January 13, 2019

Refresh Your Workout in 2019 for just $1 with Planet Fitness!

This post is sponsored by Babbleboxx & Planet Fitness,
regardless all opinions expressed here are completely my own.


As you may have read, in 2019 my goal word is REVIVE. I'm looking to refresh and renew myself in every way - physically, emotionally, within my soul.

On the same token, I'm learning to give myself a break. After all, life isn't perfect, but it is pretty great when I stop expecting perfection.

Instead of stressing about the little stuff, I've already started writing for fun again, I've spent time painting with Delainey, and I've created designs for my creative business that are outta this world. So I'm on the right track.

I've been doing everything I possibly can to have a renewed and grateful outlook on life and I'm learning to appreciate every aspect of it. I can already tell this refreshing disposition has made a difference in myself and the way I treat those around me. But if we are being real, another step I needed to take towards this revived and renewed me was making sure I'm keeping my body active. My mind can't relax enough to accept imperfection without a good workout, it's just who I am.


I've been doing my best to keep up with at-home workout routines, but sometimes a girl just needs a place to do some endurance or strength training and what better way to do that than in a judgement-free, easygoing fitness center like Planet Fitness!


With an environment for "everyday people" like myself, I love that I don't walk into a macho man zone - it's 100% the place for a girl like me to hop in and get a quick, relieving work out in without having to stress about who's watching me or if someone is going to linger too long and make me feel judged. It's like I walk in and I have a huge home fitness center, everyone respects each other and it's never a place I feel uncomfortable - which I can't say about other fitness establishments.


Speaking of uncommon things fitness centers offer... Beyond pizza night or lunk alarms, the reason I love our local Planet Fitness so much is the fact it went SOLAR! That's right, our St. Pete Planet Fitness is solar powered. How epic and eco-conscious is that?


But here's the most refreshing part about joining this judgement free zone this year --- now through January 15th, new Planet Fitness members can join for just a $1 enrollment fee, then it's just $10 a month with no commitment. That means you and I both can start our journey to a new, refreshed, revitalized us for just a $1 this week! Who wants to join with me?

Visit your local Planet Fitness to Get Down with Your Judgement Free Self!

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