Frida Kahlo Baby Costume Inspiration in Honor of International Day of The Girl
As an "artist" and a lover of all things colorful, creative, and fun, it probably comes as no surprise that there are some artists I truly admire in the world.
I think it's likely pretty obvious to you that I adore art so much that I appreciate the opportunity to share that passion with others - hence my blog, it's name, and it's original purpose.
While I blog about all kinds of stuff now, I'm proud to say that I've shared my love of art with my sweet daughter, Delainey.

She may not know much the names of artists and their work, what techniques they are using, or what she's doing with a brush when I hand her one, but the girl seems to appreciate art as much as I do... She points at works of art she appreciates, she coos and talks about our paintings around our home, and when we play with paints, she is ecstatic... so I'm happy as a clam sharing this passion with her.

On that note, as we were brainstorming Halloween costumes and getting super creative, I knew that paying tribute to some of our favorite artists was something that had to happen!
After coming to this conclusion, I sat there thinking of some of our favorite artists, their looks, and how we could dress her up as them (on that note - no promises... but there's still a chance that she rocks a Dali-esque mustache some day later this month) and I just knew she had to be Frida Kahlo.

Frida Kahlo, for those of you who may not know yet, was a Mexican painter with a passion for love and a unique style, all her own. She lived an interesting, creative, passionate life and her artistic work is definitely worth admiring... as was her one of a kind style.
That's why Delainey is rocking this look today, the International Day of the Girl. While Frida isn't physically here to cheer on women's equality and young women's human rights today, WE are... and this tiny Frida is certain that she deserves the right to create and live as she pleases.

And, since Frida was the queen of self-portraits, I thought paying homage to her via our costume photos was a nice gesture.
For this costume, I made D a custom Bloomology crown, which you can claim one of these beauties over in the group THIS weekend! Her shirt is second-hand, and her icings pants are from Sew Sassy Boutique!
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