October 20, 2017

Super Simple DIY Sushi Roll Costume for Baby

Who would have thought? We're o-fish-ally on day 19 of Delainey's 31 days of Halloween (give or take a few days because she's one and not always willing to take photos...) and it's starting to become difficult for this mama to come up with a costume idea each day especially since this little gal has such a "tempura". I mean 31 costumes is A LOT for one mama and baby to take on.

While it's been challenging, I will say it has also been a LOT of fun...

As I discussed before, it's actually really educational and rewarding for D and since I'm having to get creative and use my crafting skills, I feel like it's been a bit of a learning experience for me as well.

I mean, a good challenge is almost always rewarding - just like mastering the art of taking photos of toddlers or making perfect little sushi rolls.

That's right - today this little chumaki-chunk dressed up as one of our favorite foods... and I maki-d her costume. Ha. Get it? I'm so punny, right? 😂

If you like the way we roll, then check out the details on this oh-soy-cute costume:

I made the little rice, fish, and veggie pieces out of felt and cotton balls. I just cut little scraps up to look like a piece of "raw fish", a few pieces of cucumber, and some avocado then glued on some "rice" cotton balls.

Once it was all dry, I used a spot of hot glue and attached it to her black The Baby Bird Boutique romper [use the code DelaineyBird to save]!

I could have stopped there but, I mean, no roll would be truly complete without a little bit of smelt roe, so I just had to add that as well...

And on that note, you can't have sushi without the basics... so we had to accessorize with a custom Bloomology Wasabi and Ginger bow!

So tell me, does anyone have any soy sauce? Cause that's all we're missing from this super scrumptious little costume and I'm ready to dip her in and just eat her up!

In all seriousness though, isn't this costume the cutest? It makes "miso" happy!

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