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There's just something so refreshing about spring, it's rejuvenating to see plants come into bloom and life blossoming again - even in Florida, it's a notable difference and one I always look forward to each year.

I don't look forward to just the spring weather, though... I actually am always eager to refresh our home in the spring time and thankfully Babbleboxx sent a bunch of goodies over to do just that!

We'll start with something I'm dying to do, freshen up the cabinets in our kitchen with N-Hance. While we haven't started this process, mainly because our house is actually a rental... I was sent a test kit and I'm here to report, this is the answer to your cabinet painting DREAMS. While they make your cabinet beautiful, they actually provide a durability that paint can't even come close to matching. I tested this out for myself, with the sample kit they sent over - I beat both samples with a hammer, scratched them with a penny, and even used some sand paper to see what damage I could do... and as you can tell - the painted "cabinet" didn't even stand a chance. The N-Hance'd cabinet is still in pretty decent condition for taking a true beating - so I know how I'll choose to refinish my cabients in the future...

And... here's some more amazing news about N-Hance, you can pick ANY color and they can match it. So if you want pink cabinets in your kitchen, have at it... or even add a touch of dark to a light kitchen with a dark espresso color - the options are endless! What color are you dreaming of? Get more info on N-Hance Wood Refinishing here.

While I'm day dreaming of a makeover for our kitchen, I'm stoked to report that my new ECOVACS DEEBOT 600 is cleaning up around the house for me. This handy little robot vacuums with ease, with smart motion technology to clean both hardwoods and carpet and compatible with Amazon Alexa, I'm not gonna lie - this little gadget is my new best friend.

Cleaning up a mess is as easy as clicking a button and with multiple cleaning modes, it's like I never have to stress about a mess again. Want more info on the best robot vacuum? Check out the ECOVACS DEEBOT 600.

The last item Babbleboxx sent over to refresh our home was the Scrub Daisy set from Scrub Daddy and if I'm being real, it's probably my most favorite item in my house right now. With such happy little details and such strong scrubbing power - what's not to LOVE about this adorable dishwand set?

These handy little sponges are not only cute, but super strong, while also being scratch-free and soap dispensing - making doing dishes an absolute breeze... no wonder they are "smiling" sponges!

Want to get yourself some new happy sponges? Check out Scrub Daddy and click HERE to save $1!

So tell me, how do you plan to refresh your home this spring?


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