October 7, 2017

Simple DIY "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" Baby Costume Idea

If you give Delainey a cookie... she'll squeal with delight!

Okay, so maybe her cookie is felt, but she still loved it... and as is tradition in the book, she also needed a glass of milk, a straw, a napkin, a look in the mirror... etc.

That's right, we decided to dress up as another one of her favorite book characters today and this may be my favorite costume yet.

Not only was it a simple costume to make, it's also super adorable and special since "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" is one of my absolute favorite books from my childhood and now it's also one of hers.

With that said, if you want to make your little cookie lover into this precious little mouse character you won't have to work to hard to put together her costume! For your little one's outfit, just have a pair of overalls handy... and if you don't live in Florida, you'll probably want to add a neutral colored undershirt. Roll the bottom cuffs on the overalls and add some ears and a cookie and your all set!

If you want to make yours out of felt like me. Here's how I put it all together!

For this project you will need:
Hot Glue
Nylon headband

I made her ears from light pink and grey felt and the cookie is made out of tan and dark brown felt.

For the ears, cut two grey circles about 2 inches in diameter, next cut pink circles just slightly smaller. Attach to the nylon headband and ta-da, you have mouse ears!

Next, I made the cookie. I literally just cut out an oversized tan circle, then cut up a scrap piece of brown felt to become the chocolate chips. Glue the chocolate chips on both sides so you won't have to worry how kiddo is holding it.

Let it all dry & your ready for some mischief!

But try not to let your little one get too close to the fridge, because most likely she'll remember she's thirsty and wants a glass of milk... and chances are she'll want a cookie to go with it! HA.

But... I mean, if you're feeling really crafty, you could always include a little tail, a cup of milk, a straw, a crayon, and so on! I think these little additions would be adorable and really add the finishing touches!

So tell me, what's your favorite character from a book, movie, or tv show that you loved when you were a child? We're getting pretty crafty over here and would love to dress up as your favorite sometime this month!

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