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April 29, 2019

DIY Simple Dreamy Rainbow Cloud Craft for Toddlers

We're always finding ways to get crafty around here. D asks me daily to make something, so when she asked me if we could make a rainbow earlier this week - I was up for the challenge. With April Showers, comes beautiful rainbows... right?

This simple rainbow craft is one we will leave up on our fridge for a while, it's so cute and makes our house feel a bit more cheery and whimsical- especially knowing how much fun Delainey had making it.

For this craft you will need:

Paper plates
Cotton Balls
Strands of Tissue Paper in a 5 pack of colors, cut into 1" wide inch pieces

To make this beauty we simply:

I cut the paper plate in half and on the "rounded" side I had Delainey help me glue cut up strips of tissue paper in alternating colors.

Allow that to dry and then flip the plate over and add a scribble layer of glue. Fill that side in with torn up bits of cotton balls, creating your own cloud.

Allow all the glue to dry & hang on your fridge! Your little rainbow loving toddler will LOVE making this craft and seeing it hanging in your house later will bring joy too!