August 18, 2019

Toddler Bedtime is ALL Unicorns & Rainbows with Hefty Petz

I was sent a blanket to review for this post, 
regardless all opinions expressed below are completely my own.

We recently were lucky enough to be sent a weighted blanket from Hefty Petz and I have nothing but amazing things to say about the it. It's super soft, the quality is amazing, the weight is just right for my little one to feel comforted, and the design is ADORABLE.

D loves it because it's a cute little unicorn and she calls it her heavy super girl blanket, because she feels powerful when she carries it out of bed with her, to read in our chair. It's pretty much the most perfect addition to our plethora of blankets and definitely our most used since receiving it.

Speaking of D's favorite things, Hefty Petz asked me to interview my sweet girl and I thought it was fun enough to share with y'all! She seemed to really enjoy answering these questions.  If you decide to interview your sweet kiddos, let me know in  the comments below - kids say the funniest things, so I can't wait to hear.

*Q1: At what age did you first start sleeping on your own? 
1.5 and it made me feel like a super hero!!

*Q2: What makes you feel brave? 
When I drink my own water. When mama gives me hugs and kisses, that makes me feel brave too.

Q3: If you could have one superpower what would it be? 
Um, like flying, probably.

*Q4: What do you want to be when you grow up? 
A ghost or a monster or a teacher?

Q5: What makes you so awesome? 
When I play dress up.

*Q6: What is something you do now that you need an adult for but would like to try to do all by yourself?  

Q7: If you wrote a book, what would it be about? 
It would be about a monster.

Q8: If you were a teacher and could teach your students anything at all, what would you teach them?
 I would teach the kids to sing and to trace their letters.

*Q9: What do you look forward to when you wake up? 
10... and going on a walk and my toys.

Q10: What's a memory that makes you happy?
Playing playdoh with my daddy

Q11: What do you think you’re going to dream about tonight? 
The fairy and the playground and presents... and figuring out the fairy's name.

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