My Curly Girl Secret and How I'm Healing my Hair with Giovanni!

This post is sponsored by Giovanni, regardless all opinions expressed below are my own.

Having curly hair has always been a struggle for me. I'm constantly fighting the frizz and trying to tame the 'fro or straightening it and then watching humidity change that back into some funky frizzy mess. I felt like I had tried everything, I started resorting to pony tails ALL THE TIME because I've never really found something that makes me say 'OH, wow' about my natural hair texture -- until now, that is.

I recently started using Giovanni and the products I've added into my curl routine are a legit GAME CHANGER. It's like I brought some of the salon magic hairstylist always seem to have home with me, except these aren't just available from salons - they're for everyone and available at most health food stores (and some grocers too).

Why health food stores for hair products? Well, Giovanni is not just a salon-quality brand, it's an "eco-chic", vegan-friendly and cruelty-free company as well. They are the epitome of what every hair company should strive to be. Great smelling, effective, and more natural than anything else I've ever used. All of their products are made containing no harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients and they've never tested on animals - so they're pretty much the coolest, in that sense. Speaking of being cool, I'm obsessed with the fact that the whole line seems to be tailored to fit my hairstyle, yet it's so versatile and can be used for so many hair types and textures.

That's the thing though, they've got this "hair thang" figured out. Not surprisingly though, since Giovanni has been bridging the gap between natural and salon quality since 1979 and they've developed a trusted formula that is already transforming my hair texture in just a few washes!

How is that even possible?

The Smooth as Silk Deep Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner I was sent have a super luxurious lather to them that soothes my dry (overly processed from all of the dying) hair, while gently cleansing to help keep the hair smooth and calm. Being free of lauryl and laureth sulfate, parabens, and other harsh chemicals makes my hair so happy.

The Giovanni L.A. Hold Styling Gel grabs onto style and holds on tight with extreme hold. It's the strongest gel they offer, but doesn't leave your hair feeling "crispy" like other gels. It helps control frizz and increase shine with surface enhancers, while again still being cruelty-free.

The The Frizz Be Gone Hair Serum is what I'm really bragging about today, though. This liquid style enhancer is what frizzy haired girls like me are dying to find. It creates the perfect sealant, helping to control frizz, add shine, infuse with conditioners, and lock in hair color. Living in Florida, you know it's humid and this heavy-duty, yet light-weight in texuture, hair serum is the answer to the muggy, afro-puff-inducing- humidity that we all hate dealing with. Not only does it make my hair less wild, it helps smooth and detangle while stopping breakage AND provides heat protection while sealing in color!

Lastly, The Giovanni Direct Leave-In Weightless Moisture Conditioner restores strength and luster for abused hair, while moisturizing and building body. The best part is, it helps with detangling and makes for easy styling - that's a serious win in my book and my curls agree.

While my hair is still "healing" from all of the damage I've done to it over the years, I'm already seeing my curls bounce back and the texture feels so much less brittle and overworked. If you're struggling with hair insecurities, I'm going to tell you right now - Giovanni is the only brand you can trust. I haven't found any other brand that beats the salon quality and performance of Giovanni hair products. Their Eco Chic line is truly the best out there and they make products for each and every hair type! Straight, wavy, curly, or coily - be prepared to see your hair at it's healthiest. Check out the website to find which line will work best for you!


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