September 17, 2014

#EveryBodyYoga Day 17 - Chair Pose

Day Seventeen of the
#EveryBodyYoga Challenge
{Chair Pose}

Chair Pose strengthens your thighs and ankles while toning the shoulders, butt, hips, and back. One thing I really love about this simple pose is that it helps to tone your digestive organs and heart, this makes for a super healthy body. Plus practicing Chair Pose builds endurance and stamina, while toning the nervous system. If you don't already practice this pose daily, I highly recommend it!

  This is another pretty self explanatory pose, but here's a few pointers: Big toes together,  Bend at the knees, engage lower abdominal muscles and allow your tailbone to lengthen toward the ground. Arms extend overhead. This pose is essentially a squat, so it will probably feel familiar.
Enjoy the stretch!

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You can find out the exact details on how to participate in the yoga challenge here.

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