June 9, 2019

How to Plan a Fun & Flirty Day Date

This post is sponsored by Sparkling ICE but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.


So here's the scoop, I'm all about dating your spouse - even if you have kids, even if you both are busy, even if whatever... it's important to keep that connection alive and to have fun with your significant other. So... on a whim, earlier this week I planned a little day date!

I had this fun little picnic idea in mind, but when hubs finally had an afternoon off it was pouring and Delainey was cranky, so we laid her down for a nap and I decided to bring the beach vibes to our sun room and we had a little day date in there.

Wondering how I threw this day-date idea together? Totally on a whim - but here's the details:


1. Start Your Date Out Right with Sparkling Ice-

I'm not going to lie, I've been a fan of this delicious brand of beverages for a while, but when I saw they had a NEW mystery flavor I was super intrigued. I mean who doesn't love a good guessing game?

Once I noticed there's a chance to win a Holland Cruise Pack Grand Prize, as well as a ton of other prizes - I figured we might as well grab a couple to try out and give it our best guess!


First we tried it alone, then we tried it with a splash of vodka and a pineapple garnish... and can I just tell y'all, this is heavenly. If you like beachy drinks, without all that overly powerful juice flavor, then this is the cocktail for you.

We both took a few sips and we're saying cheers in no time. I mean, this stuff is GOOD! I can't pin-point the flavor other than "tropical" and "delicious", but maybe you can figure it out? Get your hands on the delicious Sparkling Ice Mystery flavor today, available at most retailers!


2. Whip Up a Quick and Delicious Dish -

We are pretty big fans of mexican food with tropical drinks so I instantly knew we had to whip up some taquitos together. We both put our hands to work in the kitchen and made the most delicious little wrapped pockets of goodness and a firey, yet tasty verde salsa!

Want that recipe? Check this post out!


3. Put on Some "Background Noise" -

Whether you're the type to have reality tv on while you talk about your day or you're more like us and prefer some streaming tunes while chatting - go ahead and put something on to set the mood. I picked a throwback station for us and it played some of our favorite songs that we used to listen to when we were dating.


4. Play Games -

Simple, fun games are always a hit in our house, especially when we are trying to wait out the rain and let our kiddo nap. We decided to play some cards today, next time maybe we'll bust out Monopoly... things always get a little crazy and competitive when we play and that's actually what makes it more fun to play with hubs more than anyone.


5. Don't Stress -

My final tip when planning your date is to "just go with the flow", I could have been upset when it started pouring rain (and admittedly, I was for a few seconds) but I decided it didn't matter where we were as long as we were together. So I put on a smile and still had a blast, even though our "date" was simple.


Want to plan a day-date in with your other half? Be sure to grab a couple of the Sparkling Ice Mystery Flavors so you guys can take turns guessing what the flavor is... and enter the sweepstakes!

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