Satisfaction: My Favorite Guilty Pleasure TV Show

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I wasn't sure what to expect when tuning in to watch the first episode of Satisfaction,
the name kind of left me wondering and the zen aspect of the show really had me curious. The fact that it comes on at a later time slot really made me think this show may be a little risque... and while the storyline features some touchy subjects, the show is a favorite in our home! This couple has it all and still aren't happy, watch as they discover secrets and make some shocking decisions. I was instantly taken in by the characters: Neil, the main character, struggles to function and be content in the rat race of everyday life and his wife Grace struggles with her creativity and how she can keep her long-lasting marriage thrilling, while their daughter, Annika, makes for some pretty comical scenes with a super witty personality.

If you binge watch the most recent hit shows, you'll want to add this one to your "must watch" list. Satisfaction is on par with some of the best shows out there: the plot twists, the humor, the drama, the suspense... it's definitely a show that I look forward to watching every single week... Sad thing is, tomorrow {Thursday} @ 10PM is the season finale.. I don't want to wait for the show to come back on, season finales always make me so sad but I guess in the mean time I'll just re-watch.

The show is fairly new in the line up,so maybe you haven't heard of it before? Good news!
You can watch online, just click here and fall in love with this fabulous show.

Also, If you've been watching along with me then you know at the end of last week’s episode, the show concluded with Grace listening to Annika’s demo. The song was actually sung by cast members Michelle DeShon (Annika,) and Leon Thomas (Mateo) and is now available for purchase on iTunes.


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