September 25, 2014

#EveryBodyYoga Day 25 - Revolved Half Moon Pose

Day Twenty-Five of the #EveryBodyYoga Challenge

{Revolved Half Moon Pose}

Revolved Half Moon strengthens and stretches your whole entire body. This pose builds stability in the core muscles, including the abdominal muscles, pelvis, and lower back. Regularly practicing Revolved Half Moon will help you develop physical and mental stamina.
It also improves your balance, stability, and coordination - three things I majorly need help with... I don't know about you!  Twisting the torso around the spine massages and cleanses the digestive organs, which aids in their ability to release toxins and waste matter - the perfect pose to aid a cleanse! I highly recommend this pose if you are experiencing tightness in your lower back, but always be sure to work within your abilities!

Shift your weight onto your front foot and lift your back leg parallel to the ground. Bring your body down and parallel to the ground, with your arms under your shoulders and fingers tented on the ground. Keep your hand(fingers) opposite your standing leg on the ground and reach your other arm back then straight open in the air, rolling your middle and upper body open to the side. Find your balance and extend straight through both legs.
Practicing this pose on the beach on the way home today sounded like a good idea...ha! Keep in mind, I'm still working on getting into this pose fully so don't mind my form. As I said above, only work within your abilities! We only have a few days left in the challenge and I'm so pumped to share more about the sponsors with you when I announce our winners - be on the look out for the posts at the very beginning of October! 


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