#EveryBodyYoga Day 18 - Opposite Arm + Leg Raise & a pep talk

Day Eighteen of the
#EveryBodyYoga Challenge
{Opposite Arm + Leg Raise}

   There are a million reasons to practice every single yoga pose, so I feel like sharing the benefits sometimes gets a little repetitive and it doesn't really even give Yoga the credit it deserves... So let me remind everyone: Yoga WILL make you feel better! Opposite Arm and Leg Raise helps to lubricate shoulder and hip joints while stretching the hamstrings. This pose also provides an overall centering effect while improving your core muscles - win-win situation here, everyone!

From the plank position with wrists under shoulders and legs extended, lift your left leg up to your hip and your right arm aligned with your shoulder. Deeply engage your core and glutes the entire time. If you feel too unstable, you can always just lift your arms, keeping your feet on the floor. 

If you would have told me a few years ago that I would be practicing yoga on the beach in my bikini I would have probably laughed at you, now look at me! I'm confident and proud of who I am and what my body looks like; I'm working towards my goals and I'm healthy and that's what really matters. We only have one life so I'm living it the way I want...

Skinny, Chunky, Average, Short, Tall: whatever you are, just be you! 
Stop comparing yourself and love who you are and the body you were given.
Everybody can practice Yoga, Every Body can practice Yoga...
#EveryBodyYoga! Namaste.

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You can find out the exact details on how to participate in the yoga challenge here.

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