Revive - My Word of the Year in 2019 & 4 Awesome Ways to Refresh Post Workout

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So far in 2019 on social media I've seen a lot of people sharing their word of the year. I'm not sure if I just run in an inspirational circle or if this is a yearly trend I'm just now becoming aware of... BUT I'm loving the idea of letting go of resolutions and choosing to live with a word of intention instead. Setting up goals is great, no matter what you want to call it, but I feel like intentional living is so much more rewarding and beneficial in the long run! Since it seems to be the thing to do I decided this year I also want to live with intention, so I'm choosing a word to live by in 2019...

This year I've chosen REVIVE as my word to live by. As defined in Webster's Dictionary, this word means to "to return to life, become active or flourishing again". I think we all technically know the definition, it's a pretty simple word - but this year it means so much more to me. After years of being wrapped up in my daughter, my creations, and my businesses, I've decided to take some time to really bring life back into myself - mainly so I can be more present and enrich the lives of those around me.

While that may sound a little cheesy, it actually seems to have really made a huge impact on me already. My daily routine feels renewed, my body is enjoying being active, and it's truly refreshing to know that I'm doing things that are not only good for me - but good for my mind, body, soul, and family. Now you may be wondering what I've done to change things up?

Well, it's been a whopping transition across the board. I started with a daily commitment to do yoga, a weekly commitment to eating more well-rounded meals at home, a monthly commitment to be better at time management and to make time for myself, and a lifelong commitment to "flourish" and I'm hoping this commitment makes it so I'm able to help those around me do the same.

While it all sounds like fun and games, the reality is post workout I'm sore more often than not, some days I don't even want anything but cake to eat... and my mind is just tired. Even though we're not even two weeks into my lifestyle change, I've already had to forced myself to feel revived on occasion. On that note, I've been spending time thinking of ways I can easily encourage myself to revitalize after a work out and somehow Babbleboxx just knew I needed these things to reset my resolutions in my life. I feel like I need to share these essentials with you - because we all need to refresh and feel renewed, right?

As I mentioned I'm starting the year off on the right foot by implementing regular work out routines, which not only leave me feeling like I've accomplished something - these work outs also leave me feeling a little sore (in a good, "I did something good for me" type of way)! This Athlete Recovery Sleepwear from Under Armour is seriously the answer to my comfort-wear dreams. This cozy little jumpsuit is powered by Celliant within the fabric which has been determined by the FDA to increase localized circulation, leading to faster recovery.

That's all fine and dandy, but what's it mean? Basically, the fabric returns infrared energy to your body, boosting localized blood flow and increasing the amount of oxygen reaching your muscles to restore your muscles faster! Did you know your pjs could literally help restore and revive your body? Check out these super soft knit Under Armour sleepwear.

I'm also a huge fan of Under Armour undergarments so be sure to take a second to add something cozy to your cart to wear under your romper!

Next on my list of items to refresh your new year, AfterShokz Trekz Air Headphones. These little beauties are legitimately my favorite headphones I've ever used - ever. So comfortable resting on my ear not within and the quality of sound is incomparable. AfterShokz Trekz Air truly are the next generation of headphones - lightweight, allowing safety since you still have an open ear to stay aware of your surroundings, and producing amazing quality sound with bone conduction technology! I've legit never been more excited to share any item on my blog. I've used these daily since they arrived and can't recommend them enough.

From listening to my favorite inspirational podcasts to rocking out to some 90's tunes while working out, the AfterShokz Trekz Air have been a part of my "new me" daily and I have a feeling they'll continue to be a part of my routine for many years to come - built with titanium wherever possible, these beauties are durable and produce amazing sound quality... what else could a girl ask for?

Okay, well, maybe there's a few more things a girl could ask for... like pain relief post-workout! Ha. Y'all know that burn means you are working it good, but no one really likes having to walk like a cowboy the day after leg day. That's where Tiger Balm comes into the picture - helping provide relief for your muscles with penetrating heat. The Tiger Balm Patches providing a relief that can't be found elsewhere with contouring abilities and hydrogel technology, just peel and stick where you need relief the most.

The Tiger Balm Ultra is a stain-free ointment that contains the highest concentration of herbal ingredients to provide pain relief. That means whether your back or your joints or sore, Tiger Balm has the right amount of relief for you... and for me... and lord knows I need it.

The last item that came in this Renewing Babbleboxx was one I've actually used in the past in it's canned form and loved then... and I still love it now in these convenient little powder sticks too. CELSIUS On-The-Go Powder Sticks are basically amazing little pockets of energy. Available in Orange, Berry, Coconut and Cranberry Lemon - to provide you with just the right amount of variety while getting your daily boost. CELSIUS is the perfect on the go pick-me-up and based on my own personal experience it's most definitely just the right amount of torque to get my ball rolling in the mornings and to leave me feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

So tell me, how do you revitalize and revive yourself? I'd love to hear in the comments below!


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