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It may not "officially" be summer yet, but it definitely is summer in Florida already. The heat is here, the water is perfect, the beaches are incredible, and my family is ready to go on adventures.

But here's the thing, getting prepared for adventures isn't as easy as walking out the door with this little pack of wild animals. haha. Between preparing snacks, sunscreen, and entertainment for our toddler and being sure our two pups are ready to take on the wildnerness with Hartz® UltraGuard Pro®, it's easy to see why it takes a little bit to get ready to go.

Do you have a canine companion you want to have accompany you on your next adventure? Here's 5 ways I suggest you & your pooch prepare for your next great voyage.

1. Treat your Pups - Before heading out on any adventure, we always make sure our dogs are guarded against annoying pests like fleas and ticks. After trying a few different brands we finally found the perfect fit with Hartz® UltraGuard Pro®!

Hartz® UltraGuard Pro® is the answer to your summertime worries. From topical treatments to collars, they have your back... or I suppose I should say your dog's back covered! We use the patented  and easy-to-use Pro-Glide drops and are huge fans, with Aloe infused and an easy application, my dogs and I are both huge fans!

Wondering where you can find Hartz® UltraGuard Pro®? Check out the website to find a location near you that carries it and learn more about Hartz!

2. Bring the H20 - We always bring our handy-dandy little water dispenser on all adventures with our canines. Whether it's a long walk around the park, a full day at the beach, or a day spent at the dog park - our dogs always appreciate access to water and a reusable little water dispenser is the perfect way to keep their thirst quenched!

3. Entertainment - Just like with our sweet baby girl, our dogs need entertainment when we go out. We don't let them sit and watch paw patrol though! Ha. We bring interactive toys and let our sweet girl and our darling pups get a little rowdy. We tend to bring tennis balls to play fetch, a frisbee, some seek & find type of toys, or maybe even just a rope toy for tug-of-war.

4. Leash & Collar with "dog license" (and don't forget the plastic bags too) -This is an obvious must, but we've been guilty of forgetting it in the past! Here locally we need to have their rabies tags on them anytime they leave the house, so we just attach them to their collars - which also makes them kinda musical as they move about. I'll just call that free entertainment. Ha.

Beyond the tag and collar, be sure to bring a leash and maybe even an extra one in your car or pocket - I only mention this because ours randomly broke recently and it was a moment of pure panic for a brief second. Speaking of panic, don't get busted not picking up after your pooch - bring some bags for pick up with you on your adventure!

5. Training Treats -Another type of bag you should probably grab is your treat bag! We love to bring treats on our adventures to help them remember to behave. While our dogs are pretty good anyways, they both are food motivated and will straighten up any type of misbehaving if they think they're going to get something tasty.

With all of that said, I think the most important part of preparing for any adventure is making sure your family is protected from harmful pests along the way! Apply bug spray for you and the kiddos and be sure to treat your furry kiddo with Hartz® UltraGuard Pro®!