Sweet Little Unicorn AND a Little Red Riding Hood Baby Halloween Costume Inspiration

Well, I suppose I need to apologize for postponing a few of our costume posts - I "took the weekend off" to work on my little bow business, Bloomology... which really just means I didn't take the time to write up a post about our awesome costumes in between burning my fingers with the glue gun, cutting felt flowers out, and kissing on my little sweetheart.

While I wasn't able to write anything up this weekend, we had some nice family time and I think we were able to come up with some pretty awesome costumes... From a sweet little unicorn to a "clever" last minute Little Red Riding Hood, these costume ideas are sure to inspire you to use your imagination and really go above and beyond with your creativity while making your family costume this year!

With that said, I'm excited to show you what Delainey dressed up as over the past couple of days! Interested in knowing where her costume pieces are from? I've linked the details on each item below!

My sweet little unicorn looked so dreamy in this warm little costume! It's just a little too much for a Florida Halloween but I know it'd be perfect for someone living in the midwest!

Her romper is an older release from Ricrac & Ruffles, her unicorn horn is Target, and the bow is from Tink's Bows 2017!

This Little Red Riding Hood costume isn't necessarily the most authentic looking, seeing as though she's wearing one of my shirts for her "hood"... but I mean, isn't this the cutest little Red Riding Hood costume you've ever seen?

She LOVED her basket and also just wanted to explore, so I think she fits the part... but luckily there's no Big Bad Wolf in her world. 😂

For this costume we used an older red shirt and just tied it around her little noggin, not the classiest hood but it totally worked! Her dress is from Creek Baby & Co. and one of our absolute favorites (keep an eye out for it in our Christmas photos because HELLO LOVE)... and guess what? We have a discount code to share with you! Use the code 'CBCfriends15' to save!

So tell me, what costumes are you planning for your family? Don't forget to check out all the other posts from earlier this month... We've shared a BUNCH of fun costume inspiration!


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