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Let's be honest, most days I'm struggling to make sure Delainey and I both have pants on and our hair brushed whenever we leave the house. I'm pretty much a mess, even if it's hidden under a layer of foundation and a cute dress. I think all mamas with a toddler at home can probably relate.

She's going through this phase where she says "no" to almost everything, she has an opinion about things she never even minded previously, and on top of that, she's testing boundaries like it's her full time job. Basically, we've hit the terrible twos at 21 months old.

It's equal parts amazing and challenging to watch her learning and growing, she's becoming such a sassy, independent soul that is fearless and awe-inspiring, yet she still needs to be with me anytime I'm behind a closed door. I guess this is what parenthood is all about... the sweet moments come along with the sass. I'm just learning to deal with my mini-me and it's eye-opening, no doubt.

Speaking of eye-opening, I'm going to address something embarrassing... I've kind of let myself go as a mom... For a little bit there, I was eating what I wanted without regard, I wasn't sleeping much since I'm running the blog and Bloomology, and I hardly ever allowed myself time for me, I often share tips on how YOU can make time for yourself but I was having a real tough time taking my own advice... but now I'm working on that AND I'm not just saying that.

Starting this month, I've made a real effort to take a few seconds for me... each and every day. Wondering how you can take just SECONDS from your busy day and literally change your life? Here's one way I've found to treat myself and I think you should try this as well.

This goes without saying, but life is better when you learn to embrace the moment... sometimes that can be difficult without putting intention behind it. So lately I've been taking a deep breath and really taking in the view around me as I drink my Activia Probiotic Dailies.

Whether I'm at the beach and sipping one of these beauties as part of my breakfast or I'm spending time on the patio after dinner and enjoying a "dessert" that helps my gut, I'm a huge fan of these Activia Dailies and recommend all mamas add this tastiness to their routine. I also think every mama needs to take a deep breath & learn to embrace the moment while enjoying their Dailies, it's just good practice! I've been doing this for two weeks and I've noticed a difference, in my body and my spirit.

Are you in the same boat as me? Struggling with a tough toddler? Kinda feeling lost in motherhood? Start bettering your life with one tiny change at a time... adding Activia Dailies to your busy day and taking the time to take a deep breath shouldn't negatively effect what you're able to accomplish each day but it could help you be in the right mind to accomplish even more. So tell me, what do you do each day to better yourself?


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