wants to hand you a rock, a blade of grass, or a petal from a flower, be thankful and smile. Let your darling know you appreciate the gift, just like you appreciate their sweet soul for giving it to you.


3. Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula - This formula modeled after breast milk is the next best thing to the breast. While every baby and every breastfeeding journey is different, with this formula you can find comfort in knowing you are providing your child with the nutrients they need! Want to learn more about this formula and how it can benefit your smiley little sweetie? Click here!


4. Encourage - I bet you've noticed a smile and a kind tone go a long way in life, in most situations anyways. The same is true for your mini me. When she takes a tiny tumble to the ground clap and rejoice instead of gasping and running to the rescue. Why? Little one's love encouragement and it'll help teach them independence.

Another example - instead of scolding when your little tike is slowly sliding down the stairs, maybe offer to race him down the stairs instead. That way you both get what you want - the independence for your little one and the pace you need to get out the door, without a fit involved!

It's all about how you look at the situation, so if there's a positive way to spin things - always try that route. Both you and your little one will be happier that way.


5. Explore - Another great way to encourage your kiddo to live a happy life is to encourage them to explore. Watching each season come to life, gazing into the horizon while swimming at the beach, and letting them wander (within reason) are important ways to establish independence and trust at an early age, which obviously make for happy kids!


6. Above all, Love - It's hard to explain how to love someone, you just do. But making sure your child feels love is probably one (if not THE only) goal you should have as a parent. I'm going to be the obnoxious parent that yells it at D as she's running into school, that leaves notes in her lunch box, and then holds a sign up  reminding her at all her sporting events. But for now, I just cover her in kisses and make sure she feels secure and attended to.



Delainey the Dragon - Our DIY Baby Dragon Halloween Costume [Make This in Minutes!]

Some days you're a princess, some days you're more of a dragon.

Today Delainey was definitely a dragon.

Not only was she super sassy, stubborn, ornery and opinionated like one of her favorite growling creatures... she was dressed up as one too.😁

I'm not going to lie, watching her roam around the backyard exploring, with a little tail attached and a little mohawk of scales down her head was hilarious... and adorable.

Want to know the best part? I made this little "costume", using just a few items we already had, in just a matter of minutes. It may not look the fanciest, but she seriously LOVED walking around growling in it... so I think it's a total win.

Want to transform your toddler into a little dragon friend?

You'll need: Stiff paper felt, a hot glue gun, and a small bow.

I simply cut triangles out and attached them to the stiff paper using the hot glue to make them stand up. I then cute out some little wings and attached those to the back side of the paper.

I let it all dry and then clipped her tail and wings on to the back of her June & January romper with a small bow... We added a little bow to her hair and then she was ready to roam.

If I had more time, I maybe would have added a few fuchsia polka dots to her behind or a big fuchsia dot on her belly. But, this simple costume is all I had time to make with her rambunctious spirit and lack of napping!

And as I said, while this costume may not be the fanciest, she loved it! I officially have a dragon of a kiddo on my hands... and well, I guess I'm just lucky this crazy little "beast" is cute and (sometimes) friendly!