Sharing my "I am Loved" Story... {& a Helzberg Giveaway!}

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Did you know when Barnett Helzberg proposed to his other half, Shirley Bush in 1967, he felt a true spark and thought to himself, everyone should feel this, everyone should feel loved? This totally romantic thought inspired the "I Am Loved" lapel pin that Helzberg is so aptly known for. These simple little symbols of can be found around the world, expressing love of all kinds and that's just so incredible to me.

Love is one of those things that can always evolve and grow, but it's a constant too. I've grown up with so much love in my life, from family members showing me they care when they absolutely didn't "have to", to having friends go above and beyond and showing me their true colors in the best way possible. I've been blessed to have a lot of love in my life, but I truly didn't know what love was until I saw my daughter for the first time.

I can remember the rush of incredible emotions I felt the second they laid her down upon my chest. The way she looked into my eyes, the feeling of her knowing I was mama. It was INCREDIBLE. That first look into her eyes is what got me hooked on her love... and well, I've been wrapped around her finger ever since.

I overflow with adoration for her when I catch a glimpse of her admiring me now. I can't even handle how she imitates my every move and I especially melt when she spins her hair through her little fingers and bashfully tells me "Mama, I love you so much". Her little love is SO pure, it's the biggest and most fulfilling love I've ever experienced. I am so thankful for her love and I know she feels the same way about me... and that's truly what makes our love so special.

While she may test me at times, our love is like no other... and that's how I know I am truly loved.

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