#EveryBodyYoga Day 26 - Triangle Pose

Day Twenty-Six of the #EveryBodyYoga Challenge

{Triangle Pose}

Triangle Pose is a great stretch for the hamstrings, groins, and hips, Triangle Pose also opens the chest and shoulders - an all over body stretch that feels oh-so-good! It helps relieve lower back pain, stress, and sluggish digestion and is known to be therapeutic for anxiety, flat feet, infertility, osteoporosis, and even sciatica! More than just a simple yoga pose, Triangle Pose helps improve overall balance and stability, both physically and mentally - a great yoga pose for tough days. If you feel stressed, just do some yoga; I promise it helps!

Start in Warrior II, straighten your front leg, and follow your front hand forward then down to your shin or the floor. Reach your top arm straight up, and bring your body and legs in one line. Your hand can go on the inside or outside of your leg, or even balance on your leg if need be - whatever feels comfortable! Enjoy the stretch and have a fantastic Friday!

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